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The Official Buffalo Range Girlie Pic Thread


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15 minutes ago, SpikedLemonade said:

Spike died suddenly on December 20th, 2020 at the age of 4.

I was depressed for three months.

We will never get another Old English Bulldogge, but we did get Chasnet a German Shepherd Bernice Mountain Dog rescue from St Lucia as a pup in July of last year and at one year's old he has the exact same mischievous characteristics as Spike.  My wife thinks Chasnet is Spike reincarnated.  Spike would pick fights with Tiny our 4 year old pure breed Great Dane that ended with Tiny making Spike bleed but Spike's tolerance to pain was incredible.  Spike got along very well with our 6 year pure breed Basset Hound Lucy.

We are set up for large dogs now with an outdoor 30' X 10' kennel however our next dogs will be smaller.  Whenever the next one departs for the rainbow bridge, we are going to get two pure breed female sister French Bulldogs that we are naming Thelma and Louise.

I'm sorry.  A mountain dog/GS mix sounds cool.  BTW, the outing of the picture was NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

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