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Sean Payton puts his balls on McDermotts face


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Its rare for another head coach to call out a HC like this...

"...You can’t be defending the sidelines at all costs, like Buffalo was. You see when Travis Kelce catches that long pass to put them in field-goal range, a cornerback is defending an area of the field near the sidelines he doesn’t need to defend. Kansas City’s got two timeouts left—they don’t need to get out of bounds. Everything about what Buffalo did defensively is flawed. We would play outside man technique with a three-man rush, funneling balls to the middle of the field and contesting outside technique.”’

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3 hours ago, Victor7 said:

Hard to disagree. Even regular fans like us here know it. Why on earth our coaches didn't is beyond me. 

8 days later and still no explanations from McD or Frazier as to why on earth they played off like that. 

8 days later and still nobody has been held responsible for one of the most grotesque displays of coaching ineptitude I've ever seen. 


Any owner who did not have his/her/their head up their ass(es) would have done something by now but Kimchi and Terry are too busy MAINTAINING OWNERS' LIFESTYLE on their new super mega yacht.

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Do Your Part to Improve The Range -- Please put the TRIO OF TRUMP FLUFFERSTM  on IGNORE

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18 hours ago, Thebowflexbody said:

At least PARTLY 20/20 hindsight.  Who is going to disagree at this point?  We'll never know how Payton would have handled it in real time.  Will we? 

We do know how he wouldn't have handled it. Because nobody would've played it like that other than ultra safe (not to say worse) McD and Frazier. 

Bills fan for life!! ................

I love beer, rum, scotch and women !! :rockon:

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