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21st century presidential candidates or follow the money


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2000, 2004 - the son of a US president whose family has deep ties to Middle Eastern oil.

2008 - the son of a US admirable who Rose to the highest ranks in the US Navy

2012 -  the son of a prominent political family who has deep ties back to the origins of the Mormon church

2016, 2020 - a wealthy New York City real estate magnate



2000 - the son of a US congressman who served as a US senator, Vietnam veteran

2004 - son of a lawyer, former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts and US senator, Vietnam veteran

2008, 2016 - unior senator, former community organizer, civil rights attorney

2020 - former US senator and vice president, son of a used car salesman

The Democrats are often associated with deep money by Republicans but we can plainly see who consistently puts up candidates that come from wealth and who puts up candidates that come from more humble backgrounds



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