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How did Allen get a first down here?


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5 minutes ago, pkschul said:

The thing that scared me the most was his handling of the football. Holding in one handed WAY away from his body. Those are the plays where he's fumbled in the past. Progress!

Some of his most amazing runs over the years include the same one handed, holding it away from the short guy look! One of my favorite runs of his was Miami a few years ago, where he made K. Alonso almost cry.

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Watched it multiple times and no idea how he got that first down. Amazing. 

It is the way.


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as soon as he peeled off i looked to the flat and saw three cheats converging and thought to myself he was toast

thats just skills honed after all those years playing behind a shitty line in college where he either worked on and developed those moves or he got killed every game

those are rb moves that qbs almost never can make, especially a big lumberjack like him

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