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Editing Shouts (chatbox, for the new people)

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This is something that has been discussed by numerous people, so it isn't something that's just imporant to me.

I've heard the legends of the "3 dots on the right side", but have not seen them.  Apparently most people haven't.  I've tried to interrogate those who have seen them at times and not at others what might be different....browser, operating system, etc....but to no avail.

Does anyone thing they understand?

Lit, now that you're out of the closet(as the owner/webmaster), I am guessing this is something you would know or at least have access to and be able to look up?

Trying to add practical knowledge for folks here.  Any help is appreciated.  

Andy did you hear about this one?-REM . "I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway". -Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd. Rolling Stone, December 1971.  https://nativeamericanchurches.org/ My Adopt A Bill is Stefon Diggs  My 2nd Adopt A Bill is Christian Wade(he gets an exemption and doesn't require a spot) :)    Being staff seemed unable to train an elite legend how to run, Cole Beasley is my backup.   (I doubt that explanation is wanted).

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