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I’m waiting for you John


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You purposefully went to a location I told you I was not at (on page 3).


But I’m willing to wait for you!!!


Get your ass here!! You say your only 20 min away!


I have been waiting at Applebee’s for 30 minutes for you.


I’m going to break every bone in your little old man body. Don’t worry, I’ll leave your leather jacket for them to pile the bones and flesh into and carry you away.


Let’s go John








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but he did start it


You have to ignore these things. We should act like we are all friends out drinking beers, and talking shit about the Bill's, where we don't have to agree about anything. What we shouldn't be doing is meeting up in parking lots looking to fight anybody who disagrees with us. That's what Philly fans do, and we're BETTER than that. Stay thirsty my friend.

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