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Edmunds is a great pick

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We took Allen rather than Rosen...so not one of the best first rounds in a while!


Just eat your cheese and drink your wine and enjoy watching our team operate with some competency for once. Obviously we weren't the only team that passes on Rosen. I wanted him too but it is what it is. I trust OBD for the first time in years

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No one who posts on here has any idea if Allen , or Edmonds for that matter are going to be great , I trust Beane, and believe in what they are doing , and am hoping Allen is a stud and Edmonds is a beast , outside of this board , we are being applauded for both picks , so enjoy it, FWIW, I wanted Rosen too, but I’m a fan , not a scout , got to trust the guys in charge


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Edmunds is a great pick. His athleticism is off the charts. But he is not kuechly. He doesn't have the instincts yet. He is young and they will come over time. He is tall and long, which is great for getting into passing lanes, something kuechly doesn't have. He looks like a future all pro.


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