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  1. And throw tantrums when they ignore him/her/it/WTF
  2. You know what this is, right?? I've paid more attention to him in the last week or so than anyone else ever has in his pathetic life so now he probably has a fucking crush on me like the little faggot that he is and he's throwing a sissy-fit because I put him on ignore. See how many times he's posted to me since I shut his shit down? Fucking homo....
  3. I have his stupid, immature whiny ass on ignore. I can't see his shit. I'd just flag his posts if anyone wants to. Maybe Lit will ban this fuck for posting porn on a site that's not limited to adults
  4. Be ready. Now that I perma-blocked that moron, you're gonna be the next one he incessantly argues with non-stop
  5. HipKat


    The only bump that guy cares about is the bump in a young boys pants
  6. He was definitely not a racist but he also had no Quarter when it came to the ghetto culture, the black on black murders and the thug mentality of the black community. He was not shy about posting his feelings about that topic on here whenever it came up
  7. BTW, thank you for admitting that you only showed up here in May so you have no idea what Meathead posted about race relations over the last six years. So you’re a liar and second of all if you had half an ounce of fucking intelligence you would’ve seen that all those gifs that I was posting were replying to Bowman who trolled me for years and I was using those to troll him back. Do you honestly think that in six years I’ve made 26,000 posts that were all gifs? You probably do because you’re stupid.
  8. Why do you think that pointing out you admitting to being asexual is me saying something negative about it or condemning it? I’m just pointing out that you admitted you’re asexual and that you’re queer. Do you have a stigma about that? I’ve mentioned before that you need psychological help, is this something else that you might need counseling about? I’m very very sensitive about it. Maybe that’s why you get so agitated over these conversations because they’re pointing at sore spots in your psyche.
  9. I’m sorry, I thought we were talking about him and Twitter and Apple. But, if you want to bring other things into the conversation which deflect to his dining habits. Maybe we should talk about his choices in clothing. I don’t know what’s up with you lately dude but you are argumentative as hell. You’re arguing with Tonya is typically on your side about things that you typically agree with. I’m starting to wonder if you and Rockets aren’t the same person
  10. That is one of the biggest negatives about Ron DeSantis is his continued attacks on businesses
  11. Again you dumb motherfucker, I never said being queer is wrong. If you put words into my mouth one more fucking time it will be the last exchange you and I have.
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