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  1. If the only choices were anything other than the question I asked and pudding, her brain would melt
  2. Curious question, how do you know that those effects can show up long after getting the vaccine but we haven’t had vaccines around long enough to even experience “long after the vaccines?”
  3. They do that shit on purpose because they know they’ve already lost so they have to manufacture of these faux-wins to make themselves feel better
  4. Why, don’t you know? They use the same photographic equipment on this balloon that they use on their satellites. Even though it was like 25 years ago when people first started recognizing that a satellite could probably see the hands moving on your watch if it had a clear view.
  5. A trial balloon? The fucking balloons are all over the goddamn world and have been for years. You really come up with the dumbest shit sometimes. I noticed you’re not expressing any outrage about the fact that this happened three times while your cult leader hero was president. oh that’s right, he said it didn’t happen so I’m sure that’s what you’re going with because Donald Trump never lies
  6. I’m going to guess that the United States military probably has a pretty good idea of what kind of technology the Chinese have and jamming signals is about the easiest fucking thing that the military can do. They’ve been doing it since like World War I. You are the one who has no idea.
  7. Or, 13,000,000,000 shots have gone out. Why are there 13 billion people suffering from heart related problems? Oh, because there’s not.
  8. Women are fine and sheep are divine. But a llama is where it’s at!
  9. The Buffalo Sabres are heading into their bye week just one point behind the Pittsburgh Penguins for the final wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference. Kevyn Adams’ rebuild is ahead of schedule, as Don Granato has led the Sabres through a period of consistent growth since the midway point of last season. With the playoffs in sight, there are plenty of short and long-term questions about what’s to come for Buffalo. Here’s part one of our bye-week mailbag. Any updates with KeyBank arena renovations? Scope of work and timeliness when it would be completed? Late 2020s? – Aaron H. No new updates at this point. Last I heard, the Pegulas were waiting until the football stadium business was behind them before addressing the arena. This is one of the top issues I hear about from fans when we do these mailbags and it is certainly warranted. The building has become dated, and that’s part of the obstacle to getting the building consistently full again. What is the balance between “make the playoffs” and “develop this young team” in the Sabres’ front office right now? — Harold K. For most of the season, the balance has seemed to skew toward “develop this young team.” Making the playoffs, they believe, will be a byproduct of the work they do to develop their rising talent. And they will consider the development of their young players in any deal they make. For instance, if you trade for Timo Meier, who is coming off the top power-play unit? Is he replacing JJ Peterka or Jack Quinn on the second line? If he is being paid as part of the core, who may not be paid that way when the time comes? That’s not to say Meier is an automatic “no” for them, but they have to figure out how he fits into their short- and long-term plans. Eventually, Adams will need to be aggressive in acquiring outside talent, but they want to build the foundation through homegrown players. That’s the way the best teams have done it in the NHL for years. Their chemistry is strong, and most of their young players are trending in the right direction. Adding some depth on defense would be smart. Expensive rentals don’t make a lot of sense. And any blockbuster move needs to fit the long-term vision Adams and Granato have for this team. Adams can afford to wait a bit longer and see how the team looks closer to the deadline. There is something to be said about how much this group would benefit from some playoff experience. Adams needs to be weighing that as well. Which prospect that is signed but hasn’t played any (significant) NHL minutes yet are you most excited about? I would think Kulich and Savoie are at the top of most fans’ lists, but curious about your take. Also, are there any other prospects more under the radar we should know about? — Dan C. Jiri Kulich and Matt Savoie are certainly the easy answers to this question. Kulich, in particular, has been ahead of schedule from where you might expect a No. 28 pick to be in his draft-plus-one season. I liked what I saw from Isak Rosen over the summer and think his shot will be a real asset at the NHL level. The player I might be most intrigued to see develop, though, is Aleksandr Kisakov. He definitely needs to get a lot stronger to be able to handle the NHL game, but his offensive instincts and stick work are impressive. I love his attitude, too. He has a ton of confidence on the ice, especially when the puck is on his stick. As far as under-the-radar prospects, this year’s sixth-round pick Jake Richard has put together a nice season in the USHL. He’s already matched his goal total from a year ago with 18 and has 35 points in 30 games. He just got traded to the Tri-City Storm and is heading to the University of Connecticut next season. With Thompson and Samuelson locked up long-term, who are the next core players that need deals and at what length and term? Also, would you bring Okposo and Girgenson back next year? I like the idea to be able to leave the prospects in Rochester for another year to develop. — William S. Dylan Cozens, Owen Power and Rasmus Dahlin could all get new contracts this summer. I would expect the Sabres to try to get each player locked up in the same seven-year range that they did with Tage Thompson and Mattias Samuelsson. The Sabres have very little doubt about all three of those players being a part of their core. Cozens is a restricted free agent after this season, so he should take priority. Power will have one year left on his entry-level deal after this year, and if he’s willing, the Sabres would be wise to lock him up long-term early. Dahlin isn’t a restricted free agent until 2024-25, so the urgency isn’t significant, but that’s one the Sabres would like to get done sooner rather than later, too. The way Power and Dahlin are playing, their price will only go up. Those three could end up being worth upwards of $25 million combined per season. Right now, I think bringing back Kyle Okposo and Zemgus Girgensons would be a good move provided the rate is reasonable. Their leadership and reliable play style are valuable on a young, growing team. Having one more season to allow prospects to develop and to allow current players on the roster to grow into leadership roles would be a nice situation. Thanks for what you do Matt. There is a great deal of discussion around GMKA making a big move before the deadline given where the team is at and the amount of cap space available. That said, this roster will become very expensive in the near future. It would be interesting for you to project where you think they will be cap-wise over the next few years and how that might influence moves that GMKA may be willing to do now. — Keith M. With the contracts noted above, the Sabres won’t be swimming in cap space like they have been the last few seasons. Things will get a bit tighter when you add the Cozens, Power and Dahlin contracts to the books. Quinn and Peterka could earn new deals of their own in a few years. Depending on the timing and structure of those contracts, the Sabres could still have a nice cushion under the salary cap next season. When we have a full picture of what the NHL salary cap will be, it will be easier to know where the Sabres stand. But I would expect them to have at least $20 million to play with even after those extensions. That could impact Adams’ thinking in a few ways. For one, he won’t want to make a move that will prevent him from signing one of those core players to their next contract. But he may also recognize the opportunity the team has in the next few seasons before the cap situation gets tighter and want to add some veterans to the mix to round out the lineup. They’re about to enter a fascinating stage of their rebuild. What is Eric Comrie’s spirit these days having lost the net to a rookie? — Claude G. Someone who knows Eric Comrie fairly well recently described him by saying, “I don’t think that guy has ever had a bad day at the rink.” That’s a fitting description from my dealings with him. The guy loves hockey like few people I’ve ever encountered and brings a positive, upbeat attitude to the rink on a consistent basis. I’m sure he’s frustrated with how this season has played out. It’s not what he planned. But his comments after the Winnipeg game were the latest indication to me that he’s in a good frame of mind. I also think he could still be an important piece of the puzzle here. If there’s an injury to Craig Andersonor Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, the Sabres will need him to be ready. He’s also on a two-year contract, so when Anderson retires, he’ll have a chance to back up Luukkonen. If Patrick Kane agreed to waive his no-move clause for the Sabres, what would they do? — Dan. S They would pass. Trading for Patrick Kane doesn’t make sense for a handful of reasons. One is that he’s a somewhat expensive rental both in terms of cost to acquire and cost to retain after the season. The fact that he’s a free agent after the season means if the Sabres really wanted him they could try to acquire him then. I’m also not entirely sure he fits the current timeline of the team. He’s bumping someone out of the lineup, and it’s unclear how many top-end seasons he has left. He also sold his home in Buffalo a few years ago, so how much would he want to come here and what would the interest on Buffalo’s end be? That’s a bit unclear
  10. Off topic and misleading... RNC Research?? I bet they put out a lot of Pro-Democrat stuff on the daily, huh?
  11. The stupid shit Right Wingers will fucking argue about and deny is mind-blowing
  12. Yeah actually, there is plenty of evidence. Tucker just won't admit to it but you can't seriously believe modern military technology can't do something as simple as jamming fucking signals. I hate when you do this, post shit that contradicts simple common sense and knowledge
  13. The only people they encounter IRL are people who share their delusions
  14. There have been some epic memes out of this
  15. Or maybe Mother got involved....
  16. So if the Taliban has our weapons, how are they better than our weapons?? Does this actually make sense to you?
  17. Sorry, which part is wrong, with actual links. Which you won't post because you won't even look. The date of the withdrawal was announced MONTHS in advance. You're the one that still worships the fucking orange criminal. Wake the fuck up
  18. You must be retarded. Another one who'd rather blow every conspiracy theorist than accept common fucking sense
  19. You're a moron. Over all that is true. At the border, it is NOT true. https://www.fbi.gov/video-repository/newss-crime-on-the-southwest-border/view The U.S. border with Mexico extends nearly 2,000 miles. And it’s along this expansive stretch of territory that drug cartels and their street gang enforcers ply a dangerous and costly trade. Drug trafficking. Human smuggling. Extortion. Murder. Corrupt public officials. All these crimes represent a multi-billion dollar industry and they pose a threat not only to communities on both sides of the border, but to our national security as well.
  20. You are a political idiot. I'm sorry but you just are. Trump signed the deal with the Taliban that gave them Afghanistan back. Trump set the date for withdrawal. People DIE in war zones. Get the fuck over it. Stop swallowing Tucker's dick. Weapons were NOT left behind intact and weapons get left behind in EVERY war. If you had the balls to ever put a uniform on you might know that And the people who stayed behind had plenty of warning to get the fuck out. They made their own bed. Oh and that "barrier" is the easiest part of ANY barrier on the border to breach because it's shit!
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