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  1. Hey dumb fuck, they have not announced his cause of death, you fucking retard. The only thing they’ve said is that he’s died in his sleep. Maybe one of your far right wing conspiracy theory bullshit biased idiot websites is blaming it on the Covid vaccine but as usual, they are lying to you. Which is probably fine because you obviously enjoy being lied to
  2. That’s a false equivalency. People die in auto accidents because somebody got stupid and wasn’t paying attention or there was a mechanical failure. Automobiles are not designed to kill people. Guns exist for one reason and one reason only. To kill people
  3. Here’s my stance on the topic. I don’t have a problem with people owning guns, obviously. I think guns should be licensed and registered and if you sell your gun that weapon needs to be registered to the new owner, just like a car. Not ironic that people who argue against stricter gun regulations often use people dying in accidents as a comparison to people dying by gunfire. I think people who own guns should be required to be highly trained in their proficiency and should be required to qualify with that weapon yearly to maintain their license. That’s no different than the military who also requires you to qualify with your weapon on a regular basis. if you want to have semi automatic weapons with larger magazines, and I’m talking about weapons that can be fired rapidly, I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t have a problem with people owning fully automatic weapons. I just think those weapons should be required to be stored at a local gun range or police department armory style. If you wanna take that weapon to the range and blow up a shit ton of rounds and have fun doing it, God dammit I want to go with you. But the weapon stays with the range. If you want to take it home then it has to be temporarily disabled by a barrel or trigger lock or removal of the firing pin. I’m not a big fan of removing the firing pin by the way. For people who are hard-core gun owners, these don’t seem reasonable. I get that. But what seems even more unreasonable is children dying by gunfire in their classrooms. Fact is, the only way that this problem can handled, and I understand that it’s not going to solve this problem 100%, but there has to be compromise, from both sides. And neither side wants to budge. In the meantime, the next school shooting has probably already happened
  4. I’m just curious where you got that from because I’ve posted on here many times that I am not only pro 2A, I like guns. All kinds of guns. From your Glock to the badass, modified AR that I saw at one of my customers out in the country last year. I’ve fired all types of weapons, I hit 38 out of 40 targets in my last marksman test in the army. It’s been many years but I’m pretty proficient. I just think there should be better regulations designed to stop 18-year-old mental case pussies from going out and buying in 3/4 of a mile A.R. 15‘s so they can go murder a bunch of children in their school. Tell tell us all why that would be a problem?
  5. So tell the guy that wrote it. What the fuck you’re telling me for?
  6. Which will never happen because they’re not. It’s really not difficult. Billions of people have been vaccinated a handful had adverse effects. I’ll go back to aspirin. How many people take an aspirin every year? Over 3000 people die from taking aspirin every year. Using your analogy, we should be taking aspirin off the shelf school children. Trying to get to 100% of any medical treatment is completely disingenuous, and you know it
  7. That’s like being stuck between a rock and another rock
  8. It must be a day for Goodwill. In the same way that you agreed with F8t, I’ll have to agree with you on this one. Pretty spot on.
  9. It is pretty funny that you have a punisher skull as your avatar
  10. Oh yeah, no question. And look at it like this. Are used to live in Texas, you know. I loved Texas, by the way. But anyway it’s a very gun friendly state with some of the most lax gun regulations in the country. I mean, in 1985 every bar and restaurant had a sign that was serious about letting you know you could not bring your gun into the establishment. I wonder if those signs are still there? Anyway, you have a governor who keeps his lips firmly wrapped around Donald Trump‘s balls and embraces Trumpism and far right extremism and then something like this happens, the whole state is lost on how to react. They don’t know what they should tell people because they don’t wanna look bad and yet, just by doing that they’re making themselves look bad. They can’t look for guidance from their governor because he’s a fucking idiot. It’s a joke.
  11. First of all, Travolta brought this up last night and one thing I will admit is that the complete ridiculous lack and changing of information is pathetic. I just don’t know if we should jump to conclusions before we actually have any real information but these tweets all happened with a parking lot full of police officers and 23 103 Clements parents and the one who was handcuffed said she drove 40 minutes to get there so this was after all the shooting and I just don’t know if we’re getting accurate information
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