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  1. I don't see Bills fans complaining about this non call that effected the outcome of this game??
  2. Mocking the opposing team before the game is over is never a good look either.
  3. The republican party is going down in flames.............
  4. Sorry to have upset your feelings. It must be hard to get through your day thinking the NFL put those 12 men on the field.....
  5. I count 12 here. 11 on the line and one guy with his arms up. Game would have been over. No conspiracy just bad execution by the Bills.
  6. This here is a great respresentaion of the mental health crisis in our country!
  7. The people here that claimed the data of COVID deaths were being inflated because they actually died due to other medical issues they had are now the same people that think that people with medical issues that got the COVID shot are dying from the shot not the medical issues they have. LOL!
  8. 25 for 30 and 270 yds with 2 TD's. You really think that made him a star in todays NFL? He had a good game and was efficient with no costly turnovers. One of the reasons the Pats beat the Bills. There was more to winning that game than Mac Jones.
  9. The Bills have lost to Zach Wilson, Mac Jones and almost (should've) lost to Tyrod Taylor. Seems to me that's not due to the NFL being a joke but a Bills team that cannot get it together.
  10. The look you make after getting a taste of Macs noodles........
  11. I really don't think this is going to be a close game. Pats offense is terrible and their defense is pretty banged up. Bills win in a blow out on Sunday.
  12. I bet Mike the Pillow Guy wishes he stuck to selling pillows. Just another dumbass RWNJ whose opinions have sent him spiraling down the drain........
  13. The RWNJ's love em' some Kid Rock, John Voit and Ted Nugent though.....LOL!
  14. Just insults and no answers to what I posted. Totally your tactics. I will leave out the insult back to you, its a waste of time replying to your posts. Enjoy your day!
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