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  1. It's hard to understand you with tRumps tiny cock in your mouth...........................
  2. I really feel bad for those FBI agents. I bet they had to get completely disinfected after combing through that swamp.
  3. Maybe Marge TG will visit Brittany in jail to review the conditions she has to live in and be sure they are up to par?
  4. You certainly are the President of your own fan club. Your just thin of fans.
  5. You should change your name to thinatfootballknowledge - Do it and do it NOW!
  6. In your tiny little brain everything is up for debate so no surprise you would make this comment. LOL!
  7. Prove you wrong? You are doing the best job of that all by yourself.......carry on!
  8. I have Rheumatoid arthritis.......................... 3 shots in and I'm fine.
  9. By reading your reply it makes it easy to know I'm the grown man here. Thanks for clarifying that!
  10. More proof you are watching the GOAT! Haters gonna hate....................
  11. Not sure what to think as I don't rely on god for anything. I just don't think god has or will have any impact on things in my life honestly. Didn't get married in a church, never bring my family to church, never baptized my kids and my funeral will not be in a church nor will i be put into a casket and stuck in the ground. That stuff is all BS to me and i have been married for 26 yrs, have two great kids, a great business, many family pets and have lived a good life so far. God hasn't had an impact in my life for 52yrs and I don't plan on that changing going forward.
  12. Once you are dead, you are dead. No heaven or hell you are just gone. That's what I firmly believe. What others want to believe in is up to them. I don't have any religious beliefs and never have. I think religion is mostly a joke but again if others want to have religion so be it and have at it just don't preach it to me. One nation under god? Blah blah, doesn't bother me but I don't believe it. In god we trust? Blah blah blah, doesn't bother me but I don't believe in it. The only thing I like about Churches is their architecture. There are a lot of nice churches out there and they should be taxed just like my home and my business properties are.
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