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  1. I don't know why some people think "You do it too, and you're even worse!" is any type of self-justification.
  2. Aww c'mon, the self righteous drama queen warmonger shtick is occasionally amusing. Defending the indefensible is hard.
  3. Day 1 is over and Team Europe CRUSHES the USA 6 1/2 vs 1 1/2. USA didn't win a single match. 5 wins for Europe and 3 ties. Historic lead after day 1.
  4. If Trudeau decides to step down, does that mean we get our very own daughter of the steppes as Prime Minister?
  5. JH may not be a super-genius but his heart's in the right place and he nailed this one. But hey, if you want to disagree, go for it, but give us something more substantive than a personal aspersion.
  6. Oh well, at least I was smart once, unlike yourself who has only known a life of dumbassery.
  7. America vs Europe is entirely political. Don't be a moron and a dick.
  8. Jimmy Dore is a left-Libertarian, and so is hated by the shitlib Democrats, who are in no way "the left".
  9. Just watched the opening ceremonies. Gorgeous. Golf is the world's greatest sport that champions the best of humanity. Since it's in Rome, the first tee shot will probably be midnight tonight. I'll be watching.
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