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  1. Do tell. This sounds interesting. Did it involve speaking in tongues?
  2. Not sure but ever since I first saw the handle, my mind said Tonya's Taters, with Tonya being a Slavic variation. Who knows? She could even be Ukrainian. The Zone has its own in house Ukrainian propagandist, so I don't see why you wouldn't have one here.
  3. Which is more pleasing to God? A righteous unbeliever or a greedy and mean believer? Why wouldn't God be pleased when the beings he created grew to the point that they could be pleasing to his eye because they recognized the inherent all around superiority of good over evil because it makes sense, not because they were threatened into believing it?
  4. Don't let her suck you in. The subject is you guys paying through the nose to fuck with Russia. Just think, what could you have done at home with the money and the once alive, now dead, you've flushed down the Ukrainian toilet?
  5. See, this is what she's trying to do as a Democratic Party operative. She wants to virtue signal by using "who fired the first shot?" as a slam dunk justification for labelling Russia as evil and Ukraine as innocent, while steadfastly avoiding any mention of American involvement and the historical record. In other words, she wants to change the subject after I exposed her trying to smear the writer because as we know, to disagree with her reasons for pimping Ukraine is because we're bad people.
  6. Russia isn't asking me for self-immolation but Zelensky is most certainly asking you for money. When are you going to send him some?
  7. You call this trying to be clear? Negro, pleeeeze....
  8. Still haven't seen anyone volunteer to drain their bank account to save Ukraine.
  9. The way she promotes every shit lib trope and then gets confused when we challenge the narrative makes me suspicious for some reason.
  10. You made a claim. I said your claim is the excuse, not the truth. What's so hard to understand?
  11. Do you have any wisdom from these countless societies about the subject that you can share?
  12. It's incredibly obvious that was the excuse.
  13. I joined this site in Oct 2001, and during that time I watched wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya wholeheartedly supported by Americans on the board and in general in the population and media. Who turned out to be right? Same thing with this idiotic war with Russia. It's like the fucking 50s all over again.
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