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  1. Watch it TWD, you've angered Spacley Sprockets there. I'm sure Spunkers, Colamity and Tony TaTa will be in on this soon.
  2. The Nazi's didn't call them the Alphabet Soup People, they were just Homo's back then.
  3. So you're on the take you sold out took the payola, you are also an idiot for letting them inject you with an experimental poison. you are a complete Fuckin moron how mant shots 4 or 5? The same shot that almost killed Damar Hamlin, I bet you still wear a mask every where.
  4. Calamity there is gonna take Spike's head and shove it uo Tony TaTa's Ass, that's the only merger that will happen.
  5. Everytime you point a Finger at me with no Evidence you are making yourself look Even more like you are trying to hide Something.
  6. You keep pointing a Finger at me Evidence or Shut the Fuck Up, That's right you are making shit up and you Lefties are Fuckin Groomers and want kids to read crap that is for Adults.
  7. I've never meintioned that during the Conversation you brought it up, Pointing fingers at someone else for that behaviour would indicate that is the behaviour you like to participate in. Remember you broght the topic up.
  8. Nice try Freak you are the one that wants to have kids read filth, You are the Leftist Perv and you admit it by using the word Diversity that is your tell. The language of you and your Kind.
  9. Well that is the shit they are banning coming from the Side that banned Mark Twain and Dr. Suess, You truly are a Fucktard. They can learn that later on if the Parents agree.
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