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  1. They are the "Powers That Be", that's who they are.
  2. Die Macht ist dur zu Kopf Gesteiegen, alle hageln AdolphusKat.
  3. Trump Loving Fucks, You are an Angry Man and shallow if this really bothers you.
  4. I see you brought the Dick Out pretty Quick, You do you.
  5. You are an Assclown, Go Fuck Yourself PrideKat.
  6. So you're talking about Biden showering with his Daughter, Yes he us a Pedophile. How could you back somebody with that ideolligy?
  7. "How Sweet to be an Idiot" Eric Idle.
  8. Is that the paid to pimp the clot shot medical community, PrideKat?
  9. Figures you and all your Leftist buddies "Swallow" That's OK it's your Month PrideKat.
  10. You're a funny guy, Also an idiot. The Government told me it was good for me, much like smoking or Asbestos.
  11. The lie the shot would save you, that lie, maybe she had a stroke or passed a clot, that's my bet.
  12. Well you believe in the lie's, So there's that.
  13. Don't care just sack the Damn QB, if I want a moral lecture I seek a higher power.
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