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  1. It's time at the Range we all pitch in and send seandelevan to, Kumbaya Camp.
  2. The Bills tried to get back into the first round to get Taylor.
  3. Jeez delevan at least wait until half way through the season.
  4. Well he was on the Ole' Miss roster in 2021 and the coach bragged about how the whole team was "Vaxxed", so there's that.
  5. But it's safe and effective, At making young healthy people drop dead. You are deflecting, That's the problem you hate Trump so much it fucks your head up. This in turn makes you a blithering idiot, Trump's fault I hate Trump, who cares that the guy I voted for is destroying the Country, At least Trump is not in charge. Do I have it covered for you.
  6. That's why perfectly healthy people are dropping dead, But it's a MAGA cult thing. Face it there will be alot more drop dead, did you get the death shot?
  7. They are so afraid Trump will run and win, They were givin marching orders farther up the chain.
  8. They are the "Powers That Be", that's who they are.
  9. Die Macht ist dur zu Kopf Gesteiegen, alle hageln AdolphusKat.
  10. Trump Loving Fucks, You are an Angry Man and shallow if this really bothers you.
  11. I see you brought the Dick Out pretty Quick, You do you.
  12. You are an Assclown, Go Fuck Yourself PrideKat.
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