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  1. I think this game will highlight the defensive performance over offense. Allen and Co will be efficient. But the D is going to be lights out even without Poyer!
  2. Don't worry or fret...Our Bills stomped on the Washington sillinanies pretty fucking good!
  3. Prolly not but I think it would look sharp
  4. I'd love to see blue bottoms, red top with white helmets and the red standing buffalo.
  5. Nah bruh, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with your incessant whining?
  6. By Wk 5 they'll be hugging Allen's nuts again. What made last week bad has a lingering taste to it. IMO Allen has to have the control he displayed yesterday. If he can do that, then once again the sky is the limit. Shout out to the run defense.
  7. Allen really needs to have a perfect game to calm the storm, not sure about perfect, but it'll be much better than what we witnessed Monday night. I'd bench his ass the 2nd hero ball cost us a possession. Bills win handily, 45 to 17.
  8. A lot of the onus is on Allen here, but the coach and team have to be cognizant of not going to far with the sideline antics. Maybe was concussed as some have stated. I view that as a failure of leadership to miss diagnose it.
  9. I get being a fan and pissed off by what we all witnessed on Monday night, nut I don't get the over the top incessant shitty takes. News flash opening week of the NFL and half the league loses damn near every weekend, save a game ending in a tie. If Allen has not changed for the better by wk 4 sit his ass for all of October and let him stu on BS of his own creation. For me, I'm seeing a kid who's all worldly have his head swell up at the same time. Perhaps Diggs is right about Allen not being all in, but his antics on the sidelines along with Mcds is why some folks just shut down and stop trying. In the locker room is where the dirty laundry should be aired, not on the fucking sidelines of every fucking game. Granted I'm not an nfl qb, but fuckers hen pecking me like that in public would last about 30 fucking seconds before I'd start whooping ass also in a very public way. Smdh. Allen has to take what's given and so does Diggs. Really mcd needs to shore up what the expected behavior is on the sidelines and start fining the living fuck out of anyone dogging thier team mates publicly
  10. Only 1 reason we lost, Allen's poor decision making was on display. The rest of the team did enough to win but not to overcome Allen's hubris....
  11. In 3 weeks we will all know better. For all the skill Tua displayed....he was flat out lucky on more than a few tosses. Endzone to hill with db face guarding comes to mind. If the db just turns his head...that's a pick.
  12. Obviously Boogie was at the disco, cause no one of consequence took the field last night....lol. fuck the Gina's
  13. 38 - 21 Bills. ARs coming out party gets fucking bashed hard....our 2ndary is healthy once again.
  14. The team yawned in the playoffs. I'm not a fan of some Diggs antics, but the man is a baller. I feel like the entire team will come into focus right around the 5 minute mark of this game. We are going to know what's up based on the 1st possessions of each team. AR is not going to be the savior vs the Bills!
  15. Thing for me is Allen and Diggs wil be $$$, or Davis, Sherfield, and Kincaid will be. Nvrmd Cook on swing passes. We will see some screen game employed to slow down the Jets rush. I think this game, Harris has to beast out for us along with cook. I'm thinking the boys are healthy on the backend for us. AR gives it up 2 or 3 times....
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