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  1. With that kind of $$$$, stay single, stay sane!
  2. Klein is a thumper too. Attacks well! Coverage not so much, but with Milano and Dorian with some Taylor Rapp mixed in there. We got something!
  3. My 1st attempt at looks pretty good, what say you?
  4. They should kick the tires on Bobby Wagner. 1 yr rent a wrecker deal. Draft hier apparent!
  5. You screw the pooch on plenty! Lol
  6. 35 - 17 or a 38-20 game shaking out the Bills way! The game won't be too big for our team. 3rd time is the charm....
  7. I'd like to see more of Cook before we snag another rb. He's looking like he has the "it" factor, but mcd hates playing rooks...
  8. Op. Your shitty hot takes are just that shitty hot takes. Try adding some realism to your shtick. It fucking sucks donkey dick bro!
  9. Yep, I'm sure that actually helped that day. What a game.
  10. It's a breakdown of his footwork. Sloppy as he'll and obviously not what Allen needs.
  11. I think we have several issues going on here simultaneously. 1st. The last 4 pick Allen gas had were absolutely horrendous and completely on Allen. 2nd. The Oline sucks donkey dick at running. 3rd our platoon of smallish backs ain't it. 4th our Dline got its ass handed to them in the run game these last 2 games. 5th Dorsey needs a more balanced GameDay playbook.. 6th Mcd needs to light a fire under the teams ass. This team lost yesterday due to arrogance.
  12. Hey they really needed to stop #33 Sunday night...so much so they won handily. Use your head if you can.
  13. Would he be cheaper than signing Edmunds longterm? Honestly. Who sits so he can play?
  14. Barkley being the only source of offense for giants? Same can be said for CMC and the panthers and yet we did try for him. Giants record is good, daboll is secure for 3 years and I do believe he'd at least entertain the idea. More picks to bet on in next years draft and a proven gadget wr. I doubt that it will actually happen, but like I said up top, if we were to make a move for a back, it would have to be for Barkley and IMO I might add. Comprehension seems an afterthought round these parts....
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