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  1. The missed opportunity field goals robbed us. 1 miss and 2 that should've happened. Coaching lost this game!
  2. Yeah let's ask in week 10 how he feels about Tua! Lol. Hill your career just hit brick wall and injuries will abound now for you because Tua can't really throw the ball deep. But yeah what's he gonna say? I hit paid but my qb ain't shit? Lol
  3. And you stated he was out when obviously he wasn't...own it rube!
  4. I wasn't aware that he controls where the ball goes. You are a sniveling brat that exaggerates everything. Piss poor form for a supposed Bills fan...
  5. Well according to ESPN he played in 16 games last year. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/4243537/gabe-davis Was he hurt or injured? Didnt keep him off the field last year. last I checked all players get hurt. So wtf are you talking about?
  6. How often has Davis been hurt? By my recollection not very much so another hyperbolic shit you just took there...
  7. Correct and yet the league still can't even come close on offense or defense...queue the haters...
  8. 30 years ago...smh chicken little!
  9. What's wrong with you Delavan? Serious fucking question...did your mommy drop that thick head of yours on the ground 1 too many times?
  10. ? Chiefs have a better defense? Huh? What you smoking? I want some of that cheeba! Lol
  11. He's a fucking tool. He wouldn't understand the morality lesson! And he's also a shit poster!
  12. Sad to hear. Hopefully Knox takes the time needed to be with family!
  13. I agree with you on Barkley, but the rest of your posts are garbage!
  14. He would've smacked the shit out of Frazier for calling prevent and changed the call to something more fucking suitable for the situation!
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