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  1. He would've smacked the shit out of Frazier for calling prevent and changed the call to something more fucking suitable for the situation!
  2. They say DE takes a few years...Groot looked ok last year, but I expect him to make some noise. Don't sleep on the interior DL, Settle, Oliver, Jones, Phillips...add in the edge rushers and that IS a very scary Dline. I see a few shutouts for this Defense this year. D will be better and Allen will again take steps forward in his progress towards being the BEST qb in the NFL.
  3. So you know what to do with priestly cocks do you...lol
  4. I don't approve of your right to exist....the day is fast approaching....
  5. Your sniveling posts are capable of that all by your lonesome self!
  6. He yoked it effortlessly! He's got a sweet swing to him...DH in the Majors?
  7. The lineup we had at Oline in the playoffs was good enough to help pitch a perfect offense in a playoff game against Bellyboy and a top 5 defense. Put the crack pipe down.
  8. Nah bro, it's gonna RB Hall at 25 or trade down and RB Hall and a DB.
  9. I think Beane takes either RB Hall or WR Dotson at 25, then try to grab the other with the 2nd pick. CB will be in the 3rd round. D IS STACKED without taking a CB this year. This draft is all in on offense and that punter guy Araiza.
  10. I'd love to see some explosive speed at the position. Hall IS faster than Singletary and Moss. Moss would be odd man out. A 1 2 punch with Hall and Motor would kill...
  11. I understand Tysons response...but at 55 you have got to be more calculated than just losing your shit on a punk. Now Tysons got legal problems and a very viable civil lawsuit....punk ass is gonna get paid. Use your f'ing noggin Tyson!
  12. None of those teams are this team. Better play from the position IS needed. None of those teams had Allen at QB! JMO
  13. If that was truly his " sign" wearing black and gold....we will be better off without him. I like his story on how he got here, not digging " his reason for leaving. Impulsive and childish....JMO
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