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  1. Ok then, we're very good at not rushing the passer, rarely blitz, lbs chase people down from behind and have slow corners. Just a few bad plays a game against good teams leaves us vulnerable.
  2. Well, if diggs gets injured we'd need him...and save the season. Roquan, is he a real sized lb?
  3. Well we don't want sparring partner syndrome on our DL. That big bloke is just as important as josh to win a title.
  4. Nice but his drop against KC limited his targets that day. Could a used him in middle of game to move the chains and get couple of field goals.
  5. True and Josh is different now. Those two late game touchdowns advanced his game and his focus. Anything that gets in the way of that is obstruction.
  6. Brady would have used those 13 seconds. Josh grew in that game. It's all about what he can do next.
  7. I remember throws to the sideline accomplishing nothing. Like our offense couldn't be trusted or our kicker. If true fine but we left points behind then that we needed later.
  8. I remember throws to the left sideline accomplishing nothing and not willing to fg.
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