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  1. Singletary picked up but not enough. Allen needed to check down.
  2. Maybe josh the lumber jack doesn't intersect the careful cerebral types yet. But those types can't run like Allen either.
  3. Oh but if josh hit that pass he would be.
  4. It was good coverage, pass rush, and tua that beat us. A good loss.
  5. There are no closeout coaches anymore or prevent defences etc.
  6. Oh bullshit it's perfectly normal. It's the ones who don't do this that are carefully poised to destroy the world.
  7. They were catching well. Tightly covered Davis and Diggs had trouble. It's amazing josh did as well as he did with that coverage and their effective blitzing.
  8. They were dropping too. Parody in the league. Imperfect good teams. The only one who's perfect is Brady. Lol
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