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  1. Bottom line? Mmm and where was last weeks hero who showed the guts to get a win? The fullback te who'd walk through walls to get a game winning TD in the end zone.
  2. Where was Kincaid after that collision?
  3. It's like the art Powell trade many years ago. People thought their was a big need at wr to keep up with the league... So we overspent our immediate future on Powell who performed well for just a few and retired in less than a year.
  4. Whole team can't make plays resorting to whining. Like the forty whiners.
  5. The whole movement looks like a horse collar except the grip. Regardless, that's not why we lost again.
  6. There are factions in buffalo beginning to sayt Tyrod could win with this team...
  7. Except the good teams won't allow it. Or we can't do it. We're just a very good bridesmaid.
  8. I can't imagine burrow or mahommes or any of the contending QBs throwing a pick like that.
  9. All probably true but the bills are the most responsible as in all the games they lost and should have won this year.
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