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  1. Reported. You will be quite easy to find, you own this website & I'll be sure to tell the authorities that, so I'm sure there will be some sort of trace of that online. I'll also tell them how you have gave multiple people Trojans, that's a felony. 👍
  2. So it was you who gave me the Trojan? It took me 3-4 hours to reformat my computer. The fact that you data mine people hints at some sort of psychiatric issue, if pressed further I will contact the Bills organization and let them know what you are doing under their name/logo, that's after I report you to the authorities. Unlike ChinaBills, I won't threaten to murder you but I will take proper legal action & there is 3 lawyers in my immediate family. Matter of fact, I may do all these things, shutdown your website & never come back.
  3. I mean Lit having this guys address and pictures of his house is pretty farfetched, don't ya think? Not to mention ChinaBills keeps talking about an Officer Krupke which is a fictional character in a movie and 'apparently' Lit has filed a police report with him as well. I haven't believed the whole back and forth between Lit & ChinaBills for a long time now.
  4. All people should be able to come to the table & express their thoughts without the fear of hurting someone else's feelings.
  5. Lit & ChinaBills are the same person.
  6. Liberals are just as racist, except they hide it better, pretend like they have the black man's interests at heart, control him after they take leadership of black organizations like the NAACP.
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. CNN is ran by secular progressive Jews. I don't mean that in a derogatory way, it's the truth. At one point, I use to trust them, not anymore.
  9. I'm not trying to start a race war but I'm not a white knight cuck either.
  10. The black man hasn't created a prominent civilization in 3,000 years. Also, the black man entrapped, enslaved and sold each other as slaves. The white man didn't go into Africa and round them up, they did that to each other. Also, how come African countries haven't done jack squat? No white oppression there.
  11. If I were to anally rape you, I'd get arrested for beastiality ya prick.
  12. I'd rather let a black tranny pee in my mouth then to drink alcohol.
  13. Who doesn't like to get pissed on by black trannies? I wouldn't say anything.
  14. He is not a bad QB (generally speaking), he is not a quality starter but I do think he could start in some capacity although he likely would not be a star player, perhaps as a game manager. With that said, he divides the locker room and carries way too much baggage to be worth it, not to mention he is seeking more money than what he is worth. Nobody likes him minus a few cucks and a portion of the black community. Not saying he is a bad person, he is doing his best as a human being and I think that is commendable, although I do think his efforts are misguided.
  15. In the end, it doesn't matter. What you fail to realize is that black people are killing black people at an alarming rate, black people are also 8x more likely to get an abortion than a white person and black people make up over half the prison population even though they account for 13% of the population. In another 50 years, this debate won't even matter because black people are going to make up roughly 5% of the population, so if things don't get better, it won't matter because there won't be any left. Not to mention that black people are by and large breeding with white people and other races, so that factors into it as well and let's be honest, we aren't exactly opening the doors up to immigrants from predominantly black countries unless they are a doctor, engineer or a scientist which is also something to consider as well. :groovy:
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