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  1. I've changed my mind on this the past 2 years too. Go get Allen as many weapons as possible. An elite offense is what gets you opportunities at a ring. Timely defensive stops is what rounds it out to win it
  2. Yes, backs like Henry and J Taylor have been the thorn in our side the past few years. If we prove we can stop heavy running teams, there should be no boundaries for how far this team can go.
  3. We do this to the titans who have had our number next week, look out
  4. I was a baby during the Kelly/Super Bowl run so I’ve never experienced this. Just trying to take it all in
  5. Who honestly thought we would the be absolute favorite to win the Super Bowl along with many people's favorite team to watch because of our exciting play on the field about 4 or 5 years ago? Let's just enjoy this
  6. Reminds me of the super optimist Bills fans back when Fitz would start 4-0 while Brady was with NE. Feels good to be the king now
  7. That’s why Allen needs to essentially take over the offense and call a good chunk of plays at the line. He’s developed enough mentally to know what looks he gets and can put our guys into positive positions to make plays
  8. It was the best waiting to pick it up every august on PS2
  9. We literally just drafted a RB if Singletary leaves and a speedy LB we can keep signing 1 year deals for guys chasing a ring. Not to mention, Buffalo has become a destination for free agents so we immediately can sway guys to either take less money/ or propel ourselves over other teams with more money by saying you get to play with Josh Allen in front of the best fans in sports, while being at the top of the list for SB contenders. Different mindset now boys
  10. Yes He will be our James White type of RB who can catch the check downs and make defenses defend his speed while worrying about the rest of our weapons. Like the pick
  11. Need more of this kind of stuff now we are heavy favorites. We’re better with a chip on our shoulder
  12. Probably the best game I've ever watched. Sad we were on the losing end
  13. I would be fine with about any of these guys. Bolster the offense as much as possible
  14. Sign me up Never even been to NY so I’ll have to plan the pilgrimage soon before it’s gone
  15. Now it will be time for us to lose a playoff game after scoring first in OT
  16. We were never getting anywhere near 17 mil a year. Raiders must really believe in the offense they currently have. That potent chiefs offense all of a sudden had its hands full just in the division with the defenses around them though
  17. Doucher move. Have fun with that franchise
  18. The NFC is VERY manageable for him to get back to the Super Bowl. That’s why
  19. Congratulations on having Sunday Ticket and watching other NFL teams play football. You brought Gabe into your post about McKenzie and mentioned the same concerns apply for him. Your stats essentially prove part of my argument with Davis playing more as a rookie. There are also other parts of his game that aren’t reflected in a box score. (His 1st down catch where he carried a Tampa Bay defender to keep a drive alive, you’ve watched every play, then you must know how many key blocks he’s made in the running game. He’s by far our best blocking receiver) I want us to go get Allen as many weapons as possible because I think he’s good enough to get us where we want to go as long as we surround him with talent. Davis & McKenzie are part of that equation IMO
  20. Gabe has been a stud whenever he’s on the field. He saw significantly less time this year from his rookie season due to sanders. Notice how our offense was better overall in 20 than 21…. McKenzie isn’t a superb returner but has great value on the field with (crossers, jet sweeps, misdirection pre snap motions) I’m wondering how much Bills football you watch
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