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  1. Heard Betty Crocker is auditioning Josh to promote their new release of blueberry turnovers. Josh is on the fence though as he has stated he wants to be known for cherry turnovers.
  2. I would have no problem if Maddy Blab suddenly gained employment at the local Dollar General.
  3. 100%, he's following the coach McD talk. Which is proving to be just that,talk. Saying all the right things but not acting upon what he is stating. Josh never understood the honeymoon won't last forever, year 5 and you're no longer a rookie.
  4. Well "great leader" McD certainly wasn't successful in putting Frasier in position to reclaim a HC position was he?
  5. How is your comment relevant regarding Frasier, especially when he was a head coach prior to becoming DC? Sometimes you type too much rather than putting some thought process behind your words.
  6. And great leaders don't lose "successful" men supporting them.
  7. How did he do leading Leslie Frasier?
  8. Bullshit, McDermott is responsible for HIS coaching staff and works in collaboration with Beane on who stays and goes. Beane has more say on players than McD as it's salary cap related.
  9. We can all place blame on Dorsey, but why? The blame needs to start at the top with McDermott who has built this team around his personality. Ultimately he's the one responsible for who is on his coaching staff.
  10. Sean, you know you take a lot of shit on this board. Especially from the resident expert who always likes to bring up last years offensive rankings etc. I believe it's time the self proclaimed expert, and others, begin to realize you may have been the first to discover there are cracks in the dam. Unfortunately in the near future I can hear the experts longing and praising the years when McDermott got the Bills to the playoffs, rather than continuing to build on another non-playoff streak. Sad thing is with a few courageous changes the same people could rather be talking of stacking NFL championship rings.
  11. I was one of the Jets by 5-9. Although, have to admit if I knew Zach Wilson would be the qb I would have probably chosen Jets by 1-3.
  12. Sean McDermott: "We've Gotta Learn From This" Sound Familiar?
  13. Not garbage, just stupid. On top of that he's become too comfortable accepting the McDermott spiel rather than aspiring to be the best.
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