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  1. I HATE COWHERD but his is 100% dead balls on.
  2. If they are going to continue to use nickel as their base this is pretty much a non issue. Just keep scoring. Best defense is an offense that never sleeps
  3. Same as it has been for years. Not use one. And since Edmunds was invisible or in the wrong area code most plays there will probably be improvement
  4. That doesn't sound very promising unless he's going to get free releases
  5. This pic tells me the bills have no intention of changing their failed defense philosophy that got exposed last year. For people saying we didn't draft a middle linebacker the bills don't use a middle linebacker. They use two outside linebackers. This pic is obviously another guy to add to the rotation taking into consideration the milano's always getting hurt a game here or a game there every season
  6. Hes nuts but his base theory is not wrong. He just goes overboard
  7. Finally getting the concept. Offense rules the AFC. Dumb teams keep trying to figure out how to stop the unstoppable
  8. Thats the first thing I saw. The after catch skills are exciting. I dont think the Bills have ever had a TE like that, not even Metzelars.
  9. Proof that the cap is a mirage. If you want to go for it the cap should not be an impediment
  10. If you had eyes you could see Brown was terrible just like anyone else with legal vision. Pff just cemennts the obvious. Any rusher with any sort of foot speed abused him regularly
  11. dawkins and brown were terrible. Dawkins is a RT not a LT and brown is garbage anywhere. The unstoppable offense is as simple as having Josh Allen and Diggs. It got stopped because Dawkins and Brown sucked ass last year. If Dawkins was at RT he would be a stud. We need a lock down LT. Brown and his 51 PFF grade is useless.
  12. The cap is the weakest excuse ever. Teams that want to win will finda way. The cap is a mirage. They have time still so i am not worried yet but if we start the season with dawkins at LT and Brown at RT i am going to puke. That being said we are still the AFC east favorite at the moment. But I don't give a shit about the afce. Been there done that
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