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  1. Tony Romo said bills and superbowl in the same sentence, and he's Nostradamus so yeah they are making it. We will win the AFC East.
  2. Balls Josh - When you dont force impossible reads you are unstoppable. Cook - ran hard and did not quit and got extra yards multiple times. Murray - followed Cook and ran equally hard Brady - Made it simple so we cant screw it up. Must have been in Josh's ear all week to eliminate the forcing and play smart like the other Brady. Next week we need 30+ again to have a prayer. Maybe 40. Douglas - Continues to be a ballhawk after leaving Green Bay Defense - from McDufus to the backups, did what you are supposed to do against a terrible offense. One week too late. Step on their necks and dont let up. I thought they were going to go into a prevent but they didnt. Relentless pressure. GOOD LUCK NEXT 3 games. Goats Diggs - drops Davis - did he play Harty - dude do something Oliver & Lawson - Can we stop gifting teams 1st downs with stupid penalties Special Teams - how are we not ready for a fake when a team that cant move the ball is down big. This area of the team is becoming a big problem because of Bass - not basspro at the moment. More like Bassohno. Dawkins - worst acting job ever on the flop after his late hit.
  3. We owned him the last time we played a 4:00 p.m. game at home against them and we're going to own him again today
  4. actually from everything I've seen, the starting defense is your block fg unit. Not only did they see it at the half, they had 3 straight timeouts to set it up.
  5. I guess we will see immediately. IF we can score 1 td this weekend, I will consider it progress.
  6. I saw all I needed to yesterday to see what's going on with our passing. Is Josh forcing passes and making bad reads? Absolutey. But when Dan Orlovsky who was nothing more than a 3rd stringer, bad 2nd, can tell you every play the bills run out of any formation in less than a minute, it explains everything. And despite everyone screaming a few weeks ago about throwing only to Diggs, the word is we have no designed plays to get Diggs the ball. It just happens. Crazy how predicitable and easy to defend this offense is. We werent all nuts calling out plays before they happened, we were right. Is Brady going to fix that? I doubt it. What does he have to work with, Dorsey's offense. Unless there were pages of the playbook that coach Red from the Waterboy stole and we are getting them back, we will continue to struggle until next season at the earliest.
  7. This video says a lot about how pitiful our offense has become.
  8. Has the defensive coordinator been canned yet 😁
  9. for setting up rushed kicks and defending them, Payton is the obvious winner.
  10. Listening to former players rip McDufus a new asshole about the 12 men, it is universal, personnel changes for kick teams is the most basic operation on the team. Some are going as far as blaming him for changing personnel at all. The starting defense is the block team and should have stayed out there with no personnel change especially since they gave you 3 plays to let you know it was coming. McDipshit had 3 straight timeouts to prepare the kick team and still managed to screw it up.
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