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  1. if i was a free agent id honestly be concerned with the series of coaching blunders that allowed 13 seconds to happen
  2. of course the ones who want to sit around, collect checks, and smoke weed all day try to shame and ridicule the ones who want to apply themselves and make something of themselves. im not sure why you brought that up, other than it happens a lot in the ghetto. the dopers accuse the achievers of not being black enough, or worse, oreos, and ridicule them. ive watched it happen. fortunately, most of the achievers can see ahead and it just rolls off their back bc they know where they are going. the others mostly end up in jail or on welfare blacks have already been given enormous amounts of money to improve their education systems. so far that has mostly failed because many blacks ridiculously see education as the "white" way to do things. good old fashioned racism standing in the way of seeing whats good for them. much of that money was also stolen so if you give money to everybody except whites, the resentment will cause ten times more problems than any benefit you will get even if the proper proportion of blacks are ready to take education seriously and drop their racist resistance to it. youre just asking for big trouble if you exclude only whites conversely, if you make the fund available to all based on need, blacks are still going to be overrepresented because they are among the poorest of races. and if you are strict with achievement requirements, you eliminate the ones who just want to go and party (i hated people who did that when i was working my ass off through college) and the money goes to the ones who maintain at least an average performance level. if blacks really wanted to take advantage of the fund created specifically acknowledging the sins against them, then they would take their education seriously and succeed enough to finish and get their degree or certification or license or whatever. they lose nothing if they seriously apply themselves even if all races get to apply for it. perhaps best of all, it would naturally bring the races closer together bc they all are benefitting from the same program that everybody knows acknowledges past sins against blacks and acts as an apology
  3. i dont think theres any doubt that trump played to the angry white male vote, among others. thats politics, you pander to your voters. i dont see this as any different than the dems playing to the black vote (especially now when theyve gone way overboard and hitched their wagon to the vile BLM originators), or conservatives playing to the christian vote (who are "racist" against all other religions and view islam as sacreligious). biden is going way overboard pandering to the black vote right now at the expense of whites to a degree that would be called racist if it was the other way around, and i dont hear liberals complaining about that.
  4. no, i support reparations but it should be in the form of a college/trade school fund with the word "Reparations" in it to acknowledge it is set up in the spirit of correcting past wrongs committed against blacks but handing out checks to blacks would be a terrible idea because 1) much of it would be completely wasted and make the fight against bad blacks harder, and 2) would generate resentment among the other races, many who also suffered terrible discrimination, and in the instance of the american indians, elimination thus, the fund should be open to all poor people and go directly to the educational institution. and since blacks are the poorest of the poor people, they would be overrepresented anyway and would get a disproportionate amount of assistance bc they have more ground to make up (except probably the american indians)
  5. the BLM founders certainly are. the CRT academics certainly are. its a core part of their philosophy and worldview and they want to teach it in our schools! so instead of believing in yourself and going out and working hard, taking advantage of the breaks youre given, and striving for excellence, they prefer to remind you of the past, keep "the struggle" alive, and continue to blame whitey for all your problems just wait until you start reading those authors. i have many more i can point you to. theres a ton you dont know about whats really going on within blackness that they will clearly lay out for you if you want a blunt object crash course told by a regular guy accountant who just got sick of the bullshit and lies being told by BLM and others, try this one (this is like that chris rock video): https://www.amazon.com/Civil-War-Confronting-Subculture-African-American/dp/0615748473/ref=sr_1_1?crid=24DFM798PDJYX&keywords=black+vs+niggers&qid=1645596230&sprefix=black+vs+niggers%2Caps%2C104&sr=8-1
  6. guess who else doesnt rent to black people? black people! ive known hundreds of blacks in my lifetime. hard not to when you have a black wife, served on the Rochester Mayors Board for Racial Harmony for TWO TERMS, and regularly visited black churches. i could introduce you to at least twenty black landlords that resisted or refused to rent to black people when you spend as much time in the ghetto and semi-ghetto as i have you get to know what real blackness is. most blacks are respectable, responsible, productive people, just like every race. but then you have an overly large representation of the disrespectful, criminal, selfish, abusive, destructive blacks that will intentionally destroy things just because they want to the bad blacks actually have a complete system they use to fool respectable blacks, like landlords. they have their former childhood friends who still have ghetto in them but still made it good in business as references to speak highly of them to landlords. they have special "white" clothes they keep so they can go to a rental viewing and look presentable. they learn how to speak and act different so they look and sound reasonably intelligent. they set up fake jobs or over-represent their jobs with the support of the people that actually work at those places to make them sound reliable when they are anything but. then they move in and trash the place to fuck, dont pay the rent and force you to waste six months to get them evicted with no rent coming in, or they start a criminal enterprise. ALL THIS WAS TOLD TO ME BY BLACK FOLKS i dont know the whole situation with trumps rentals, but i know for sure i would be very cautious of renting to unknown blacks myself after what ive heard and seen with my own eyes and ears. i was a landlord myself and only rented to one minority couple bc they were the only one i ever had apply. they were east indian and i never had a problem with them. and i had a couple terrible white tenants but the overrepresentation of blacks who will cause you many thousands of dollars in repair costs is very real and you have to be very careful. its a big hassle and a big risk and you have to do extra work (references on the references) to feel comfortable youre not getting your property trashed so i can definitely see why any landlord, including trump, wouldnt want that hassle and would prefer to just not rent to blacks. that doesnt make them racist, that makes them realistic about the risk every instance i have ever seen of people claiming this had an axe to grind or were selling a book. i never saw one piece of solid evidence that didnt have an alternate explanation. if he was really racist, his super high profile would have exposed many indisputable references by now, and so far ive found zero. if you have any, id be happy to look over them every accountant ive ever had was jewish. jews are good with money, is this a secret? and why would anyone interpret that as bad?
  7. that is only the secondary etymology of ignorant the primary meaning of ignorant is simply not knowing, being unaware i think its a tragedy that we have turned ignorant into a word meaning "stupid" because that only adds resistance to trying to remove ignorance from people on important topics this is very critical. once someone is called ignorant their wall goes up because they think you called them stupid. but you wouldnt call a three year old stupid for not knowing how to tie their shoes yet. they are ignorant at that point, and you are there to help them learn and eliminate that ignorance this is relevant because there is a TON of ignorance about real american blackness and that ignorance greatly impedes making progress on solving black problems and achieving racial reconciliation agreed. i only pointed out my glowing support for trump and specifically said "early" to remind the lambs i gave him credit when it was due. theres no doubt he fucked it all up after that in both instances BLM was a sham organization that only existed to exploit black racism and monetarily enrich its founders. They might have well called it the "Do You Love Baby Jesus" movement because the name of the organization was used to fool good people to steal their money, money, money. They didnt give a fuck about black people, they gave nothing back to the community except a victimhood mentality. and they made saints out of disgusting career criminals when there were thousands of good blacks that died needlessly every year that they completely ignored Nobody with any character or decency can disagree that black lives matter, but their actions betrayed their words. They were mostly vile shysters The only good, unselfish, and productive BLM people were the local ones who showed up at gangsta killings, handing out pamphlets and talking to young people about avoiding the lure of the streets and living a life of responsibility and dedication based on positive principles, while also trying to convince those on the fence or straying into gangsterism to come back and walk in the light. THOSE were good, caring people i respected and i attended several of those vigils but the original founders of BLM that got all the attention only sewed discord and hate, and they can go fuck themselves do some reading by the highly educated and celebrated black authors like Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell who tear BLM to shreds Charlottesville would have never happened if it wasnt for the assholes in Antifa White supremacists are idiots, but they are americans and as such have freedom of speech. when i was growing up, the KKK would get a permit for rallies, have a little lame parade, say some bullshit crazy talk, and then go home. you dont feed the trolls the white supremacists in charlotsville had their permit, they had the right to have their event, and they didnt cause trouble. it was only after the assholes in Antifa came running up with their homemade weapons and armor, getting in their face, and threatening them that a mentally unstable man in a car hit the gas and killed that woman. if Antifa had just kept their distance and didnt come prepared to fight they could have shouted their displeasure while the supremacists had their little event and nothing would have happened and when don said "there were good people on both sides" that was true. there were also flaming assholes on both sides, but a lot of the conservatives were just there to represent southern pride. to call that racist is just a bridge way too far. you cant automatically broad brush all the southerners as racist because the idiot supremacists were there. im positive a lot of the southern attendees would tell you the supremacists were idiots it was the liberal media that stirred up all those lies. and it was that event that stirred up the follow-on lies that BLM was a good cause and white people were automatically racist while blacks were automatic victims. OF COURSE youre going to have bad outcomes when thats what youre teaching the masses, most of whom cant think for themselves and just believe whatever bullshit the boob tube tells them hell the fuck no, BLM was NOT a good development the way it unfolded, the destruction it caused, and the victimhood programming it poisoned blackness with. i urge you to read those authors i mentioned, they are brilliant and will enlighten you on what really was going on in that despicable BLM
  8. i love lamb chops i had lamb every chance i got when i was in France (ski vacations with stopovers in various cities for a handful of days) all that blue looks quite unusual in that dish but id love to try it
  9. no, the mexican border is ridiculously porous. FBI crime data clearly shows that the boarder towns do indeed suffer more crimes, including rapes, than the national average, which is obviously bc bad people s of the border are getting in too easy i support a full, robust, virtually impassible wall along the entire southern border. we can expand immigration agencies if we have to in order to let good hard working productive immigrants in. but we have to protect ourselves from the millions of malevolent hard criminals that infest mexico and south america lots of good people there, of course, but they will have to follow a thorough vetting process to ensure we are arent letting in any of the vile scumbags that plague those countries i despise trump and view him as a white collar gangster, but i havent seen good evidence that hes racist. there is a valid explanation for all of the things ive heard people call him racist for that i dont think automatically demonstrates racism. theres plenty to criticise him for without just throwing racism on the pile simply bc hes a vile douchebag besides, its just a campaign slogan. its just wordsmithed bullshit. like "Yes We Can". that was one reason i didnt vote for obama, because his campaign slogan was so obviously vapid it was insulting. what had he accomplished that would make me confident he had the skills to do the most difficult job in the world? nothing. and it showed in his first term when he pretty much sucked. he was a lot better his second term but by then he had missed a golden opportunity to shove universal health care down the republicans throat just because he had this naive desire to be a uniter. fuck them. use your supermajority and shove it right up their ass. thats what they do to democrats on tax cuts for the rich campaign slogans are total bullshit and only remind us that whatever they say before the election is vaporware
  10. professional hypnotists have a term for people they can easily control: lambs. with just the simplest of hand gestures and/or a single word the subject becomes instantly entranced and under their control. even decades later all they have to do is repeat the one-word command they implanted and the lamb will once again be completely under their power - and the lamb has no idea it is happening this is what happens to the trumpsters. notice how when i lower myself to readdress their absurd misrepresentations they immediately fall into their trupster learned trance and repeat the same weak ass lies that they trotted out to utter failure months if not years ago. lambs and their strawmen you have to ignore thousands of lines of often repeated statements that clearly show my staunch independence and dedication to centrism. remember "wisdom resides in the middle"? thats a buddhist and hindu core concept. remember my support of the wall, my A+ early grades for the dons handling of china and n. korea, my relentless attacks on BLM and antifa, my dismembering of f8 on CRT, my specific articulation why i think don, as much as i despise him, is not racist, that ive voted for more republican presidents than democrats in my lifetime? no, of course the lambs dont remember this. me simply responding to their absurd olden day lies was like bumping into a lamb ten years later in the airport and saying "sleep". off they go, into their trance, repeating easily demonstrable lies as if they were truth. youve learned well from your master, young minions. dont believe your eyes or ears, believe what youve been programmed to believe. lambs so while this is comically entertaining, it has no substance and i tire of playing you. go on with your self-delusions and hilariously lame accusations. you are lambs. it is what you do. it is what you are. and everyone here except those in your cult know it. so knock yourselves out. you only bring the sewage you are floating in closer to your lips as you struggle to keep your feeble strawmen standing
  11. LOL is right another zombie poster i dont interact with, i dont even read his posts for fear of catching the stupid viewers should know this also never happened. this little trumpster cabal theyve formed here loves the strawman approach, even though it makes them look like stepford assholes. they follow the lead of their fuhrer i admit i would LOVE to ban him permanently bc he is scum. but i have character and integrity and dont let my personal disdain for lower life forms change how i apply universal standards the same for everyone. he never did anything worthy of a permanent ban, but i have to confess i wish he had for those with a functioning cerebral cortex id advise you not to waste bandwidth on their content as it has no redeeming value whatsoever
  12. i dont respond to this poster because i dont interact with brainwashed zombies but for those playing along at home this never happened this is a standard technique of their cabal, especially this poster - present lies as truth and then build a case against his target on it. its called a strawman and he is the scarecrow with no brain master at it notice that he doesnt mention when i sat down one zombie in his cabal i also sat down one on the other side of the flame war aisle. notice that he also doesnt mention when Hip presented a mountain of evidence that he thought showed he was being rep stalked by the cabal i ruled against him. finally, notice that i also sat Hip himself for breaking the rules too many times. so this absurd argument that i am biased and was protecting Hip in some way only demonstrated how truly brainwashed and hopeless they are as rational adults my record clearly shows a pattern of consistent independence and centrism, fairness that is fully explained and based on pure facts and logic, and taking punitive action only when the poster paints themselves in a corner by ignoring repeated no-penalty warnings before they hang themselves on their own petard thus the cabal has a stench that is palpable
  13. see? hes comparing a time when i had things so well under control that posters on opposite sides of the aisle were actually having productive conversations with this current flame war shit show where every lizard brain competes to dish out the most vicious insults possible. plus, theres no modding since i quit bc Vic isnt around much and Lit doesnt care not only that, but i had to sit him down twice in a row, the second time within days of his first time-out expiring, because hes so dumb he made another threat after he just finished his punishment for the first one dumb. as. fuck. before this place blows up we should have a contest on the dumbest posters in range history. this guy would make the top five for sure
  14. 1) he has a history of liking to threaten people even when hes been told to stop c) hes dumb af
  15. real journalism is virtually dead. its been replaced by maximum click potential above all else. telling bald faced lies and promoting conspiracy theories is like throwing barbequed meat right next to the left mouse button but like you said, if youre discerning and have half a brain you can find mostly reliable sources, read several of them covering the same information, and get a pretty good idea of what the truth is. notice that nearly all the semi-reliable sources are large organizations with both a print and online presence with very few having much of an televised footprint. thats no coincidence. the dumb dont read and are easily manipulated by video "reporting"
  16. this perpetual flame war shithole cant be cleaned up until you have standards in place to prevent it, and Lit is not interested in doing that. the result is people who primarily use their animal brains will constantly use the worst personal attacks they can come up with instead of engaging in real dialog the net result is that its worthless and a waste of time to come here. thats why there are so few good posters here and the dialog is virtually devoid of quality discussions whats happening now is what kills message boards. look at the forums and you can easily tell its the same few people posting, with most of it just flaming. good posters dont want to be involved in a place like this. the sports section has hardly been used the last six months, even as the bills were a serious sb contender! the shoutbox should just be called the flamewar box bc thats mainly what dominates the content there. good posters and visitors see that and say fuck this shithole, im out Lit once offered the site to Victor for free but Vic was scrambling to get ready for a move to the US and didnt have the time to deal with it. hopefully he will get settled in soon and can see if he can make that happen. until then, the abusive fringe posters will dominate and there will be nothing to stand in their way and turn it around. you just gotta hope ownership changes hands before the place implodes
  17. coastal and chickie are the attention whoring drama couple. at least they were, maybe theyve grown up in the last ten+ years since i was over there. but as long as i knew them they would say anything to get attention even if it was a total lie and damaged the reputation of someone else. they were also sheep and would just follow whatever that left-wing mindhive told them was the right thing to think. to his credit, coastal expressed regret at turning Lit's stupid macho blustering into an accusation of a rape threat. but oh boy did they milk that lie cow for everything they could get for a while, especially chicky. 'oh im so scared, i dont want to leave the house, blah, blah, bullshit, blah'. those two were made for each other
  18. if star doesnt retire, i think they have to give serious consideration to letting him stay, maybe spreading the hit over two seasons with a one year extension that they dont use. the money saved cutting him would not be a better value than just keeping him as part of the rotation. plus you dont have another hole you have to fill i will leave it up to mcbean to determine if hes motivated enough
  19. im so fucking tired of this horseshit this crap about allen posting "racist" tweets is total and utter bullshit and shows how astronomically fucked up we are on the b/w relationship and b/w power balance in this country check out the tweets the woke jackasses call racist and youll easily see they werent racist at all. disingenuous and low-character blacks that are desperate to play the victim card and continuously paint whites as permanently racist will swear up and down its racist when they full well know they are full of shit liars and only doing it bc so many whites are so ignorant about real blackness that they will be able to get away with it. its a dirty, disgusting control mechanism that low character blacks use as a one-way weapon against whites. good, honest blacks would fully agree with this for fuck sake, niggA is NOT THE SAME WORD as niggER. low character blacks and ignorant whites call both of these "the n-word" when real blackness knows full well they are absolutely different words, used differently, and niggA has about seven different meanings based on context, while niggER only has one. black language DOES THAT ALL THE TIME, using one word to mean many different things based on context. just think of all the words blacks have redefined and how many of them have different meanings based on context. in no time at all youll probably end up with a list of hundreds. its a mostly harmless and creative part of the black culture the most common usage of nigga is to mean all blacks in general. close behind that is to denote a friend or colleague, as in "my nigga". and close behind that is to mean all people of all races, as in that guy or that group of people but because low character blacks are so desperate for control and retribution, and ignorant whites are so desperate to virtue signal, they just lump the disgusting niggER in with the completely different niggA and then use it like a hammer that you have no defense for except truth and logic, which they dont give a fuck about. look in my sig for some wisdom about how useless the word racism has become because of this kind of bullshit allen was CLEARLY using the word niggA ONLY, and you can easily tell by the context that he was using it in a playful, friendly manner - just like black people do billions of times every fucking day. it is utterly preposterous to call that racist, drastically dilutes the value of understand how vile the real use of the word niggER is, and makes the word racist almost useless in fighting the battle to eliminate racial disharmony and move to true b/w reconciliation in short, you are a fucking woke ass stupid motherfucker if you think that josh allen ever was a racist or tweeted racist things. you are a hindrance to the cause and you should feel ashamed you are contributing to continuing the fucked up state of racial disharmony, especially b/w relations, in this country Josh Allens tweets follow. Notice how there is NO context provided, just that he used a word that starts with N that liars viciously use for their own dirty and disgusting purposes. Even so, you can see that he was using niggA as either a general term for people, or to denote a friend. the only reason he apologized is bc it was the quickest and easiest way to get rid of the issue with lying low-character blacks and ignorant virtue signalling whites https://www.yahoo.com/news/offensive-tweets-josh-allen-surface-hours-nfl-draft-024847843.html Allen tweeted the “n” word multiple times. While this one isn’t necessarily offensive, Allen also shared his public dislike for NBA star LeBron James in 2011.
  20. theyd have to give up so much to get him that what would be left around him? hes in his prime and a move to a more veteran laden team would make sense. here he'd be surrounded mostly with whatever prospects they manage to hang onto the only way that would work is if edmonton decided to just tank so the sabres could throw most of their high picks at them for the next three years and try to keep as many of their nhl-ready or near-ready guys as they could they still wouldnt have a bonafide nhl playoff caliber goalie unless they get lucky with UPL, so theres still move resources out the door to get one to compete right away the oilers have been the certified kings of high draft picks wasting away on crappy teams for a long time, but thats probably what would happen here. id say their chances are better just sticking with what they have in prospects and picks, and giving UPL a chance to show he belongs. yeah, that likely means another non-playoff season, but its probably better than rolling the dice that all the current youngsters will make a big leap next season with mcdavid in the lineup he couldnt raise edmonton out of the mire with all their high picks and veterans, idk why anyone would think he could do it here quickly with even less
  21. if farwell had done his job we probably would be playing in the sb right now buh bye, dumbass
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