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  1. Maybe they should focus on coming up with a budget? 1.3 million soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen could soon be without pay, the elderly may go without benefits, several million federal workers will be without pay, and these shutdowns have got to cause our allies to lose trust in us. To quote Hip and Mick, Putin has got to be laughing at us. Sadly, this is not the first time they have done something ridiculous with a shutdown looming or during one, last time they voted to make criticizing Israeli apartheid a crime. Shameful, but its what you get when you put party and pac over country.
  2. No police uniform is big enough to fit my dickhead
  3. I ask the same thing whenever you take what I say deliberately out of context. In the new range you are gone, its that simple
  4. We ask you kindly to cease and desist using the word retard, the word n*****, and to cease celebrating and calling for suicides, defending pedophilia, whoring for war, and cheering child mutilation as none of these are useful contributions to posting and do not constitute intelligent and thoughtful replies to a topic. So please stop using these terms
  5. The world got a bit better today. Rot in hell you old whore. You were a disgusting and useless parasite Dianne Feinstein and to quote Mencken, "you lived too long." I just wish the bitch had met justice for using insider trading to pad her pockets during covid. Oh well, at least there is still time to bring the other two scumbags to justice and she is going to find that God isn't open to bribes. Enjoy hell you useless bitch https://www.npr.org/2020/05/26/862692569/justice-department-closes-investigations-of-3-senators-burr-inquiry-continues https://www.vox.com/politics/23895685/dianne-feinstein-dies-california-senate-election-newsom-porter-schiff-lee
  6. Well one could make the argument Bush did 9/11 because a war was the only way his ass was staying in power. I don't make the argument that he did this, but some do
  7. Impeachments and sanctions are sort of the same. You should only do them for the most egregious offenses otherwise they lose efficacy. Buh Trum. . . . Yeah, what, what did he do that was all that different from prior office holders? Also, Bill Clinton got a blowjob, how is that impeachable again? You could argue he forced Monica to perform a sex act on him, but the act in and of itself? How is that impeachable?
  8. Yeah, but then he found out the covid guinea pig experiment did nothing to combat the disease. He also forgot that coups and regime change wars were good so long as a Democrat orchestrated them. His mortal sin though was blaming Hillary for running the worst and most tone deaf campaign in living memory and not buying into Russia Gate.
  9. Or whoever isn't their type of left. Being pro peace makes you a nazi. Being pro family makes you sexist and homophobe. Being anti imperialist makes you a racist. Being against wall street makes you a fascist. Being against the corporate state controlled press makes you a disinformation agent. Recognizing that there are only two genders, that men cannot give birth, opposing the mutilation of healthy children, and opposing men using women's bathrooms, women's locker rooms, serving time women's prisons, and playing women's sports makes you transphobic. Frankly, I just laugh anymore. If you point out how right wing authoritarian the Dems are and you only vote actual leftists you get to be called MAGA. What can you do with people who are so disconnected from reality and who are so thoroughly indoctrinated?
  10. 5 Abrams are already in Ukraine. Seeing them explode is going to be awesome. The seanpennwaffe's BF-16 wreckage is going to be even more awesome.
  11. Are they even elected? By the way, wanna know who is in the EU commission? Ursula Man She's Lyin and Joseph the Bigot Borrell
  12. You think this is a conspiracy? Why? Who wants to watch shitty teams play terrible football? I know that the league wants a playoff in the AFC with Kansas City, Buffalo, Cincy, Miami, Pittsburgh. The stories write themselves. Four shitty teams in week four? Who is gonna watch that other than people in those markets and betters making a sucker bet on who is most likely to get one in the W column
  13. Hitler may have been Jewish too, and no that doesn't lessen the horrors of the holocaust. If anything it makes the horrors of the holocaust even more fucking terrible.
  14. 1. Joe is a senile sack of dog shit 2. This is a commendable act on his part 3. 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive
  15. They built their team for a two year window, Rodgers' body finally gave out. A few years earlier and that's a sprain not a tear. The NFL needs relegation. Move the Grey Cup teams to the NFL and send the Donkeys and Jets to the CFL
  16. O line has been pretty good the past couple weeks. The Jets game? That was more on Josh Allen having his one to three annual wadafuq was that games. Once he gets that type of game out of him, he kicks ass. Its sort of like me digesting food. Pizza Hut is gonna screw up the system but after a couple days the digestive tract is gonna run at high efficiency for weeks.
  17. @HipKat, in my defense I had no idea just how bad Denver is this year. I expected Washington to pile on the points because in the past while Denver's offense has been pure shit, their defense has been fairly good. Now that whole team is garbage. Damn.
  18. Look ICR, I can't tell you how much I despise these people. Sadly the good old boys have so fucked up this state that outside of KC (mostly Jackson County), St Louis (city and county) and Columbia you don't have anything but GOPers. What the fuck can I do? How do you think I feel about living in a state the NAACP has a travel advisory on? How do you think I feel that the Klan is active not sixty miles from Kansas City? The politics in this state are just fucking evil, but what the fuck can I do? I can vote and I do. However, outside the above mentioned metroes this state is deep red so our votes don't mean a whole fucking lot. I know the GOP around this state are sick. You hear white kids using the N word daily as close as Platte and Clay County, what the fuck am I supposed to do about it? You have an asshole in St Louis who said raped women can't get pregnant and that bastard still almost won. What the fuck do you want me to do? We have idiot Josh Hawley, again what the hell can I do? You want me to run for office or something? Yeah, you know how we all say in Russia and Ukraine its not healthy being in opposition politics? Its not in this state either. Several politicians in this state have met with very mysterious deaths since the early 70s. Three who come to mind are a black community organizer killed by the mob, or so its said but it wasn't a mob hit it was politically motivated. 1976 and 2000 a prominant Republican and Democratic candidate respectively died in plane crashes. Sorry, that just looks very suspicous. What the fuck do you want me to do about it?
  19. What are the the rules for expelling someone from congress? I know its happened to a couple house members before, Preston Brooks and a guy from Harlem, but have they ever expelled a senator before. The covid insider traders need to go and so does he
  20. Republicans learn how to govern? They haven't known how to do a good job governing since Ike and they'd call him a commie today.
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