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  1. No way in hell the Oilers were going to the Superbowl in 92, if not us it would have been Dolphin Dan or Cowher's Steelers that knocked that shit show out of the playoffs. Moon was a damn good QB, but no Run and Shoot QB has ever made the big game. It just stalled out and died in the rarified air of the playoffs. It stalled out and died in 91, it stalled out and died again in 1992 in the comeback, it stalled out and died again v the Chiefs in 93. It was a shit offense that caused Buddy Ryan to throw a punch at Kevin Killdrive. The chuck and duck just was not a superbowl offense.
  2. Pardon me, I don't speak French. Two Germanic and one Slavic tongue, but none of the Romance languages.
  3. Unless we are discussing Ingrid Begman playing Joan D'Arc when she was nearly 40 its rather disturbing.
  4. This is actually the spiked I wish you would do more of. Yes, America left monarchial rule for aristocratic rule and it rings true in domestic and foreign policy. A lot of our major issues stem from us realizing that there are bolshoi bucks to made off human exploitation (cash crops, mining for precious minerals, sweat shops) and human misery (military industrial complex and prison industrial complex).
  5. When he doesn't work on being an asshole he can be an informative and interesting character.
  6. A moonie publication? Lulz. No not PMoon6 (where is that old fart, if someone could recruit him and 35Pete back to this place that would be great), I mean the Korean cult that gave mass weddings and Inchon, the worst film of Laurence Olivier's career, and caused college kids to drop out and sell flowers at airports.
  7. Nah, I'm voting Pinestraw, I like his environmental policies. . . .
  8. I do, in fact I want all the debates the GOP can throw at him. I want at least 1 debate a week. The glare of the spotlight, the pressure, he is bound to forget at this point where he is.
  9. Makes sense, Joe Biden is very much a continuation of her brand of sewage. I cannot and will not vote Republican but nor can I vote Democrat and so it's either green or Libertarian for me.
  10. IF the DNC is industrial strength stupid enough to vote for Hillary then they deserve to lose to DeSantis. Hillary is just not electable. Biden won because he wasn't Trump. People that didn't follow Hunter's shenanigans and the massive conflict of interest he had in Ukraine, then Biden is a no personality gaffe machine with years of ties to the legislative branch and if you minimize the gaffes that he vomits from his mouth then he is a very generic candidate. He won in 2020 because a generic and calm guy is the sort you want vs a firebrand like Trump. Hillary? Jesus fucking Christ, are you kdding me? She is even more unlikable than Trump. There may well be a Clinton in the future of presidential politics but that is Chelsea not Hillary
  11. So tell me you racist pricks, how many Indian children did you kill in your boarding schools?
  12. Well that's the gag, if you pay taxes you already did. . . . So put on a happy face. Though to be sure Joker is far less evil than the writers of our foreign and military policies:
  13. The sanctions aren't really doing anything to them. They are crippling the EU though and Biden wants Americans to suffer for the Ukrainians. Oh, and the bitchfest about Ukraine is built on lies and disinformation. The truth is beginning to be made known and so the Dems who called for this proxy war are going to pay dearly in November. Biden had a chance to head off this war and he fucked up royally.
  14. Dude, I don't care if your grandpa was Taurus Bulba, but you are right there is a bigger discussion to be had in this war. The money that you gave to Ukraine? Well have you ever heard of the Spanish Prisoner? Well the Spanish Prisoner, 419 scams (the Nigerian prince emails named for section 419 of the Nigerian penal code), pickpockets, Benny Hinn, Peter Popoff and other televangelists and faith healers, and the MIC NATO scam all work the same. Actually this is sort of like the Social Security IRS scam calls more than anything. You know the calls, hello sir this is agent Bob Dobb of the CIA and unless you pay 500 dollars Ukraine gets it and Europe is next and then the Russians will be at your house. Actually because you are falling hard for this scam, I am worried about your grandma. I hope she hasn't went out buying gift cards to pay off Social Security and I hope you don't let the old dear one answer emails. Anyways, long story short, like any other scam you ain't ever getting a fucking penny back. Ukraine like COVID is nothing but the upward redistribution of wealth. I think some more important questions are 1. How long does Elensky have? Also does he wind up like OBL sleeping with the fishies, or does he end up teaching at Hoover Institute. Frankly I think its the latter. 2. What does Ukraine do about being the most corrupt country in Europe? 3. How do its anti democratic principles, banning opposition political parties, arresting and torturing their leaders, shutting down an independent press jive with EU proported principles of democracy? 4. How badly will the Ukrainian summer offensive fail? 5. What provinces does Ukraine keep after this? I would push them west of the Curzon line, but I ultimately thing the best that can be expected for them is the Dniepr and no access to the Black Sea.
  15. Ever notice how you never see Ghouliani and Spiked at the same time.
  16. We know he was a lawyer at one time, we don't know how long that lasted. He may have been disbarred.
  17. The second problem is opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and many who watch the corporate state controlled press don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. This is not Walter Kronkite's press. This is a press largely controlled by the MIC and the defense department because they don't want a repeat of Vietnam. They want the media to be an echo chamber and in the past 50 years they pretty much have gotten their way. Admit it Hip, before this war you knew nothing about Ukraine. You didn't care, and had no reason to care. Then Bidler decided that the nation needed a defeat by proxy war so he could sell arms to Ukraine and then he organized a vast network of social media influencers and dummy twitter accounts to echo the news media. I mean its understandable that you were taken in. You were groomed to hate Russia all your life, and in fact the only thing that I am upset at you and lit and others for is that after Iraq you gave the media more chances to lie to you.
  18. Nope, war is actually going the way Russia wants. Don't go after the Nazis and let them hide behind civilians. Let the Nazis come to you, and kill them in the open field. Ukraine is losing somewhere, per western estimates, between 500 and 1000 per day. They don't have heavy equipment. Most of the tanks and artillery we get goes up in smoke. Here's a hint, every time the Russians fire a precision rocket we here a hospital or apartment goes up in smoke. The louder the Twitter sphere shrieks, the more you know that the rockets hit something that set back the Ukrainian military severely.
  19. Yeah, the Nazis found Donbass ungovernable after 8 years if shelling and killing their own people, 14,000 of them. On the other hand the Elensky regime (cannot use a Z there is causes the little Nazi to soil himself) does not care about civilians as they hide rocket launchers and military hardware behind and in apartment blocks. They also piss and moan about a shopping mall being hit, well that mall blew up all pretty and there's a reason it did. It was right next to a munitions plant. But rape? Well go figure the lying sack of shit who said millions of Ukrainian women (was it 2 million) were raped has been fired because that was such a lie even the Ukes said it was too much. Then there is Duha. All the lovely dead bodies that well I guess they died of lung cancer because their cigarettes were still lit and some of the corpses were moving their arms. Or maybe you want to talk Marioupol. You know the town Biden said would never fall? Well it did. But the apartment buildings. . . . Yeah, the nazis that Biden and Pelosi think we should support were using those blocks to position snipers and to hide heavy equipment. Who does that? Why the hell would anyone want to intentionally use civilians as human shields?
  20. That was plan A, they had paid considerable money to get governors and generals to lay down their arms, but the CIA and state paid just as much. In Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa the money failed to work. In Kherson it was highly effective. Then they switched to plan B and this has been a lot more successful. What was it Clausewitz said, one's plan only works until first contact with the enemy. Do keep in mind that no plan ever works as intended. It's why we haven't won shit since we took Grenada from a bunch of commie beach partiers, and why before that we didn't win anything since WWII in the Pacific.
  21. Poor spunked, the racist and misogynist prick was hoping she'd die. Glad to see she is making strides towards recovery.
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