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  1. Oh a liberal? Ouch that one hurt. Do you know how far to the right I'd have to go to be a liberal?
  2. I don't know if its the best or not because I don't know what our peers and foes have, but I know we have that technology as do the Russians and Chinese, and probably most of, if not all of NATO, the Saudis, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Australia, North and South Korea, Taiwan and most other large miltiaries. This is the era of drones and has been for 25 years. This balloon is essentially a drone by another name. Everyone with the technology to launch drones probably also has the ability to jam and bring down drones.
  3. That all they'd have to do would be to encircle Kiev and Kharkov and the whole country would rise up against Zelensky.
  4. The west and Ukraine have said so many lies that I can't keep track of all of them. My favorite has to be the Pentagon insisting Russia would run out of missiles by the end of March (2022). Ghost of Chicken Kiev was fun, so were the 13 dead who turned into 80 pows on Snake Island. I liked Lit's saran wrap soldiers too. So what are some of your favorite lies from NATO and Ukraine?
  5. He can say whatever he wants. Doesn't mean anything
  6. Is this your version of coming out? Good for you, if he loves you and you love him go for it
  7. This thread is for inspirational, motivational songs of a decidedly political nature, what are some of yours?
  8. Well before we start any discussion on any topic, we need to see your sources for your information. Its only fair. I ask ICR, Lit, Hip, F8t, and others their sources for their understanding of Russia and Ukraine and well to their credit they are honest enough to give their sources. I only ask the same from you. Can you be as honest as they are?
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