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  1. No way in hell the Oilers were going to the Superbowl in 92, if not us it would have been Dolphin Dan or Cowher's Steelers that knocked that shit show out of the playoffs. Moon was a damn good QB, but no Run and Shoot QB has ever made the big game. It just stalled out and died in the rarified air of the playoffs. It stalled out and died in 91, it stalled out and died again in 1992 in the comeback, it stalled out and died again v the Chiefs in 93. It was a shit offense that caused Buddy Ryan to throw a punch at Kevin Killdrive. The chuck and duck just was not a superbowl offense.
  2. Pardon me, I don't speak French. Two Germanic and one Slavic tongue, but none of the Romance languages.
  3. Unless we are discussing Ingrid Begman playing Joan D'Arc when she was nearly 40 its rather disturbing.
  4. This is actually the spiked I wish you would do more of. Yes, America left monarchial rule for aristocratic rule and it rings true in domestic and foreign policy. A lot of our major issues stem from us realizing that there are bolshoi bucks to made off human exploitation (cash crops, mining for precious minerals, sweat shops) and human misery (military industrial complex and prison industrial complex).
  5. When he doesn't work on being an asshole he can be an informative and interesting character.
  6. A moonie publication? Lulz. No not PMoon6 (where is that old fart, if someone could recruit him and 35Pete back to this place that would be great), I mean the Korean cult that gave mass weddings and Inchon, the worst film of Laurence Olivier's career, and caused college kids to drop out and sell flowers at airports.
  7. Nah, I'm voting Pinestraw, I like his environmental policies. . . .
  8. I do, in fact I want all the debates the GOP can throw at him. I want at least 1 debate a week. The glare of the spotlight, the pressure, he is bound to forget at this point where he is.
  9. Makes sense, Joe Biden is very much a continuation of her brand of sewage. I cannot and will not vote Republican but nor can I vote Democrat and so it's either green or Libertarian for me.
  10. IF the DNC is industrial strength stupid enough to vote for Hillary then they deserve to lose to DeSantis. Hillary is just not electable. Biden won because he wasn't Trump. People that didn't follow Hunter's shenanigans and the massive conflict of interest he had in Ukraine, then Biden is a no personality gaffe machine with years of ties to the legislative branch and if you minimize the gaffes that he vomits from his mouth then he is a very generic candidate. He won in 2020 because a generic and calm guy is the sort you want vs a firebrand like Trump. Hillary? Jesus fucking Christ, are you kdding me? She is even more unlikable than Trump. There may well be a Clinton in the future of presidential politics but that is Chelsea not Hillary
  11. So tell me you racist pricks, how many Indian children did you kill in your boarding schools?
  12. Well that's the gag, if you pay taxes you already did. . . . So put on a happy face. Though to be sure Joker is far less evil than the writers of our foreign and military policies:
  13. The sanctions aren't really doing anything to them. They are crippling the EU though and Biden wants Americans to suffer for the Ukrainians. Oh, and the bitchfest about Ukraine is built on lies and disinformation. The truth is beginning to be made known and so the Dems who called for this proxy war are going to pay dearly in November. Biden had a chance to head off this war and he fucked up royally.
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