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  1. And you are absolutely right. Thing is this war was not about Ukrainian sovereignty. IF Biden had cared about that he would have kept NATO in Ukraine. Putin is many things, but stupid isn't one of them and there is no way he goes into Ukraine if NATO is there because one wrong move and article V is invoked. If Biden wanted a peaceful resolution to this he would have engaged in meaningful dialogue and talked with Russia about their security concerns. He did neither. He is either hiding something in Ukraine that he doesn't want Russia to find and leak to the world or he wants to cash in on war profiteering.
  2. I just saw my property tax assessment, come on down ya big cahuna. If I can collect the insurance I might just be able to pay the tax.
  3. What's comical is how much like him you are
  4. Honestly, I think its dementia. He might have alzheimers: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/nov/10/darker-sense-of-humour-could-be-sign-of-dementia-says-study
  5. I love America, but I hate the direction its going. I hate the all pervasive security state, I hate the unbridled capitalism, I hate the unending wars. I love what we could be, but I hate the complacency about what we are. I love the ideas we claim to have but I hate that we do not aspire to those ideas. Long story short I am disillusioned and frankly don't see what makes us so exceptional. As such its not right to say I hate America. No, I am bitterly and genuinely disappointed. That said, I am not ready to give up on her just yet. However, I know that making her reach her potential becomes a longer shot more and more with each passing year as we have been barrelling headlong towards fascism for 50+ years and people try too damn hard to pretend otherwise.
  6. No actually. We just need to enforce the second. That well regulated militia clause gives the states and federal government all sorts of teeth should they ever grow the balls to do something to stop the bloodshed that leaves 100+ people from KC alone dead each year. If you look at originalism (how the founders viewed things) there is no way that the psychotic assholes you see parading around with AR 15s would be allowed to have them as most of them would not have been a part of the electorate. So no, just enforce the second amendment and open the doors to meaningful regulation and enforcement.
  7. Lets see, Flojob's nazi pals are in a world of hurt, the grand NATO supplied offensive didn't gain an inch, Bakhmut, the glorious redoubt that US aid would liberate is now in Russian hands and is insignificant and there are now loud whispers of a shakeup in the Ukrainian command, you know the sort of stuff you see after a glorious offensive. The heroes are all geting tickets to unka Adolf and grandpa Stepan and so its salo for dinner, Salo Uzhinat. You know that shit they say with their heil salute.
  8. They've been fucking silent the past few days, lets find out why: Ah I see
  9. Spiked is the undisputed Asshole for life around here. Some may say but ICR. Nope, I fundamentally disagree with him on a lot, but he is sincere and honest about what he believes. His posts can have an outright toxic edge to them, but I bet in person he is a decent person. Micknaboz, see ICR. I'd like to have a beer with him and ask him about the sixties and early 70s Others would say Hip, see the other two Tonya'sTaters, we all know he is Spiked. Just like Zackman and all the other mults. Sockpuppets can't be assholes, but the puppet master always is Direbills? See ICR, Boz, and Hip. Politically I may disagree with them, but despite some sharp edges they seem like decent people who want whats best for people So yeah, spiked is the perennial asshole of the month.
  10. I'd like to see both in prison. Biden for crimes against humanity and war profiteering and Trump for the same, but alas we aren't members of the ICC
  11. Poisoning the well and guilt by association fallacy
  12. In the meantime, more after pics of the douchebag floflo offensive:
  13. In the fall and winter I will be posting after pics of the seanpennwaffe and Abrams.
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