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  1. IF I bought the site, and at more than 4K I ain't buying it so relax, there would be three and only three bans. Verywideright came out as a Fish fan so he's gone. Thinwhiteduke is a Jets fan so he's gone. Mixum? Well, he's mentally retarded but I do believe in equal opportunities so I would level the field by banning him too.
  2. I'll put it this way, there are lots of wealthy and powerful people who know that he knew where the [little] bodies are buried and who did not want to be exposed as the vermin they are. Lets see, he hung himself using a sheet that was specifically designed to not allow that possibility and he did so while on suicide watch? Shall I keep going or are the idiots on here finally willing to admit he didn't kill himself. I mean I am glad the bastard is dead, but I wish we could have learned names before he was wacked.
  3. Just a tip, I know I am not an expert, but when you talk about Spiked and create thread after thread about him, you only encourage him, make him laugh at you, and perpetuate the behaviors you don't like him doing.
  4. Why does Jimmy Carter, at nearly 100 and in hospice, look healthier than Bill? Right, Jimmy's a man of principles, a good Christian whose passing will see much mourning as the world will have lost a great human being, and who did not engage in drug abuse and womanizing. Okay, what about rockstars of Bill's age? Lots of drugs, booze, and bitches and they don't look nearly as bad as Bill. Oh wait, neither Jimmy or the rockstars are married to Killary Rodham Suicides You Clinton or have engaged in so much unscrupulous and immoral behavior.
  5. so what if this list proved there were politicians going there, wouldn't you want them removed? Or are you so much about preserving a slim majority that you'd overlook a diddler? Frankly, I want that manifest because I want every sick fuck in power taken out and you don't get any more sick of a fuck than hurting a child, well other than providing children for others to hurt. By the way, I saw Sound of Freedom recently. Wanna know what I didn't see? MAGA conspiracy theories. Wanna know what I did see? Assholes procuring and hurting children from the world's poorest areas. Wanna try again why those in power are tired of going after these monsters? Look, I haaaaaated John McCain. However, he worked to go after molesters and child rapists and so I tip my hat to him for that and hold those efforts in the highest esteem.
  6. Where the hell have you been? Good to see you again. Yeah its me Gibby aka CMSUBillsfan and a whole lotta of other handles in between. Anyways, how's it going? Also if you know where Pete and Moonie and Engineer Anherjer whatever his name is tell em to get back in here.
  7. Just a theory, it probably isn't correct as I am no expert, but far from being aggressive, North Korea is asserting its independence. Frankly, as much as I don't care for the Kim Jong Kook dynasty where each one is nuttier than any Kim that has gone before (what I am watching Star Trek TOS as I write this, guess which episode is my favorite), I think they are trying to saying if you try to attack us we will make it very painful for us. Oh, and their resurgence and boldness comes from something that a recently dead man, Henry Kissinger shaped his foreign policy trying to prevent from ever happening. Yeah, A decade ago, Kim would not be so bold about this? Now, he can be bold because you know those sanctions we had on his ass? Well we had Russia and China, Beijing did enforce those sanctions at least to an extent, enforcing them at least in part. Now? Well, the Russians are allowing North Korean observers to study NATO first hand. Although Russia doesn't need Korean, Iranian, or Chinese weapons, they are allowing all three to use their equipment to evaluate them against our stuff. Yeah, the world order Kissinger worked so hard to establish is gone. Wanna know what's even more hilarious? Well, as I posted here a few years ago, Korea didn't used to have the engines needed to allow their ICBMs to hit the USA. Then in 2014, because Barry and Biden didn't need to read no stinkin Kennan and because the Maidan Fascists are so fucking corrupt, the North Koreans were able to buy rocket motors from Ukraine that make their satellite and ICBM ambitions very achievable. So really, Barry Obummer and Joey Bananas created a situation where North Korea can assert itself, at least to a point (that point being how far Moscow and Beijing lets them go) and has removed the willingness of those we needed to partner with us to reign him to do so. Yeah they fucked up big time. The only reason for optimism is that the Kim Jong Kook dynasty has always spoken with much bravado, but rarely do they follow through. Second, much like Putin, if we don't back Kim into a corner where he feels he doesn't have a choice he won't do anything except speak in bluster that would make even our own Spikedlemonade blush. The sad thing is that this country doesn't diplomacy very well. Its why we don't know how to make peace and why we have a humanitarian nightmare in Ukraine, one in Syria, Taliban in control of Afghanistan, and Kim feeling particularly bold anymore.
  8. 1. Is Engrish your second language? 2. Are you having a stroke, or are you just on a bender? 3. Does one really have to know all that much to know how to fuck? Hell, the mentally retarded know how to fuck. Even I know how to fuck. How fucking stupid does someone have to be to not know how to fuck:
  9. In a related story, is HipKat on a bender? I am kinda worried for his girlfriend, his daughter, and the teenagers at the DQ. I would be worried about the Ukrainian stripper from Crimea he knew, but fortunately for her she's made of the same sort of material as my black wife Imaginationa Figmenta
  10. Don't tell this to @HipKat from earlier today or he will say
  11. please discuss: https://theintercept.com/2018/02/19/hamas-israel-palestine-conflict/
  12. Since you want to support genocide, lets look at Hamas' history. . . . https://theintercept.com/2018/02/19/hamas-israel-palestine-conflict/ Now I know that you think the history of a conflict begins whenever the tv says it did, but well trust me it doesn't. Hey when you get in bed with terrorists to discredit a people seeking an end to your apartheid and maybe even statehood and then your policy blows up in your face you literally were asking for it
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