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  1. Cover to cover? Which version? Protestant 66? Catholiv 73, Orthodox 78 or Coptic 80+? Which version? Do tell?
  2. Hey glossololia was a shitload of fun. Pentecostal evangelism was a circus and Ahura Mazda shoulda bought a Honda was definitely the voice of God telling me what to get as my first car. . . .
  3. Oh wait, silly me this article is about our eight year long ongoing invasion and occupation of Syria's oil fields and about 1/3 of that country. A time where we have bombed out their electrical and water infrastructure and bombed a lot of hospitals https://www.dw.com/en/what-does-the-us-actually-want-in-syria/a-62982425
  4. I mean you back both, and so have proven that while both are sick, they are not mutually exclusive.
  5. Whenever an atheist or schizowoke claims the Bible says something, I always ask, have you read it? When you have a gotcha verse what is the context? historical, cultural, and textual? What is the intended audience? What is the writer's intent for saying it? Is it a theodicy, a morality tale that tells us the nature of God and man? Is it allegory? Is it a history? Is it poetry or is it a law code? You know the English, is your version faithful to the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic? What is the traditionally held (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant) Church interpretation of it? Sola Scriptura and personal revelation are fairly new concepts and are antithetical to traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of the scripture where Sacred Scripture showed us fellowship with Christ and his body, both Eucharistically and communally because the faith was never just me and Jesus. As honest people can attest, I ask conservative Christians the same about the Koran because saying Sura 9 and 5 says something because John Hagee said so suggests to me that they have not read the Islamic holy book. So ICR, I challenge you and F8, and do not lie, have you ever read the Bible or do you just regurgitate shit you saw on the New Atheist webverse?
  6. Dunno, I think its more if you do what you know to do right that decides where you go. Matthew 25 is very under read. You do that and you will inherit heaven. The pharisees knew the law and went to hell. The harlots, the tax collectors, the demoniac, the outcast and the thief stole heaven.
  7. Oh its true, I am a very bad person. Catholic guilt, a leftist bent, and libertarian principles that the government should only be there to help the least well off, and otherwise it should go fuck off. In foreign policy it should be the facilitator of diologue and peaceful resolution of conflict, have no membership in entangling alliances, and should seek friendship of all and freedom of trade. By the way, about Democrats and Republicans, how right wing did the Clinton revolution take this country? Well again, he turned the DNC into Republicans and the GOP into fanatics. So when I correclty say your foreign policy aligns with President Cheney, Shrub, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz and you think you can score points by saying I cite Kissinger, do remember -and this is no defense of Nixon- that his boss was to the left of any presidential candidate or office holder (with the possible exception of Bernie) we have had this century. Again, this isn't praising Tricky Dick its rightly saying we as a nation have embraced right wing authoritarianism so much that Nixon would be deemed as too far to the left and too much in favor of "appeasement" to get elected. Hell, compare what he wanted compared to Biden, Obama, or Clinton to say nothing of Reagan, Bush, Shrub, or Trump https://www.salon.com/2020/08/08/4-reasons-why-richard-nixon-would-be-too-liberal-for-trump-republicans_partner/ Yeah, I am just a terrible mean ole poopy head and should probably banned for my own good.
  8. Left this in the world according to memes thread but it sums my thoughts up very well
  9. Honestly, I don't think OBJ is the wonder people think he is.
  10. And here I was thinking this was going to be an interesting look on their views on slavery, theft of Indian lands, and their establishment of an authoritarian state where only white male property holders and merchants had the franchise and even then the will of the people was checked by an unelected senate and judiciary and indirectly elected presidency and how morally objectionable that was and is. Instead we see yet another tedious thread from the junior league of Evangelical Atheism. Hey, congrats to you on your new found faith or lackthereof. However, as I tell all the new born again Evangelicals and Fundies, rad trad catholics, mormons, Jehovah's witnesses and others, glad you have found your worldview, peace and happiness and in so many words fuck off and leave me alone. You worship or not as you please and I will do the same. Second, refer back to the paragraph about the founders' politics. There is a telling clue in there. No shit that they didn't profess Christianity. They established the colonies to make money quick. When they found the fucking Catholic Spanish had all the gold mines they found the Indians grew herbs that made you feel suave and mellow by lighting up so they decided to mass grow them. Being "gentlemen" with guns and not farmers they decided to take Indian land and force them to grow the stuff for them, but fuck all they had this bad habit of not being immune to European disease and dying so they impressed Irish and bought black African slaves to work the land they stole. The Irish were a problem as they were white and knew the custom and so when they got tired of working for someone in bad conditions they said fuck this shit and left. The blacks though? Shit, they could easily be outgrouped and otherized and so slavery became their "salvation" and "they had to be slaves or the savages would rape the white women." Yeah, you try to read the Bible and enslave people and you make it gel. Bottom line, no shit, these people weren't Christians, they worshipped money. As a minor point, Lincoln will always be in the top three presidents ever, depending on how we historians are feeling about FDR and Washington, Jefferson, or Madison on a given day but he wasn't a founder due to chronology as he came after the Revolution and early Republican era. . . . Unless you make the argument that he is a founder because he is the father of The United States, a reinvention and more complete and just nation than These United States. I mean, its an argument that has a lot merit and my Americanist friends would love to discuss that over beer with you. But I digress. . . .
  11. Donetsk and Lugansk cities for starters. I am not here to do your research for you
  12. Yes, if you support neo Nazis you should be deported to Ukraine, be given 1000 Hrivnas, an ounce of cocaine, a munition clip, and a gun as well as a Glonass GPS tracker to help the Russians denazify your worldview. I mean it goes nicely with Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi's convictions that we support Nazis in Ukraine so we don't have to fight them here. Yeah, sorry but not sorry while you should oppose Nazis, if you virtue signal that you are anti-Nazi by starting threads about how Nazis and other assorted bigots should be silenced here at home yet call for hundreds of billions of dollars to be spent to fund, train, and equip Nazis in Ukraine then I say you are full of bullshit.
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