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  1. You'll also note I recently shut down the Beane neglecting the OL narrative by asking for 1 bump to show it pre or early season. They don't exist, and this cult was trying to gaslight us like Fauci kept trying to take advantage of short memories as well. I'm doing what you said you'd do in your campaign for mod promises....and I am not running for anything, I just want to defend/encourage truthfulness. I may continue to do so if they annoy me enough with new anti-Bills campaigns, but maybe for now it is more wise to offer an olive branch and hope they can be content with the NFL handwalking KC through their final 2 outcomes? "Can you imagine if Josh Allen and the Bills did that?" lol FWIW, I am confident GMBB will again address the OL(and likely with more vigor due to how things turned out, and as Saffold's 1 yr contract suggested would be the case in advance anyhow), and we can witness JFA actually exceed the similar numbers the offense put up the last 2 seasons(Dorsey no longer being a roolkie may help too). I think it will "bE NicE" to watch.
  2. Cant fault the guy for being upset, Daryl. Before the Super Bowl, his idol Nick Wright absolutely destroyed his narrative about weapons, detailing how KC went the opposite direction and got rid of theirs....picking up guys like Toney who were too bad for the worst WR room in the NFL! lol The Range members parroting Sean on that narrative, many rejoicing in the KC win(ignoring the NFL blatantly helping them at the ending of their last 2 games!) will at least now have to bite their lip on at least that tired narrative. You know, I'm actually glad Sean promoted Nick Wright long enough to get me to finally watch him destroy one of Sean's favorite talking points! lol
  3. Not to mention, the Super Bowl champs lost to the Bills this season in their only match up, at Allenhead no less. I'll bet no Bills haters will care to mention that fact, or be reminded of it. You had a great post Daryl, but IMO missed some even lower-hanging fruit that I will gladly be the first here to proclaim. :)
  4. Interesting to see "Money Mitch" mentioned as a possibility if he is a cap casualty of the Steelers. I read how close the current QB room is, but have no idea if Mitchell may have fit in similarly last season. Based only on the small amount of preseason play we saw from Keenum, I might feel more comfortable with Money Mitch if he becomes available, but Joe Buscaglia's write up reminds me of posts on here and does not seem to consider whether Trubisky still has aspirations as a starter. Either way, I'm grateful to Joe for being on point enough to be aware of the possibility. Other places Joe really seems like a poster on here, fantasizing about vet minimums. At least he did not do so with Cole Beasley, which in my first appearance in a long time I noticed was being promoted on Billszone, which I guess does seem to be as hateful a board as some here have suggested. I had no idea they were that hateful, illogical, and unrealistic, though. Even worse(IMO), it's promoted by staff members. Ukraine aside, that is a stark contrast to this board and something we could all be grateful for. Also worth noting, Joe seems to be operating from the negative 20 million cap perspective rather than the restructures where GMBB could easily free up a huge sum of cap space(on 2 alone) if he chose to. I guess if we are to go by assumptions, as a writer that might be the more principled choice, although maybe not the more likely one....and considering more than one would throw off his entire article. I'm trying to display some empathy here, Range members.
  5. Unlike last(this) season where I posted a late adjusted strength of schedule with KC ranking dead last, it seems that unfortunately for the Chiefs fans on here, they won't have such a cupcake schedule next season and to match the Bills in the loss column again will have to play much better. With Russell Wilson magically coming to life again the final 2 games of the season(and now with the new "star" coach to give a more plausible reason for his re-awakening), even Denver may no longer provide the 2 wins per season KC fans could count on for years. Maybe LA/LV round it out and it becomes the competitive division the media and logic said we'd have this season? Either way, the schedule already sounds like good news for those of us who are not fans of the KC fans on here. Thanks for the post. If a rematch were to happen and the Eagles are still of the same talent level, being it's regular season I would hope the NFL didn't feel compelled to help KC win again, or even keep it a close game. It might help with those on the fence regarding the integrity of the NFL, in my opinion. That would be something it would be logical for the NFL to do early in the season, so I think that could help the odds of this being the opening game, as well.
  6. I think even within the sports entertainment discussion it still matters. For example, did you not say already that the Bills were going to the Super Bowl next season? So at least in that example(the only one I am focusing on), it would seem the odds are speaking correctly. I mean even if sports entertainment is used to the maximum of what the law entitles it to be used, apparently the NFL places a high value on having a certain percentage of fans still believe in the integrity of the game, and in spite of all we have seen, from reading here you can see they have managed to be quite successful at it.
  7. Thanks Buddy. Interesting to see Vegas, which has no biased hatred against teams, has the Bills as 2nd most likely to win the next Super Bowl, ahead of 30 other teams some of whicdh receive much praise on here, and only narrowly behind the defending champions. These people know the NFL, and have predicting it down to a science. While public perception plays a part, that also speaks against the narrative a small, dedicated cadre of BIlls haters on here are trying to promote. Can you see Terry Pegula now thinking, "Gee, Vegas has us near-top odds to win the Super Bowl, we were #2 scoring in offense and defense despite a season of combined adversity, but I really think my odds would be better if I ignored all of the positives, focused narrowly on the small amount of negative, and held a fire sale to get rid of these bums(coaches and players)"? Thankfully, Terry does not fall prey to people who can only profit through manufactured problems. I think it's rather cool and somewhat useful that while far from official, Vegas serves as in essence the closest we have to an off-season scoreboard. Obviously, unlike in politics(other than very infrequent elections(assuming you believe in their integrity even), the public/sharps can at any time speak their disagreement and apply corrective measures. Vegas will do it's own adjustments as things change in the off-season. Among the haters on here, I'd wager money they are rooting hard for the Bills odds to get worse for whatever reason, because this in essence destroys their overall narration of d*mnation of the Bills team/organization. I appreciate you, keep up the good work!
  8. If anyone cares, MMA(UFC 282:Błachowicz vs Ankalaev) and boxing (Wilder vs Fury I, though to a somewhat lesser amount) are events that for me personally question whether they are "influenced. The former seems blatant, 1 component of the latter seems other-worldly, followed by the next component more similar but possibly less blatant than the first. I still urge anyone who likes boxing at all and who is not familiar with the outcome to watch that match. Taken at face value, it was one of the most amazing performances I've seen in sport, something a parent could teach children multiple lessons from. Away from the thread subject and piggybacking on that last sentence, one of my final experiences with @junglesouljah [pbuh] was watching UFC 237. The main event featured Rose Namajunas and Jéssica Andrade, and gave me a deep appreciation of female athletes, in the UFC in particular. In my opinion, a parent could use that match to impart at least one life lesson to a child, if they wished to. It's part of my inspiration to subjecting myself to in-game spiritual warfare in the shoutbox, which I just realized I now have to decide if I am finally going to retire from, as I announced a few years ago(unrelated to sports entertainment) that being a sports fan would seemingly weaken one's inner being, if you consider the "as above, so below" model.. Being a "fan" is not logical. (that message is something seemingly lost by some of the sports analysts on here that espouse almost nothing but derision towards the team they allege to be fans of. I think a conclusive essay could be written about why such are not fans, even if they are the purposeful trolls who clearly are not fans. A good sports writer could write an excellent article on the subject, however it would work against the existence of their profession, at least in the current prevailing business model). I think even as adult fans or just people in general, that bout may be useful for examining our own word usage and thought processes when using things like "deserved to win"/"should have won". If it helps anyone see why I sometimes seem "really into" whatever, you can see I'm often relating to more than just the face sporting event, and acknowledge at times my focus on the actual words becomes more important than what someone possibly intended.
  9. @jamsim67 some folks believe some unfounded things about me. Changing belief systems, it has been written, can be seemed as a form of psyhcologcal violence or terrorism. It's probably more so for those with a more rigid approach. When I recall this, I like to take a step back for a moment, at least. Between you and I, the establishment class has taken great effort to work the NFL into culture(as a marketing, conditioning, governing tool). I don't think even TWD is in reality as uncaring as he sometimes teens to want to look, so what I am asking both rhetorically and looking for answers is "what, if anything, is necessary to abandon if one concludes NFL games at least at times "influenced" by things outside of the game? I don't know that I come up with anything immediately. Also between you and I, can we agree that it is more organic/natural than establishment politics/media? While I may not be an expert on pornography, it seems there is a market for that which is amateur, even to the point some will be marketed as such when it is in fact not. Considering WHY such a market exists may be a key to understanding matters related to the belief in organic NFL/politics/media, etc. It seems clear there is a strong psychological and possibly even psychosomatic element in play. With a percentage of folks, such talk is likely counterproductive to spreading truth(think Alex Jones effect), and either way it is not my intention(and I do not believe yours) to bother folks the way deicated/systemic trolls on here do with their ongoing, pragmatic(sickeningly, IMO) campaigns. Observe some of them, and consider if we wish to even unintenionally have that effect on some. This is a large portion of why I stayed away over a year(though I will admit the initial reason was less pure and a personal reaction to something that happened). I think ut's probbaly useful to periodically with any message recall why we are sharing it. If it ever becomes tainted by the ego, I think the risk increases of having an outcome different, or even the opposite of our intention. With TrueTerrorist systemically trying to defame those who give light to "occulted" truth, I'd prefer not to give he/she reason to believe his/her words are anything other than the intended defamation they are. I'd guess your name is less defamed than mine on here, and has greater potential for good, and would prefer you maintain it. I can be satisfied quietly living vicariously through your deeds. As such, I'd probably be wise to stop agreeing with you(it sucks to have such a realization, especially having typed this much, "lol". Ugggh, I should get off of here ans stop using this to blunt the effects of what we've allowed our societies to become. I am not a role model.
  10. Taken in isolation, each of the many events is much easier to write off. It's this way in much of life, and what those in power want you to do. I've benefited from the reminders from Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (inventor of e-mail[at age 14!!], scientist, etc) and his focus on "systems" approach rather than looking at things in isolation.. (SIDE NOTE about special guest to my post): BTW, the "Twitter Bombshells"?? Dr Shiva took the government and Twitter to court over election fraud, and gave Tucker Carlson and several others this information 2 years ago....and it was not reported until recently, apparently in some last ditch mitigation attempt that distracts from the main point that the backdoor portal is still open and and Musk is waiting on Elizabeth Warren to make it legal. In short, the media does not care about you, and is entertainment and distraction, what theyre allowed/directed to tell you. I suppose for most casual fans who follow only one team that it's easier not to notice the tomfoolery league-wide over the season, but for others I encourage you not to take all of the growing number of anomolies as isolated events as you make your own internal evaluations. Look, I still enjoy the NFL I do not know or claim it is AS rigged as wrestling(despite same legal definition) or establishment politics(or other "reality" TV shows), but either way you can continue to be entertained by it, and without shame, without having to compromise your integrity to prop up a monolith that mints double digit billions per year. For any governed by the opinions of others, it would seem logical you have more to lose by denying all "influence" and believing everything at face than by silently admitting you were entertained by something that was not pure. *I will try to find that video entitled something like "Stephen A goes off on Green Bay", but wasn't successful last I tried. I just realized date was likely either 10/28 or 10/31/22 for any interested with better youtube sear3ch skills than myself.
  11. I recall the coronation, even the preview a week ahead when a video was played of the flaming Beck playing Neil Young's "Old Man"("hey old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you"). I recall at the time trying to get folks to take notice that they went to such efforts to market this, and Collinsworth or whomever talking about the greatest of one era going against the greatest of the current era.....and it being early enough in the season where JFA and the Bills were still heavy SB favorites. RELATED: recall coming into this season, Aaron Rodgers was back to back reigning MVP. Something needed to be done(also recall the BIZARRE BILLS game where Von Miller said he eventually jokingly asked Rodgers if he was ever going to pass[in an obvious passing situation, trailing by a lot in the 2nd half]). Take that into account when seeing Halloween-weekend video (something like)"Stephen A goes off on Green Bay GM" (for purposefully hamstringing the 2 time reigning MVP)....it was actually the apparently falsely accused/BANNED Michael Irvin, whose "costume" was "Stephen A", which the parody of allowed him to say this on TV. I have not before or since seen ONE mention of this by ANYONE(including comments or message boards, not even TWD lol), even though it was one of the oddities I had noted this season that really bothered me. I also recall wondering how TB12 felt about the NFL's choice of marketing, calling him an old man, and in my opinion saying his time was done(they needed him to advertise 1 specific thing unique to last season, and now they were done with him and letting him know so, as I saw it then. I feel even more solid about my assessment now, FWIW). Even if NFL/Mahomes apologists want to overlook tonight, can they with a straight face overlook it in combination to the end of the game that got KC there? Or even the end of that game itself, that caused #nflrigged to trend on Twitter and the making of numerous videos talking about the subject(and Goodell even being forced to address it, as I predicted!! Had no idea his reply would be so brazen, though)? I half-joked earlier that some would less begrudgingly admit Gov Ventura and many others were telling the truth and the establishment portion of the establishment parties were for the most part an act that worked together for the moneyed interests that got/kept them there and that their vote was a meaningless joke to appease the simple(and an excuse that allows anything to happen), than they could admit the NFL was rigged now(even allowing the fact the legal definition was changed recently, and it could have been face value previously). I might have tried to fit too much into one sentence to try to get folks to consider as much of what's involved as possible, but do you think it's at all plausible some fans might care more about the latter than the former? Does the fact some on here prefer only to observe the latter and have to former kept out of their site lend any credence to that possibility in some? I'd like to avoid any and all judgment until plausibility for my half joke can be established, but if it can, society might benefit from some self reflection over the implications of such. I certainly think it's not only plausible, but likely, because even if politics were not rigged entertainment/distraction, many still feel their vote is a relatively worthless measure in terms of giving them a voice in relation to those who rule over them.
  12. With the Bergeron pick(I seem to recall he is someone with 4 years playing experience?), do you see him as a very solid swing T for now, and a backup plan if either current T doesn't live up to previous ability and hopefully possible replacement for Dawkins? In the recap post I've kind of outlined offline, I had intent to go into detail why I really hope Brown works out. I'd doubt GMBB would toss him asunder as some on here and elsewhere would like, but stranger things have happened in the past.
  13. Without your assumptions, this would have not been the most popular on here. I am glad to see we are past the denying of the cap space that can be made available with restructures. I am not overly familiar with Risner's play, but sem to recall his name used in good terms from having heard it. The write up I recently saw about Mauch made him look like the type of guy I'd really enjoy seeing on the team as well. That mock on Mauch had him selected in the first round, but I'm curious if you think there's a chance he could be had in the 2nd, even if it required trading back up?(as things currently stand, as we know how much even big name folks can drop on draft day to the surprise of most). IIRC, Mauch had moved multiple positions inward on the line, slightly resembling Brown. Though the write up said he didn't do the best at it in the Senior Bowl, I think it mentioned the Bills seem to appreciate guys who have played other positions on the OL. The no front teeth and flowing ginger hair are things I like as a person, maybe hints at the type of inner being he possesses and the attitude he can contribute. Anyhow, here's to hoping that the unsuccessful attempt of last season and the focus it has created will inspire Beane to go even bigger, though I appreciate a large part of JFA's appeal is the magic created when the protection is not sufficient. Either way I appreciate this post and hope I don't come off as being to hard on your posts, and truly appreciated the surprise appearance of Old CL earlier today!!
  14. This. Give JA time and see guys become weapons like Big Game Gabe in the KC game last year, or even TD Jesus Kumerow on a highlight reel pass from JFA17 vs Broncos in his only attempt of that season. Nick Wright was correct about KC ditching weapons while others were buying. But I caution against the OL trolling and will in advance say all the OL discussion pre-season can be bumped. The injuries to Saffold and Brown preseason could have had an impact, and I do not claim to know how much. Folks were understandably hyped on Kromer's return as well. By adding 1 quality beef in the middle alone(and hopefully grooming Morse's eventual replacement, maybe a guy who can play at OG for now if needed), I think this can be a strong unit, though I won't care to compare to the Eagles Enjoyed finally watching Hurts, appreciate Mahomes' injury-ridden heroics, but unapologetically a fan of the Bills and JFA17! Glad to see the NFL having good QBs to replace the last guard who are/were retiring. The NFL will have to promote others besides Mahomes, if they wish to maximize profits. For that reason, I am quite interested on reading why TWD said Bills will appear next season, and will note early on he correctly said they would not appeat this season, despite THE MEDIA constantly pumping them as favorites(folks who were bitter at that might want to use logic and aim the hatred towards those who DID IT, not at the team or fans who had nothing to do with it). FWIW, the same oligarchs who control gambling control the media as well. It might be worth remembering for any who gamble, or consideration when trying to have a fuller understanding of how the machine operates.
  15. I think THIS may have been the NW vid I watched that DESTROYED your weapons narrative. Nick was right!! lol!! PS no idea why you claim to HATE the guy when I sincerely thought you loved him, being your constant promotoion(and me finally watching one) Nick Wright is the ONLY reason I knew the guy from Adam! I would not know or care who he was otherwise. Seriously, are you sure you hate him when youre the one who promoted him and his narrative so much until he turned on you and trashed your entire campaign in this video? :) BTW, good job Nick, even though your actual pick (49ers) failed.
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