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  1. I don't think either of these songs are actually on the list I made(at least the last one), but sticking with AIC here is a very different song from their catalog. Hopefully no explanation needed how it relates, but it also fits anyone who is on here a lot as "dos box" used to refer to micro**** computers, I assumed as a mockery. :) Being some ****tube videos/users have been banned, made private, etc, I may as well label for posterity. Alice In Chains: Man In The Box (takes on a whole new meaning if youve seen the EPIC film "The Prestige". Layne here reminds me of someone(who I found out is musically talented as well), and both remind me of happier times and more decent people. (i think I have to paste it and refresh it once I return it from the FOSS(Invidious) to the tracker-laden native bleeptube address. I'm guessing the autostuff is limited to the big tech oligarchy if board software is left at default settings? I know some board software like XenForo allow Vimeo and a slew of stuff, but I'll avoid the FOSS front-ends anyhow as they often are killed by limits on daily API use at present)
  2. I had over 100 songs on a list I was preparing to make last over time. The humor or whatever relation may not be as good now, and plus with the disturbing news I read when I went to a thread due to seeing the latest poster being a long lost legend, I am still processing how I feel, especially in relation to the gruesome details that are right out of a "theory" on this very topic. Anyhow, I'm sticking with the theme of the lockdown or the alleged reason for them(health), easily connected to the song, preferably the title(which some posters like downandout and spikedlemonade didn't seem to get, and/or just held no regard for staying on topic(and in d&o's case, was very uncreative when doing so, also in opposition to the theme). No need to move to nebulous/esoteric connections yet. This is tribute to those in nations in lockdown, and also in case the home nation of most Rangers enters it again for any reason that some may not foresee, such as riots for food shortages, etc This song works both for staying at home, and also was kind of my theme for not posting on the internet for so long, and my continued limited posting(preventing the low hanging fruit reply to the title). Read in the comments Layne Staley has been dead for 20 years now...I had no idea it had been that long! I found out when actually working with a security clearance in Waikiki Beach to help screen the future screeners(that's for you hipkat, for demanding I share more personal information, and I figured you'd prefer a regret) Not seeming to embed on it's own for me. Apparently I am out of practice lol (EDIT:I think I figured out why, mentioned in next post) https://youtube.com/watch?v=ODTv9Lt5WYs
  3. I jacked the title from a search list from one on the search list, when I realized it may make those not familiar more curious than including the player's name as I was about to. I suppose I can give a hint that he must have taken his "face of the organization" self-proclamation seriously? Anyhow, in a time when the world is perilously close to fully implementing the writings of dystopian authors as blueprints and making them look like prophets(as opposed to the truth of them being too optimistic, assuming society would install safeguards against such), it's refreshing to see something uplifting....including the song they chose, which I have always rather enjoyed. ****, I may have a show I actually feel like watching now. I haven't been known to read replies since returning, but let your fellow Rangers know your opinion on the performance. As a non-expert, I enjoyed it! (I don't recall if I'm supposed to do anything to get things to embed. I did already change it back to Twatter from the privacy-respecting/open source Nitter link I get from the LibRe-direct extension I use when clicking on social media crap II see in Bills articles) https://twitter.com/AGT/status/1536891393355894784#m https://twitter.com/AGT/status/1536891393355894784#m
  4. Thanks for posting this, @HipKat(congrats on your mod status too). I had read it at BR, but don't have an account there(refused to get one with their censorship, and one-sidedness on replies allowed about 1 certain Bills player), and wanted to post that this was a guy I'm rooting for. I'm not sure if anyone(including you) bothered to read this(and I wouldn't blame folks lol), but check out the parts I highlighted. To honor Jungle, I'll say this looks like a player who may at some point have a future if he can be "coached up". Plus, some folks may recall I like certain names(the new camp OL just reminded me of an old one I liked), and this guy's might not even need Daryl to call him by his twitter name. Heck, his work ethic seems so strong that he may not even have a stupid twitter handle!
  5. I wanted to post this even if folks see it after his special day. I imagine this guy holds a special place in the memories of many on here, like he does with me. Rather than posting in threads with people being bitter(plenty of time later, I suppose), it feels nice to remember the admonishment in @daryls61's sig and the great moments Bruce Smith contributed to Bills fans(though I had to ignore the propaganda Twatter makes sure to list on the side). Even if he had a statue those dishonest people in our society wanted to tear down like they do with other inspirational men(maybe someday a woman[or whatever the + stands for] will have the honor of being the first to be have a statue torn down), they couldn't take away the joy this fellow brought to my Sundays. Instead of the endless bickering about NE's goats, it feels nice to post about the Bills' GOAT. Say his name you sons of bitches! Say his name!!! Bruuuuuuuce!!! I'm not sure if the Bills will ever have a better SI cover, other than any cover declaring them Super Bowl champions.
  6. The good is that his spot isn't lost during the suspension, nor is he paid, so there's no reason to cut him before the season unless they find an upgrade. He's a special teams guy, but I'm not aware how well he plays. I guess he played about 2/3's of the kick snaps last year. It's a shame the establishment interferes with the NFL and forces the ban in the first place(same with cannabis), or else these issues would never exist and people could choose what works best with them. Of course that would be nice in real life too. I'm trying to remember, but I think it used to be that way in both scenarios mentioned(certainly was in the latter before Harry Ass-slingers career of banning things and making your choices for you...and adding to the national debt and caging the highest percentage AND total number of inhabitants of any government in the world, including India and Communist China™, who have populations of over 1 billion each. But like any racket, it makes a small percentage of people more wealthy and powerful, and it's arbitrary nature is one way it was part of "cancel culture" long before that term was ever coined). TL;DR: The NFL is programming your subconscious to devalue freedom, and support arbitrary losses of liberty, so long as your entertainment is not interrupted, as mentioned in the epic film, Gladiator. The NFL has played a significant role on the overthrow and occupation of this once great republic. Of course no talking head ever told you that before, so you may not be capable of even considering it seriously. The US has been at war on many fronts since before any of us were born into this life, and more folks are starting to recognize a greater number of them on their own which is encouraging. Is there enough time left on the clock though? With food shortages, hyperinflation, and a hacking false flag to shut down the internet being advertised well in advance, I'm hoping the Bills win a Super Bowl this season because not much is guaranteed anymore. And then there's also the issue of the magic protection against cardiac arrest that the gods of this world have granted these marketing tools. I'd imagine non-Americans who understand probably may have taken notice of this bizarre phenomenon before me, but if they have, I haven't read about it. But yeah, this guy is the "stupid" one that draws anger. The families of all those other athletes may disagree. "Americans won't believe anything until they see it on television." --Richard Nixon (This board is a library of support for that observation, evidence for aliens in the future to give our civilization an autopsy) "It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."--George Carlin
  7. Lit is mocking Belichick? Maybe I need to get drunk to figure out this place.....last night Daryls melted down worse than the Pats fans, and Sean was as cool as Clint Bleeping Eastwood. It's really making me consider Plato's statement that the only thing he could be sure of is his own existence. Heck, I can one up him after reading Sam Harris's(yes JC, he's a member) book on free will. Maybe the end isn't nigh, maybe I am already in purgatory for some past life karma. Maybe I used to be a member myself. Hell, wikipedia even listed Constantine's origin for all to see, which is not in line with their usual MO. If this season can outdo the last one, Daryl is going to have to say "buck;le up" a lot lol
  8. I just erased a post I spent(I don't want to say how long on) lashing out at chicken hawks, because the timing did not seem right. Can the cut and paste only pasted the photo links I used. It started off when I made an observation that I found humorous(many may not), about a NY Team having a mascot that to many cult members still represents a symbol of mass destruction. I was contemplating whether to post it, then I saw a post wit Josh Rosen in it, and to me it was a clear sign to post, much like the article @flan posted about Levi Wallace quickly getting a sign when he asked for one. I ranked 9/11 the 2nd greatest sacred/cash cow, and then said at least you can't be jailed for pointing out the ridiculous amount of holes conspiracy theorists and the ridiculous amount of coincidences that also require said folks to be an ultra coincidence theorist at the same time as believing and one of the most implausible conspiracy theories I've ever studied, and I've studied many of them. I think the families of the victims deserve a proper investigation. Building 7, the 3rd such building in the history of man to collapse from a fire, and it was not hit by a NY Jet. And I also asked why no so called patriots give 2 shits about the brutal attack on the USS Liberty. I also said I'd team up with anyone who wished to free minds from cults or any type of attachment, if they were willing to do so in a non-hateful manner, Awhile back I said I had returned for purposes of measure, and although it isn't what I meant, I recall being impressed with @212frawk's Captain Caveman shtick and the observations he made one arguably the biggest issue for many voters. Anyhow, I'll endorse anyone working to free people from abuse, as long as they aren't adding to the abuse of the poor SOBs. Jimi Hendrix's version of the great J-A songwriter Bob ~Dylan's classic "All Along THe Watchttower" has been my favorite song lately, and the line "let us not talk falsely now, for the hour is getting laaaaate" has been haunting me....reminding me of the end of Saving Private Ryan. I almost moved to Florida, but what I discovered (on top of reservations about Desantis I was willing to overlook due to the net positives h) was so insidious that if I hang around here, I will not let it stay hidden. Some haters may not like me saying this, but in a number of topics TWD is correct about things being the literal opposite of what you're told, but of course I am not sure if I've ever seen him mention the topics I'm talking about. Frawk, I'm willing to pretend to be a TDS victim for a time if you will bring Captain Caveman out of retirement and use your powers for good. Call me odd, but I see these frauds as potentially more harmful to whatever measure we have remaining of liberty than the openly flaming/subversive, being patriotic folk won't be lulled into a false sense of security by them. Seriously, would anyone else actually like to accomplish something of measure other than whatever feeling constantly insulting the other side of the same coin gives you? I'm kind of surprised that those who tend to come off as hateful and subversive haven't used street etimology more(if at all). There's a reason HCSM had his version of the money changers in the temple moment when he saw the media as promoting idolatry with their fellating of the genius of BB when he literally followed the only strategy his offense was capable of. For those like AB familiar with Constantine, you may wish to look up his origins and see if you can figure out what his objective was.. Anyhow, I've been nodding off, so if any sentences seem strange(er than you usually perceive them), that's like;y why. After free agency and 1 round of the draft, Bills still have the best odds to win the Superbowl. TB still at #2, despite the abrupt departure of Bruce Arians.
  9. This guy's an American for sure. Eiither doesn't learn from history(Jalen Ramsey), or is completely ignorant of it. Seems to have the opposite demeanor of GM Brandon Beane's pick. Someone has to come up with a wing joke for him, but for now I'll just stick with wondering if his mom was a fan of G-Love:
  10. 1)Although the article is a small sample, I get the feeling that in addition to his skills, he is a true "process" guy, and seems to have a bit of "Josh Allen" in him, wanting to win and not settle for moral victories. The more the Bills can get that in their locker room, the more synergy and wins they will have. Article says he's not a big media talker, so no "diva" element to deal with. I'm not familiar with him as a player, but I already like he sounds as a person, and teammate. 2)Size - I can see times when that size would work well against guys like Kelce, slowing him down off the line. 3 Dad and uncle NFL players, so no parasite agent needed. Keep all your money or keep it in the family at least. I very much doubt the Bills are going to complain about one less agent to deal with. I don't know how he will turn out, but GM Brandon Beane's logic seems solid to me. .....and wow, shortly after typing that clown Kelce's name, he's now on the tv lol EDIT: If the moaning in the shoutbox was correct about him being raw, then the article I mentioned earlier about Beane not going for the immediate fix(like a junkie), but a good football player that will hep with the sustainability of the team was correct. Again, based on that shoutbox analysis, it sounded like he has a higher ceiling whiles others might be more immediately ready If that's the case, I like that investment strategy.
  11. Caution/spoiler: the prologue and small 1st paragraph contain quick mentions of real life matters, though intended with subtle humor such as the tip of the cap to the OP's arbitrary bump reasons. Also, the final paragraph is some sincere wisdom I learned from Chuck Schumer that can help some of the folks who get really riled during drafts. (coincidentally but later partly in honor the other thread of the sh*tbox's 2 namesakes, I was listening to Rush, from that author's homeland. It helped me in "Finding My Way" to the proper place to reintegrate for a bit here during round 1. Was surprised to see @daryls61get stoked for Anthem of all songs, being they have such a library. BTW, Trailer Park Boys did a live[not animated] season "TPB: Jail", for those not aware...more Canada tribute from me, though like in the country [EU] of another Range member, I could be imprisoned for factual things I've said on here. As I've said for years, I am not using Astral Projection/Akashic Records, etc, to see the future for things like that....one need only look at other so-called "first world/developed" nations. I could go on, but after the next 2 sentences, all light-natured entertainment) Bump for the ongoing liberation of Ukraine from 8 years of brutal occupation, particularly in Donbass. I wish Russel' "Texas" Bentley would return home afterwards and do the same here. He had me considering doing the same for awhile. If only someone would do the same for the US. Anyhow, on to "important" matters, I also did a "first and only" offseason prognostication(not mock, I've tried to limit mockery on here, for a time). I can see where Spike was going, and might have predated his mock with assessing DT(1 tech, not the upgrade in rotation with Oliver) as the position the Bills could get the greatest benefit with the proper upgrade. Of course that was before they let Wallace go(props to @Flan about that post about the sign from G*d he got, life is full of those type of things for the observant, whether one is religious or not). Anyhow, to recap, look at the final 4 teams in the playoffs and compare their secondary to ours. I also figured a DT upgrade(via draft or FA) could likely raise the level of play from Ed Oliver, and as astute members like @Zan186have pointed out, Edmunds. I like the guy, and partly for that reason, I think both for him and the team, a trade might be the best thing. This particular defense is not a natural fit for him, and he'd likely be one of the Bills who had a jump in play on their next team. The media sure loves the guy, and to repeat he has a lot of experience for someone who remarkably is still only 23. I'd reckon at least some other GMs put a higher value on him than some Bills fans here or elsewhere. Having seen @SpikedLemonade's thread, and with the bulk of FA done, (and Jordan Davis now gone), I'm not sure how likely that is. Man, he sounds like a real "process"/culture guy too. Anyow, I don't claim to know what Beane will do, but after my initial year or 2 of disappointment, I find him "solid" as a GM overall, and especially have gratitude for his being "fluid" and continually being willing to trade up or down, generally going BPA for a "good football player" rather than needs, while also taking "swings" for the seats on occasion(pick 1 and 3 last season, IMO). One more thing, as much as the running game could use help, a 1st round pick would seem a luxury pick, even at 25 compared to the NYG at 3 recently. Would love to see a warrior at IOL drafted, though I'd not likely to lose bowel control. I found from a Yiddish saying Chuck Schumer once opened an AIPAC(American Israel Public Affairs Committee) speech with a joke about being asked if he wanted makeup before the speech that had the Yiddish term "gornish helfn", which basically means there's nothing that can be done(and in his joke's sense, more of a "beyond help"). Or for any anti-Yiddites, in English serenity prayer they have in those meetings for drunks is similar. You can't change your other TV entertainment, right? Besides, iIt's a lot easier to "trust the process" of One Bills Drive than most of whatever else the TV tries to sell us. GO BILLS!!!! .
  12. Yeah, that's kind of what I had read while searching from that fist-pumping .gif of Buddy Nix after Denver's announcement of Von Miller as their pick. I'm guessing that list(and order) was announced after the draft? Either way, the order seems odd considering that legendary fist pump .gif that's likely on one of my old hard drives. Von Miller, always came across to me as being a good person, as well as a player(despite some legal troubles a year or 2 ago, which I'm not familiar with. Probably best I get that out of the way before someone who wants to be miserable brings it up). For my atypical angle, I want to point out both players rock atypical hats: https://postimg.cc/K48QDpJJ https://postimg.cc/rDrftdQT @Crazy Legs While I'm at it, I want to make sure to show my appreciation for your scouting and other input while I still have the opportunity. Especially with @junglesouljahgone, I appreciate folks sharing their scouting knowledge with folks like me who don't have it in them to keep up with that anymore. If it's really true that Von Miller came to the Bills because he wanted to play with Josh Allen(I think Sack posted a tweet, either way, here is a short blurb about the Bills having what the Patriots used to have: https://www.masslive.com/patriots/2022/03/von-miller-signed-with-bills-because-of-josh-allen-report.html ), it's possible that Josh's fire(sounds like I'm talking about a Greek god...or St Elmo's Fire lol) could reinvigorate him even more than otherwise. It's not exactly every day that you hear a defensive star say that they went to a team because of the QB(regardless if folks believe it or not).
  13. I came back specifically for this thread(from the Shoutbox eearlier, it seemed @Herodotus already covered that the Western media is not telling the truth about Russia preventing the Ukranian invasion of Donbass, after the 8 years of shelling they've endured, so no need for me), but it looks like Sean and others have already steered it off topic. I spent longer than I want to say looking for a .gif of Buddy Nix with the famous(infamous?) fist pump after the Broncos selected Von Miller #2 in the draft, meaning he could select Marcel Dareus. :) If Denver had selected Dareus as expected(as I read in some articles on that draft while looking), there is a chance the Bills would have had Von Miller in his prime. Anyhow, I wanted folks to compare the 2 GM's feelings about Miller.
  14. From that twatter feed, the majority of Pats fans replying appear to be in full meltdown mode, maybe worse than Sean. One of them posted this (unsure why it isn't uploading properly, or why when I try to insert by link the button doesn't click. Oh well, it's BB asleep on a train with (his wife?) sleeping on his lap). I suppose I can try the twatter link:
  15. I've been making a bit of sport of @seandelevan, because long ago I figured out it actually helps him feel better, and he likely is in withdrawal with the Bills viewed well, and actually BIG CO-FAVORITES TO WIN IT ALL IN 2023. https://www.covers.com/nfl/super-bowl-2023-odds-released That said, it isn't in my nature to continually make sure he receives his requested dose of masochism(actually, I'm confused now what is being mean or nice to the SOB, being he craves abuse! SOB is about to push me over the edge and drive me to drink). I've been there, so I don't want to be be mean to the sad sack....so with some effort, I have returned with this to make him happy/(due to misery?). (hopefully it formats correctly. The 4 names/links to the mock are under the ***tube video. Maybe @BertSquirtgum or @SpikedLemonade can contribute by reminding me what they said about the first female title belt holder in this computer model category. Speaking of which, that reminds me of what inspired my custom title....Does anyone remember the Range's "First homosexual black NFL Insider", and/or his screen name?!?!? He wasn't around terribly long, but when I saw that title in his signature(and/or he announced it in the Shoutbox, I don't currently recall for certain), I found it original and amusing. He also was stylish, reminded me a bit of GM Doug Whaley's fashion sense. I wish there was some sort of Hall of Fame minor entries for briefly shining stars who burnt out and disappeared quickly, that kept a record of these folks in case the board ever loses data again. Anyone else with me?!? I'm trying to at least occasionally provide semi-unique entertainment here. Short of unearthing @HURLS(RIP), I dont know how much more I can do. @NukeCan probably appreciate the Dillemma faced by Andy Kaufman, a true pioneer/legend, but as I've hinted, like the official Andy Story, I may not have to do any tomfoolery if I am not properly prepared. I wont be able to update anyone on something like that though. I have no idea who in real life has any ill will toward me, and I haven't been reporting about the usual suspects. Anyhow, I had to give this to Sean and see if he finds the selection of 4 picks worthy of misery. Skip to main content LA CIN SUN 11:30 PM News Scores Schedule Videos Teams Players Stats Standings Super Bowl Game Pass NFL Network Fantasy Tickets Shop Sign In News Home Podcasts Injuries Transactions NFL Writers Series Mock Draft Cynthia Frelund 2022 NFL mock draft 1.0: Who teams should pick to win now Published: Feb 11, 2022 at 12:40 PM Cynthia Frelund NFL Network Analytics Expert Kenny Pickett discusses Senior Bowl experience, why he should be first QB selected 00:00 00:00 Frelund Mock 1.0 Zierlein 1.0 Brooks 1.0 Jeremiah 1.0 I always do my mock drafts a little differently from the traditional method, in that my team-prospect pairings are based on optimizing for wins in the upcoming season -- in a structured way. Here's a quick look at my process: I take the best available information about free agency, which right now is admittedly not much more than what we know about player contracts, to predict players' market value. I then check free agents' projected market value against the anticipated salary-cap space for each team. Finally, I add potential free agents or drafted players to different teams and identify which individuals increase teams' projected win total the most. (My player model leverages historical pre-draft player data to forecast NFL performance.) This year, I'm starting this process a little earlier than I normally do, which is cool because I am excited to track how things change with free agency and as the draft process evolves. A little housekeeping: I used computer vision-derived measurements and stats in my player evaluations, and all of my speed, burst and advance tracking notes are based on on-field game speed metrics. NOTE: The order for the final two spots below will be determined by the outcome of Super Bowl LVI. Pick 1 Jacksonville Jaguars Evan Neal Alabama · OT · Junior Should the Jags re-sign tackle Cam Robinson, pretty much this entire mock would change. The Jags have many needs to fill, so this pick reflects a strategy of not overspending on the pricey tackle. My player model loves Neal. First, he has experience at both left and right tackle and at left guard. He has excellent response rates against both bull and speed rushes (top 10 percentile among tackles in a 10-season sample). This response rate, which is how long it takes to get his hips in front of each type of rush, is even more impressive given his size (he should measure nearly 6-foot-7 and closer to 350 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine). Typically, top-performing bigger tackles rank in the top 25 percentile in response rate. His impressive college résumé, headlined by a national title and All-America honors, also includes just 22 pressures allowed over the past two seasons, per PFF. Pick 2 Detroit Lions Aidan Hutchinson Michigan · DE · Senior I’d put the chances proud Michigan alum Rich Eisen brings up Hutchinson's 15 pressures in the Wolverines' win over Ohio State on draft day at 99 percent. Hutchinson's burst (velocity off the line of scrimmage over three yards traveled) rates in the top 14 percent, and his ability to change direction and move inside on a tackle ranks in the top 15 percent in my 10-season sample. His run-stopping results in college also rate in the top 25 percentile at the position. Pick 3 Houston Texans Kayvon Thibodeaux Oregon · Edge · Junior Thibodeaux was used in various pre-snap alignments at Oregon and managed to earn 46 pressures, per PFF, despite not always being in the alignment that forecasts for the most pressures. Computer vision shows that his burst velocity ranks in the top 11 percent. Pick 4 New York Jets Sauce Gardner Cincinnati · CB · Junior My colleague Daniel Jeremiah likens Gardner to Antonio Cromartie, who became a four-time Pro Bowler after coming out of FSU, and the comp holds well. Change-of-direction speeds for the two corners were in the 90th percentile, while DB body control (factors in efficient change of direction when moving toward the ball) ranked in the top 89th. Gardner’s pursuit speed (speed to tackle) was also a strength (top 85th percentile). Pick 5 New York Giants Ikem Ekwonu N.C. State · OT · Junior Pro Football Focus loves what Ekwonu did in N.C. State's run-blocking game, counting 18 big-time blocks this past season -- seven more than the next closest guy. He also has experience playing both left tackle and left guard. Not only would Daniel Jones appreciate this pick, but so would Saquon Barkley (which also helps Jones). Pick 6 Carolina Panthers Kyle Hamilton Notre Dame · S · Junior I fully expect this one to be a subject of some texts/tweets. This pick provides a peek into how my model deals with strategy: The current team. Jeremy Chinn is nasty. The corners are healthier … Jaycee Horn will be back from injury and my model forecasts him living up to his eighth overall selection, and A.J. Bouye is slated to return from injury, too, which creates the opportunity to not have to overpay at that position. The situation. The Panthers need to overhaul their O-line. But there are many ways to do this, and free agency (ahem, money) and later-round picks have a combined higher probability of yielding more favorable results for next season than using this pick on a lineman. The player. Hamilton has uniquely valuable traits; he should measure in around 6-4, which is tall for the position. He also has top-95th percentile body control from his Notre Dame film, which is evidenced by his versatility to haul in interceptions, break up passes, blitz efficiently and shut down slot receivers. The big-picture strategy. Two-safety shells forecast to be the anecdote to the up-and-coming QB styles (think Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow) and a very useful solution in defending the increasingly seen used-on-passing-downs TEs. Pick 7 New York Giants (via Bears) George Karlaftis Purdue · Edge · Junior Karlaftis’ résumé includes reps aligned over and outside the tackle, which means at his size (he will likely measure around 6-foot-4 at the NFL Scouting Combine) teams will consider how he might be valuable in hybrid fronts and rushing from the inside as well as the outside. His ability to both win after making contact (response win rate) and ability to pressure opposing QBs when they get outside of the pocket rank in the top 88th percentile of the 10-season sample. Pick 8 Atlanta Falcons Garrett Wilson Ohio State · WR · Junior My best guess -- and this is truly a guess -- is that Calvin Ridley will likely not be a Falcon in 2022, which will place an even bigger premium on improving wide receiver play. Wilson is my model's current top-rated receiver (by a razor-thin margin) in part because his route-running precision netted the most separation (each route is factored in) among the draft-eligible receivers. PFF shows that when he was targeted, his QB's passer rating was 141.7. He also had a top 95th percentile rating in fatigue, which means the rate at which he lost speed in the fourth quarter compared to the first registered as elite. Pick 9 Denver Broncos Devin Lloyd Utah · LB · Senior (RS) Could I have put a QB here? Sure. But I believe, heading into Super Bowl LVI, that Denver will be a big player in the veteran QB market. My model also doesn't believe that any of the draft-eligible QBs are prudent picks at No. 9 overall (especially in this no-trades-allowed mock). Now that that's out of the way, we can talk about Lloyd, given one of the highest ceilings in this entire class by my model, in large part due to his high production in each of the areas he was asked to handle: blitzing off the edge, coverage, taking on blocks and covering tight ends, among others. Computer vision shows he has elite pursuit (top 90th percentile in ability to get his hips in the right direction toward the ball) on passing plays in zone coverage. Pick 10 New York Jets (via Seahawks) Charles Cross Mississippi State · OT · Sophomore (RS) I realize that Mekhi Becton, the 2020 first-rounder who missed all but one game in 2021 with a knee injury, should be healthy and return to the lineup to try to take the left tackle spot back from George Fant. I also realize that Cross played on the left side at Mississippi State, and that it's not always easy to transition to the right. However, Becton and Fant both have some experience playing on the right, and this O-line needs help. My numbers show that Cross is evolving and has the opportunity to develop into a dominant pass protector. PFF's notes agree, showing that he made a major improvement in pressures allowed from 2020 (44 on 574 pass-protection snaps) to 2021 (16 on 719 snaps). Pick 11 Washington Commanders Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh · QB · Senior (RS) Here it is: my first QB off the board. Pickett is my 23rd-ranked player overall, but that isn't as much of a knock on the QBs as it might seem, since I rarely have a QB ranked higher than 10th in a given year. Positional value drives the pick here. Ability to throw on the run is a huge positive for Pickett; QBs like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have shown the value that this trait can add. Pick 12 Minnesota Vikings Derek Stingley Jr. LSU · CB · Junior There's an elephant in the room here, and it's that Stingley's tape and metrics have gone the wrong way from his 2019 campaign until now, with the corner playing just three games in 2021 due to injury. However, press coverage is a positive in his resume, and his pursuit speed flags in the top 20 percent, per computer vision. PFF counts him as allowing a completion percentage of just 41.1 in his three seasons at LSU. If the Vikings end up naming Ed Donatell their defensive coordinator, Stingley would get excellent tutelage in Minnesota, and his natural attributes could be on full display. Pick 13 Cleveland Browns Drake London USC · WR · Junior I swear I played multiple seasons of the NCAA Football video game (many years ago) with at least three players named Drake London. Did they also have 19 contested catches in only eight games (per PFF)? Were they about 6-5? Did they place in the top 85th percentile in yards after the catch per reception (from both the wide and slot pre-snap alignments, per computer vision)? I can't remember, but I really hope they did. In my mock, the Browns snag this video game-like WR, who could be my top-rated player at the position when the final mock falls. Pick 14 Baltimore Ravens David Ojabo Michigan · Edge · Sophomore (RS) Familiarity with Ojabo's potential does elevate this pairing, as new defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald, who comes over from Michigan, has first-hand knowledge of how to best use Ojabo's skill set. Ojabo's pass-rushing burst ranks in the top 80th percentile, but he was used in a limited fashion -- which means there is room for improvement there. Pick 15 Philadelphia Eagles (via Dolphins) Travon Walker Georgia · Edge · Junior Walker has experience on the outside and inside, as well as with dropping into coverage. His burst speed rates in the top 86th percentile. The ability of the Eagles front to be versatile and multiple fits not only where Walker is now, but also the trajectory for where he could go, which reflects a very high ceiling. Pick 16 Philadelphia Eagles (via Colts) Treylon Burks Arkansas · WR · Junior YAC, running back and Wildcat QB! OK, the Wildcat note is just fun. But Burks' usage on passes of shorter air distance (slants, bubbles and flats), as well as in rushing situations, shows a strong ability to run with the ball in his hands. Considering the buzz generated by 49ers dynamo Deebo Samuel's performance in similar situations, I'm sure we'll hear plenty about this aspect of Burks' game. For me, the most predictive part is his experience and production with the ball in his hands, which would be a big help for Philadelphia. I will be watching some of his deeper receptions as the draft process unfolds, as I don't have much data to evaluate from the full route tree. Pick 17 Los Angeles Chargers Nakobe Dean Georgia · LB · Junior I'm pretty sure I'll get some feedback about this one, as it seems everyone and their sister is mocking a very large DT to the Chargers to help shore up the run. But my models like Dean here. Why? His good run-stopping ability is also complemented by an ability to help shut down opposing tight ends -- and the AFC West has some excellent tight ends to contend with. Dean's forecast for executing blitz concepts is strong, and he ranks in the top 87th percentile in terms of breaking blocks and pursuit speed, especially in the middle of the field. The Chargers have a very special player on the roster in Derwin James, and throwing to the middle of the field would forecast to be a lot harder with both Dean and James on this defense. Pick 18 New Orleans Saints Matt Corral Mississippi · QB · Junior (RS) For an offense that has experience with a QB who is great at designed runs and scrambles, this fit -- Corral had 11 rushing TDs last season at Ole Miss -- creates a lot of value from Day 1. Corral's facility with RPOs will help create opportunities for bigger plays. Now, I would feel a lot better if I knew who the offensive coordinator will be for new coach Dennis Allen, because development is key, but I'm hoping the Saints will go with someone with proven QB experience. Pick 19 Philadelphia Eagles Kenyon Green Texas A&M · G · Junior Green played every O-line position except for center at Texas A&M last season, but my models get heart eyes for him as a guard. If Jason Kelce does not return in 2022, Landon Dickerson could move to center, which is what I programmed into my model. So, voila: a guard it is. Per computer vision, Green ranks in the top 85th percentile among guards in maintaining pocket integrity (in terms of seconds). Pick 20 Pittsburgh Steelers Bernhard Raimann Central Michigan · OT The biggest strategic benefit would be to fill this spot in free agency. But the highest win-share scenario for the Steelers is to add versatility to the O-line in the draft -- especially with this developing talent, who has already flashed high upside and carries markers showing he can play both inside and outside. PFF shows Raimann only allowed 10 pressures on passing downs last season. Pick 21 New England Patriots Jameson Williams Alabama · WR · Junior Williams is tall (listed at 6-2) and fast; per computer vision, his burst (for a WR, this is measured within the first 3 yards traveled past the line of scrimmage) ranked in the top 10 percent of all FBS wideouts last season. His acceleration in pads was also in the top 8 percent. The knock against his inclusion here relates to the win-now premise of this mock, given that Williams tore his ACL in the college football playoff national championship game. Still, without knowing when he'll be back, the deep-threat potential he represents, even if for a playoff run, creates the most value. Pick 22 Las Vegas Raiders Chris Olave Ohio State · WR · Senior Olave ranked in the top 13 percent among all FBS wide receivers last season in both route-running precision and speed. I should note that, in the model I run that shows what's likely to happen based on the drafting tendencies of team brass and coaching staffs, it's tipping defense here (with the Raiders acquiring WRs in free agency). But that's for a different mock. Here, I'm sticking with Olave. Pick 23 Arizona Cardinals Jermaine Johnson II Florida State · Edge · Senior The balance of run-stopping and pass-stopping production drives this fit (Johnson had 12 sacks last season at FSU). His bull rush ranked in the top 15 percent of all edge rushers in FBS last season, and his burst rates in the top 20 percent in the 10-season sample. Pick 24 Dallas Cowboys Dax Hill Michigan · S · Junior The Cowboys have three safeties (Damontae Kazee, Jayron Kearse and Malik Hooker) headed for free agency, and my models love adding Hill to a defense that already includes cornerback Trevon Diggs and linebacker Micah Parsons. Hill has top 88th-percentile speed among safeties in open space. My models really value the ability to play slot corner, as more offenses are leveraging slot receivers, which makes Hill's resume even more exciting: PFF counts six pass breakups and two interceptions for Hill last season, which he spent as a slot defender. Pick 25 Buffalo Bills Trent McDuffie Washington · CB · Junior This would make an already stacked Bills pass defense even scarier. PFF shows McDuffie allowed only 16 receptions in his coverage on 36 targets for 11 yards with no TDs and five pass breakups. Can you imagine McDuffie joining a group that already includes Tre'Davious White, Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer? Pick 26 Tennessee Titans Tyler Linderbaum Iowa · C · Junior (RS) Linderbaum ranks in the top 95th percentile in body control at the center position and maintained winning leverage on run blocks at the best rate in FBS last season. Pick 27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kaiir Elam Florida · CB · Junior This Florida product allowed only 18 catches on 33 targets for 165 yards this season, per PFF, which, in the SEC, is saying a lot. And his size (he should measure around 6-2) should be in the ideal range. PFF has another really cool note here: Elam allowed just eight catches on 210 Cover-1 coverage snaps in his career. Pick 28 Green Bay Packers Devonte Wyatt Georgia · DT · Senior Both Georgia DTs (Wyatt and Jordan Davis) have a lot of value here, but my models give Wyatt the edge, as his burst velocity (in the top 8 percent from the 10-season sample) and change-of-direction speed (top 13 percent) profile with more pro-level upside. Pick 29 Miami Dolphins (via 49ers) Trevor Penning Northern Iowa · OT · Senior (RS) I suspect new Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel is going to make a huge impact on this O-line, not just in terms of reconstructing it but also in terms of getting the right staff in place to teach the fundamentals. Perhaps the run concepts he leveraged in San Francisco will also be a part of this, which is why Penning, who measured 6-7 at the Senior Bowl and has shown exceptional run blocking while at Northern Iowa, would be an excellent addition. Pick 30 Kansas City Chiefs Kyler Gordon Washington · CB · Junior (RS) The ability to play outside and in the slot is an attribute that forecasts well for the Chiefs. In addition to having that skill on his resume, Gordon also boasts speed (top 20 percent for all FBS CBs last season) and strength (watch the goal-line stand against Michigan). NOTE: The order for picks 31-32 will be determined by the outcome of Super Bowl LVI. For now, it is presented based on final regular-season record. Pick 31 Cincinnati Bengals Daniel Faalele Minnesota · OT · Senior I can't wait to see what Faalele, who checked in at 6-8 1/4 inches and 387 pounds at the Senior Bowl, measures at the combine. The Bengals have the offensive weapons to make up for some blemishes along their offensive line, and they'd be well-served to address the unit in free agency. But adding this massive human, who has improved his body control and response speed by about 30 percent from 2019 to 2021 (he didn't play in 2020, and he seemingly has even more room to improve), is a very sound strategy for earning wins in 2022. Pick 32 Detroit Lions (via Rams) Jahan Dotson Penn State · WR · Senior Dotson's versatility as someone who could help in the slot and outside drives his fit here. His ability to accelerate in and out of breaks ranked in the top 15 percent of all FBS receivers. The Lions have a lot of needs to address, and adding a sure-handed pass catcher in the first round would be a cost savings at a top-five value position. PFF shows he dropped only two of his 93 catchable targets last season at Penn State. Follow Cynthia Frelund on Twitter. Related Content See all the Action Replay every game all season. SIGN UP NOW AFC North AFC East AFC South AFC West NFC North NFC East NFC South NFC West Download Apps © 2022 NFL Enterprises LLC. 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