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  1. The oft-maligned running game imposed it's will and controlled the clock not totally unlike the NYG of that first Super Bowl season with Belichick's defense knowing what their intent was at that point....and with Dawkins out, and is replacement injured. With all of those things considered, the Bills made a hell of a statement even if people like Sean, complained all night. Credit to JT, he tried for a decent while and I try to be honorable and not take shit for granted. HipKat took his place and stuck to his guns declaring disataster for as long as the Bills let him. As the team continues to get healthier and seems to be catching their stride as I noted earlier they were likely to in this game, this could once again be the juggernaut that spoiled fans and people looking to see records broken. Even Lil Dirty Mckenzie seemed to have some flashbacks to his breakout game with the Pats.
  2. Sean, career over? He's a.....rookie! coming off an injury
  3. hey whorlnut, instead of making a face, maybe explain what your problem is? It's generally how sincere adults operate, if we wish to understand one another and maybe make what some people call...progress.
  4. @BrewMan any insight on this? This site is filled with fake news and propaganda, so I think we are fortunte to have a true source like you. I meantioned Hipkat was famous enough on one of your boards being someone posted a link of people wishing him a happy bday(no joking, he sounds more well liked there than here, and I am curious what's the deal?!?!) Seriously though, earlier I was mocking how often enough this board would have a thread that division opponent x had some pro bowler missing from their OL and how our DL was going to tear them up, and instead it ended up each time as a straight up loss. Our resident basket cases, as opposed to the drought years, have now startled a thread on how our solid LT Dion Dawkins is out, and they think this makes it impossible for the Bills to win. I am curious if your board is having this sentiment, or if they are somewhat more realistic than these miscreants with any such thread saying the Bills still have a punchers chance, unlike these assfaces?
  5. Brewman(a name after my own heart, though I seem to recall you said it meant something different lol) I'm asking this sincerely as I have not looked into it, but has such a streak vs the same opponent ever been constructed before? Obviously I do not dislike you personally, but I sure as heck would love to see it extended!
  6. How many yards of total offense did JA!17have last game? PS tell me what he and the team need to do tonight so that the bitchers on here will not bitch, I would like to have a goal set. With normal fans it's "just win, baby", but with you guys you place special needs, like maybe some satanic ritual thrown in the celebration.
  7. I'm not really a regular viewer, but the shorthanded stuff at the end, and the final penalty shot really impressed me. Like I said, the former reminded me of a goal line stand....live to fight another day(OT).
  8. It has the Bills in the "who's more worrisome" category, and I don't have a problem with that. Their current numbers have earned it. I don't think that injuries were mentioned, nor a number of other factors such as a similar slump last season, as well as the run game hitting another gear later in the season. Fair article, and maybe worth updating in a few weeks.
  9. Thanks for that info my friend. You also influenced me to his send on my lengthy message, so you may be hero to many(I was done with it anyhow, but saw I had a reply :)). Yeah, I have not really done many props, but I am I suppose exploring what I might be good at, using very minute bets just to get practice. With the live betting, I've come to enjoy it. I guess it was more fun and hooked me when the Bills were a surprise and the spread would keep increasing like that Denver game a few years ago when even Barkley got a TD on his first hand off. :) College hoops, maybe even NFL you also can out think the formula and occasionally spot something particularly late in the game where you know things are going to stop being linear and maybe the trailing team will be allowed to catch up some. Nothing too crazy though, and I often have the spinning circle too long and bet cancelled.....because, well, they can. lol Part of me wants to go semi-large, because I agree with you om the value. Oddly for the narrative of Josh can't play in front of fans(rmember that? lol), the Bills seem ok on the road....at least in NE and KC lately. On the one site I checked who the money was being bet on, I saw 78% of the money on spread bets NE, and 59% of money line money on Buffalo. I used to remember where to find it on another site, and it would be different, so I don't know what tot think, but I'm alsoways happy to absorb new sources if info if you have any you recommend. I've lost a number of bookmarks over the years migrating to different operating systems, etc. Yeah, I was hoping to get it at 3 too, but could we be at the point where the next movement is the other way? Maybe the sharps get some new info or something. Maybe I'll make a smallish wager now. I generally keep it small and do the live thing, but I can undertstand if you're going large how that half point may really be worth it. Best of luck!
  10. I've read the whole thread, but it's been awhile, so I'm unsure if it's been said. If this team runs the tables, the fans are going to break tables!! IIRC, Spencer Brown initiated himself the day he was drafted(made me like him even more), and being I still haven't done it, I might be thinking about it too(preferably not the top ropes of a bus....whichever rookie broke a table by slamming his brother through it gave me the idea they could have a charity drive where fans can donate to have a player do that to them(provided you sign waiver forms that you have no intent of ruining Spiked's so call Owner's Lifestyle™ with lawsuit. Go JS12, go Biils! (PS, if you would mind taking up arms in the Shoutbox militia against the horde of Bills Backers Bashers, the "Light Side" of The Process can use help vs the Dark/Heavy Sides who seem to eagerly seek to spot every shortcoming(often employing the 20/20 vision of hindsight in annoying fashion to mock play calls....the worst being on a 1st down play against the mighty KC in the playoffs for a completion "of only 7 yards"). I honestly have no idea how advanced AI bots are yet, but how can any real fan be that assholish? Same fellow was the one celebrating after Detroit's late score too. Same guy, (NOT @seandelevan, the ingrate who I for some reason keep pointing out low hanging fruit to potentially silence his arch-enemy for his hypocrisy...but anyhow, making sure Sean is not wrongly assumed) declared 2nd qtr vs Cleveland (I'm trying to recall how it started, but in essence "season over") and that it was time to focus solely on the draft! Yes, if you're reading this, I was kind and left your name out, so in return please go for once do what you said!!! Sad part was. @daryls61, who didn't seem wasted or anything, agreed with him!! WTF daryls?!?! Guys, occasional bitching and whining is one thing(I don't mean this to you daryl, just preventing the misleading BS that fellow said of "disagreeing on something", which is not at all my point), but flaming the team you claim to be a fan of for 3 hours is obnoxious. You're accomplishing whatone of the mass media's MAIN tasks is....to keep a relatively constant state of dysphoria, which some folks come here seeking refuge from. It took awhile for me to "get" that, and continues to take effort against some tendencies, but at least I try. What's the sense of banning politics to keep things less emotionally subversive during Bills games if you shit all over someone's favorite team the entire game? People call on Daryls to set an arbitrary time to stop political trolling, maybe he can set an arbitrary percentage of shit talk limit(not that anyone would be measuring but maybe a personal goal for anyone not interntionally trying to keep the environment toxic and morale low? @daryls61, I've supported you defending the Shoutbox from the subversion of Bills Bashers for quite awhile, but during gamesyou were like most Bills WRs not named Davis or Beasley in the so called Greatest Post Season Game ever...non-existent. Remember when you declared the SHoutbox was a safe space for sodomites? Possible for 3 hours per week it cou;d be a semi-safe space for actual Bills fans? lol just a suggestion. I mean other teams have message boards where I imagine constant Bills bashing is encouraged. But one of the very first lessions of THE PROCESS from McDermott was to DEFEND OUR DIRT. @daryls61, you love doing your shtick to @seandelevan all week long over minutia, but shit he says far worse during games when I'd rather be fan during the limited opportunity and not see the Bills subjecteded to extremist analysis with every minute hole in their game probed repeatedly like a perverse alien orgy. At a game or Bills Backers bar these shticks might get one banned, or possibly an ass-kicking. Oddly, some of the more hateful people on "real life" issues not only do no do this, but have enough class to denounce those who do. Nobody is asking anyone to totally clean up their act, hell,. I'm not even asking for a majority of the time! I'm just asking if folks could at least pretend to be a regular farwho is not into a perverse from or sadpmasochism tha requires 80+ percent of your Blls speech to be defmatory. It would be like if @SackMan518 returned because (and I still am still shocked and amused by this) his arch-enemy @HipKat indeed was able to find him and exchange screen names on Fetlife. I mean, I wouldnt care if they talked abut it, possibly even for bits during the game, just not a majority of it. I realize because of the length of this and relative amount of passion I put into it, it may look unhinged to the non-discerning eye, but it's not. I mean I'm putting aside justified beef the hateful who personally troll me and knowing they aren't fans of ultra-negativity against the Bills and asking them to join me to help make the shoutbox semi-decent again. :) maybe something akin fromgetting the raiting down from NC-17 to R? lol(mind you, there's probably 5 of less people this is specificially adressing, but they thenmilk the puss out of the less frequently vocal like whatever was going on in the old verson of Dune! Anyhow, whether or not anyone crosses the picket line to side with my request of a small percentage of mercy or not, I will still be rooting for the Buffalo Bills and will not let your oligarch masters take that from me. I'd rather not have ti figoure out what annoys various people, but judging from the repeptitiive jokes, I am guessing some geniun filibustersmight be fun if I already get defamed when not even around for much less. ;) This is part of the results of divisive/subversive programming, when we can't even unite over something as simple as our team. There used to be more fans during games, but now it's mostly hardcore anal-ysts....like sean used to describe in vivid detail. There's a week in beteen the games for the hyper-anal-ysissies to do their shit.
  11. Part of me wants to get a bit silly and do a milder version of what I did in the playoffs (largest of my life, by far....for what turned out to the The Perfect Game) at -6. This is at -3.5 now for a day or 2, nothing moved on my book any measurable amount(still -110). I'm guessing you may be taking some action if you feel that way? The first small line in ages looks so tempting and yummy....I dont have that feeling I had like when I kept begging follks hete to tell me why the DAL spread was so low vs GB, and lo and behold GB shocks the world and rose from the crypt temporarily to lay the hammer. But part of the reason I may not have that feeling is bias....... JA17, to me, seems to be trending better.... I'll be clear, to me the slump predated the injury, and I am not sure how much the injury was a factor, though I do appreciate Tony Romo trying to talk sense into those totally discounting it. I would not be shocked if the injury in some unknown manner. possibly a new focus, helped/helps Josh to re-elevate the game. Two games ago, Mac Jones and co had 3 pts vs NYJ until the punt return with 5 seconds left. Lat game, Mac look like they put the good Kryptonite in his helmet instead of the bad. NE is weird, like dark sorcery. They started Detroit's temporary plummet beating them 38-0, in the middle of a 3 week period with Bailey Zappe where they lead the NFL in point differential(with NYJ 2nd, and Bills 3rd in same period), then the proceed to get blown out on MNF by the Bears 14-33, in the coming out party of Justin Fields. Actually, I recall asking why the NE spread was so low in that one, as I seem to recall the Bears being fairly inept before that. Thank goodness I did't feel right and was fortunate enough with live betting. Anyhow, I said all of that to say in addition to some of the bizzarre stuff that has happened to the Bills this season, theyre now facing an opponent whom I've observed with massive waves of momentum in both directions. The man at the top of that organization, even knowing what I learned about Ralph, I do not believe him to be average amongst NFL owners either. Otherwise I say even the good Mac Jones, the Vikings eventually pulled away and covered. While Sean claimed Judon would feast with Dawkins out, I read he typically lines up on the left and would be facing Brown unless he changes up. Brown and Jackson seem to have slumped at the same time, and to a lesser extent much of if not all of the team. Milano missed a big tackle, and even Diggs went down on a pass play as HipKat called it "tripping over a white line"....then at least a couple of big waves of sickness in the last 3 weeks that I'm trying to find out if that is a normal rate or not? Anyhow, I'm hoping they were metaphorically emerging from the smoke or fog or wilderness of Roman pain and will now be fully out, at least at some point during this game. Does the Brown we know and love return? I'm excited as heck Mitch Morse is back and wanted to mention him again, as I hadn't seen him get a lot of attention with all the Dawkins talk, yet wasn't the interior part of the difficulty last week too? Is it the intent of the prophets of doom to only focus on what stayed the same since the 2nd half of last game, and not what improved? If I weren't considering wagering I likely would out so much thought into it, and be more relaxed like you. I re-read what you said, and I'm curious if it's not significantly less of such talk in the national media, as opposed to the uber dark, at times near-satanic feel of this sad lot? Because if it is the national media and their having an effect on the betting, I can see why you're excited and I join the sentiment. I didn't intend to make this so long but share as little or as much as youd like, even if it's just based on a feelimg. Cheers bro, go Bills!!! PS do you ever do player props, and/or bet quarters halves, live, etc?
  12. Eh, it was decent but maybe better said their final 2 matches, being their was a 3rd(actually the 1st)which had different results due to what the insurance industry sometimes deems an act of G*d(since the start of last season, I would not rule out an act of the devil, though my eye is not yet trained well enough for those matters to speak them out loud). Speaking of the Devil, not you apparently. I can confirm at least 1 of the NFL Notwork links worked, well, and with ease for me. To prove it to these wretched unbelievers, Titans vs Bengals was on, score tied 10-10. I like helping folks out, and bookmarked the suite myself which may come in handy as backups. Hey, if you're not a bot and actually understand English(or can translate), do you know how I can get my Amazon Prime Video to work with a VPN being I don't wish to cuck out like some? I am trying to remember the workaround I thought of. I think it involved Twitch, but not straight up because the bully Bezos bought that too and VPNs are banned as well Either way, thanks for these. I said I intended to express gratitude more often while the opportunity is still offered me. Quality stream bro, you did me a solid. peace be unto you
  13. I dunno, but the Cowboys seemed to be recruiting him kind of hard in Twatter according to the broadcast of some game I watched. Not sure how much that means. Of course his ex-teammate Von Miller, whom he cared about enough to offer a prayer for on Twitter when he was injured, is with the Bills. If Tampa Bay was involved, Cole Beasely could play a meaningful role and do like that Admiral Ackbar Star Wars meme and warn him it's a trap. Like I wrote earlier and think I set aside for further consideration, if there was a Mitchel Trubisky of backup left tackles who was available somehow, I'd much prefer him to the shiny objects, especially being folks expressed such worry about Dawkins being out. Not just because it would flip sean and many out if the seemed the purchased eliminated the chance of the flashy, but because Josh Allen's health and time to pass are far more important than weapons which on occasion I've seen him conjure at will. Makes me wonder, if Twatter warriors can get OBD to listen to them about their genius when it comes to liquidation people, why couldn't they express their rage towards forcing a purchase as well? Maybe a LT left the league with intent of pro-wrestling like Gronk had and is still in football shape and some sort of Bat Signal(or help wanted ad) can be put out. A mountain of shiny objects is useless if Josh is incapacitated(well, maybe other than to sean, who can rub his hands together while feeling good he got his craving fulfilled lol).
  14. e shoutbox fairly frequently complain of having and it will limit his effectiveness He's a week late. Either way if he does overeat before the game, maybe he will get heartburn or have the digestive challenges the namesakes of the shoutbox fairly frequently complain of having and it will limit his effectiveness. I seem to recall Josh Allen running past your apparent main hope in the playoffs. There are not 32 good LTs in the NFL. Left tackles sometimes get injured. Teams sometimes find ways to compensate. Josh Allen's rare combination of traits help him to be more successful in those situations than other QB's, but as I noted in my message above, I imagine Kromer and Dorsey will have prepared differently this week to mitigate the circumstances as well. That would seem easier with a week to prepare than comparing what might happen if he left during a game. Man....this is SO different than the drought era. For awhile it seemed like 2 out of 3 years there would be a thread EXCITED about a division opponent losing an All-Pro OL, and how our DL was going to feast, and the Bills would win in a blowout. As I recall, they actually lost all of those games. I think the one exception of threads giddy about someone out where the Bills actually won was non-division, non-OL(Megatron...the Bills beat... Detroit, IIRC). So maybe Pats fans are posting threads like the ones once posted here in times of yore, and maybe they'll end up being able to empathize with you guys and your hot takes. I hope so. (I saw someone post a link that inexplicably showed HipKat hangs out on one, and apparently is actually well liked there to the point they wish him a happy birthday.... I would have guessed the haters would be a crypto before I would him! lol But anyhow maybe he can give us some scouting to see if they are indeed being excited like the old Range when things were more of a struggle, as opposed to flipping the **** out having intense anxiety about every obstacle they can identify, despite being favored in every game all season).
  15. I'll start with something more objective, but not always meaningful, the Vegas spread. It was 5 points a couple/few days ago when I checked, and for a seemingly rare(that I've noticed) time has adjusted significantly to -3.5 That said, the Bills are still favored, and if you go by conventional ways, that would be 6.5 on a neutral field. (t;dr Those who put their money where their mouth is do not see things are darkly as you, and actually favor the Bills to win). CUS, I remembered the praying thing was part of your shtick, so I decided to tone down my response and not say this was seemed like a per-school for little baby girls, even though some of the other replies have me leaning there(II'll direct that description to the thread where Victor encouraged the most negative guy away from possibly his most non-negative post of the season into declaring this team toast again. Good job Victor, I hope you are proud! lol). Anyhow, I don't want those unfamiliar with your shtick to mistake your post the way they'd normally read one saying we "need" to pray for a win, Here's why: Look, I like Dawkins. Not a superstar, but if one asks for a solid guy, he has given us that. The fact he's a Whaley guy and still on the team is the only proof you need. But if I took a group of however many random, rational(unlike here), unbiased(unlike here) people and told them they would win $1000 if they picked the correct winner between 2 teams having relatively the same talent levels as the last 2 times they met, and team A won those last 2 games, the latter scoring a TD on every drive other than the kneel down at the end, and basically did not punt for 2 games, but this time was missing their LT, which team would you pick? Even if I added they still seemed on the tail end of a slump in the last game? Would I even have to add that 2 games ago, team B was tied with the NYJ 3-3 until 5 seconds left when special teams returned a punt for the only touchdown of the game? Again, that was less than 2 weeks ago The Jets may be comparable the the Bills on defense, but not on offense. This increases even more if Josh Allen and the Bills overall continue trending upward as they have been, and they did last season. May Josh Allen have to scramble more? Possibly. Is that necessarily a bad thing in net value, let alone enough of one to not get a win? Mitch Morse will be back!! Centers lives matter too!! To me it seems easier to scheme edge protection than it does for adjusting for a missing center. You guys don't think any of the trouble last week stemmed from the IOL?? Maybe we see more Motor and Cook(a Pinto Ron tribute!!) for both runs and screens. The Bills get 3 defenders including Rouseau back, and likely ramp up White's snap count. In the last 2 meetings, the Bills averaged 40ppg to the Patriots 19ppg. All this negativity. A week or 2 ago in the 2nd quarter, one of the shoutbox's top 2 antagonists drew agreement from the guy who constantly ridicules the other top antagonist when he declared the season was over and it was time to shift all focus to the draft! And yet with the Fins 4 point underdogs, and KC only favored by 1.5, the Bills could regain the division lead and #1 AFC seed before Sunday Night Football! I'm more focused on the Bills game, but wanted to throw that out there to hopefully strike terror in the minds of the 2 or 3 people who on a weekly basis make a very dedicated effort to do the same to you guys with their "season on the line"(or "over", with shoutbox hot takes) bullshit all (expletive) season. I'm They have not been right yet, and as fortunate as they are a stud like Dawkins is hurt, the odds are in the Bills favor. Sure, anything is possible, but I know the Bills are not moping and looking for reasons to justify lowering their emotional state. Being there is absolutely no logical/beneficial reason for fans to do so either, best to shun those who wish to drag your state down. I'm nearly certain even daryls downer will not be making a house, or even cable bill bet against the Bills this week. To paraphrase some fellow I think from the 80s, it's time for both the team and fans to get out the high boots(and circle the wagons), because the shit is getting deep!! (Speaking of which, how many can honestly say they would pick team B assuming you had no idea who the 2 teams were?)
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