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  1. I've seen some folks elsewhere post that they wish Josh would spend more time with Jordan Palmer and less being a celebrity. While I truly hope Josh is still working with Palmer(an unsung hero, IMO), I admonish them to recall Josh was shotgunning beers at charity softball events from the earlier days(I'm seeking the video of the removed tweet of him pounding a beer after a homer this spring[likely was not deemed PC], if someone could send it in a PM to me I'd be grateful). The author seems to find this EPIC, but I'll leave that up to Daryl, as Range arbiter of such. I like the kid's moxy though, and how he stuck with it. PS the beginning of the twitter video with the music and him twisting side to side(and the twitter stall I got) made it look like one of those *** gif videos that keeps looping lol (if the tweet doesn't populate, I think you can click on the date or the original article link if necessary. G*d bless Josh Allen, go Bills! (go kid!!) PPS Anyone see Josh Allen having the potential career in entertainment after he's done with sports entertainment, like OJ? The guy seems like a ham, more natural for it than playing QB which required great effort. Being comedians have been used a templates for politicians, that too(I just hope not. "Stay gold, Ponyboy"[1]) Nick Wojton July 11, 2022 8:55 am ET Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen had some fun at the American Century Golf Championship in Stateline, Nev., over the weekend. As is usual business in such events, pro athletes taking part from other sports will usually dip their toes into the pool of their own game during their round. Allen did the same, throwing footballs into the crowd. One kid took it very serious, and it truthfully was impressive. On one occasion, Allen chucked a pass toward one fan and a young guy took matters into his own hands. The pass was jumped in front of and intercepted. Finder’s keepers? Check it out below: https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/11/kid-intercepts-josh-allen-american-century-golf/?itm_source=parsely-api
  2. I guess I wasn't as hardcore back then and didn't get into the pre-draft stuff as much. All I seem to recall about the pick was the .gif file I probably have on an old hard drive of Buddy Nix excitedly pumping his fist when Denver picked Von Miller, and I wasn't favorable to Whaley until he became the one word answer to everything, ironically comparable to the current 4 letter N word the ignorant enjoy advertising by their use of. What I do know is that as a Bills fan, this bit of trivia makes me like Von Miller even more. To fulfill my Range Insider™ duty, I'll point out the opening sentence uses the word @daryls61 always used in his (failed) prophecy of Admin's 2nd coming and returning the Range to it's glory, lol. (1) Nick Wojton July 8, 2022 8:55 am ET The Buffalo Bills and Von Miller were destined to be in 2011 but the Denver Broncos swooped in. At that year’s draft, Buffalo selected defensive tackle Marcell Dareus at No. 3 overall. One pick before, Miller went to the Broncos. During his introductory press conference in Orchard Park, Miller revealed up until the night before the draft, Miller thought he was going to the Bills. That entire offseason, everyone knew quarterback Cam Newton would be No. 1 to the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos then tipped him off late and he was pretty surprised. “I’ve been a big fan of the Bills for a long time. I thought I was going to be a Buffalo Bill when I first got drafted,” Miller said in March. “Denver came out of nowhere the day before the draft.” The Athletic profiled Miller signing in Buffalo this spring. The draft day topic came up again and Miller added a nice little cute nugget which further detailed how he felt about the Bills. Evidently Miller was so certainly he’d end up in Buffalo, he worked out ahead of the draft wearing a Bills hat: And we have an added note. Hindsight is 20/20. Dareus did not pan out the way many had hoped. He recently had a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens but did not sign with the team and Dareus has not played in the NFL since 2019. Evidently then-Buffalo assistant GM Doug Whaley said the team had planned to draft Miller until the plan was foiled. But who really knows. “We would have definitely taken him,” Whaley said. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/08/von-miller-has-an-11-year-old-bills-hat-as-team-planned-to-draft-him/ Footnote: 1)I'm venturing into uncharted waters again, footnoting a blank space to comply with an unnamed moderator whom I recall was often quite angry, and who said I should talk more about myself. I have my own OLD BILLS HAT story, while employed by the NFL in commercial directed by the twin brother of Vin Diesel. IIRC, I bought it in Hawaii(2) to wear to Bills Backers bars, but it was made before the monopoly rights of the time of shooting had been instated. As such, I think it's possible it kept me(and my section[fans wearing Bills jerseys]) out of the final edit, other than possibly as some tiny pixels. I'd like to indemnify my participation by stating I had no idea at the time of the tomfoolery the NFL would become involved in, or had already been involved in(redacted, for your pleasure). IIRC, It wasn't until that day that I heard the NFL "minted money". 2) May as well go into further uncharted waters of footnoting a footnote, to fulfill an nonobligatory tribute to Range Legend, @seandelevan. We all know he complains about primetime games(and I think even 4pm games) ruining his sleep, but do the math for the time one would need to wake up for Honolulu, including maybe a half hour drive from the windward side of the island(where we lived back then), vs sitting on your couch at 4pm. Ok, I'm less annoyed by that than the fact that copy and pasting a word from above earlier would not return my text to normal size and font, but saving and then editing now did. If I ever read replies(well, there is the Shoutbox), I'd ask you internet warriors for your expertise on such lol I suppose I might now get abused by the folks who did so to Spiked when he couldn't figure out how to post a photo(which sadly led to an a-s comment), but I figured I'd let folks know I at least tried.
  3. I recall from several years ago that @LiterateStylish would get annoyed when I would a long intro to posts, so although it feels less natural, I suppose it may flow more naturally if I post it as a reply(although I think it may also artificially raise my post count if I did it often). Anyhow, with an improved starting line situation(presumably) and Kromer(beach chairs be d*mned) back in the fold, I think Motor could see improved stats this season despite Gilmore Face 2.0 being drafted. Recognizing the difference in production between man and zone blocking with Motor seemed to play a factor in his numbers accelerating later in the season. It may also be possible that Daboll's disciplined approach to conditioning defenses and cashing in later in the games compounded Motor's issues, though the Shoutbox evidently had no idea why those plays paid off later and would just ask why he didn't call them sooner. For better or worse, Dorsey is likely to be more fluid by default, and Motor and (the memories of Beasely) won't have to be made pawn-like strategy this season(I'll leave out the descriptive analogy of a comedian do so with human lives at the moment, in an region where some board members have ancestry, which should make their disgust understandable vs the parrot/bot duties of the ignorant fulfill just to antagonize them). Dabs showed incredible genius at times, so I'm not necessarily knocking the guy, but at the very least the orchestrating changes in CB11's role(especially early in the season when HCSM said they'd see how he deals with being used much less....and considering he still managed to match his career highs in receptions, in spite of a ban due to a now completely discredited[by every original author] PCR test) makes a thinking person wonder how many receptions he could have had otherwise(and further considering how some have said some teams have exposed the falsehoods of the salary cap). Anyhow, I have a feeling OC Ken Dorsey(Jungle tribute there) will likely be less handcuffed by his own script and such instructions from above this season, for better or worse. Being I haven't generally looked at replies, I suppose I will stick with my take. FWIW, "ICYMI"( @daryls61 tribute for teaching me his Twitter code), Dorsey used a Talladega Nights reference as an analogy to his new role: https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/06/04/buffalo-bills-ken-dorsey-talladega-nights/ But this is about MOTOR, I hear you thinking. Indeed, but my point is the players have spoken high of Kromer and him not having "one way", and playing to their strengths. With Von Miller's influence and at his summit saying quite similar, etc, I get the feel of a much more fluid team....which would be akin to what an individual seeking "enlightenment" strives for, and I think that the team and individuals alike will see improvements once everyone is comfortable in their roles. If not, then maybe we're debating 2nd contracts for RB's vs spending more picks on them/FA, as Cook is not a 3 down guy. Man, I miss Jungle, even trying to fill in a little for the SOB is arduous, lol. Go Motor(run angry!), go Bills!!!
  4. This was derived from paid content, so I didn't pull the original. While I'm fairly certain some here are familiar with the stat, it's not one I recall seeing on here during Motor discussions. Nick Wojton July 7, 2022 9:55 am ET With all the movement around the Buffalo Bills this offseason, Football Outsiders (via ESPN) decided to remind us that Devin Singletary is still a valuable asset in the team’s backfield. The Bills added multiple pieces to help quarterback Josh Allen in 2022. Depth was added behind Dawson Knox at tight end in OJ Howard. Wide receiver Jamison Crowder will help fill Cole Beasley’s shoes in the slot. But the biggest of all these moves was using a second-round pick at the 2022 NFL draft on running back James Cook. That’s a round where a prospect is expected to make some contributions as a rookie. That has caused some to be excited about Cook’s abilities, particularly in the passing game. But Singletary still remains the most-likely option at the top of Buffalo’s backfield heading toward training camp. Not only does he have experience, Singletary turned it on toward the end of last season, cementing himself as the team’s best rusher. Here’s what Football Outsiders added to the Singletary equation: https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/07/buffalo-bills-devin-singletary-most-underrated/
  5. I'm not sure what to think of VWR's (mostly) former shtick now. At first I was not pleased but eventually considered that he, like Josh Allen with his helmet emblem, might be playing the 5d chess those in the Q(cia) cult tried to convince us was going on...as if Bobby Fisher himself had been reincarnated. But now he appears to be sticking with it as being literal and not the clever illustration I had given him credit for. Unless maybe he is doing ultra-hard core "method acting"(not breaking character when not filming) like Jim Carrey did until the completion of Man On The Moon?(1) Of course while I enjoy a good Range mystery, at the moment there are some in "real" life that seem more worthy of attention, IMO. I am not sure if I recall seeing a quote similar to what Josh said below. In another thread someone argues with VWR and "defends" Josh by saying he says a lot of stupid things, as opposed to only repeating lines from rap songs or tv shows. I'd say he said a lot of typical things for the American teenager of the time. No? (insert riff from Metallica's "Sad But True", and recognize many of you are apologists for those who made it that way). I care about as much about Josh's pre-Bills's tweets(or the tweets from "that girl "one member kept saying suddenly showed up at the beginning of Josh's demise, lol on 2 counts there) as I do whether or not Patrick Mahomes' brother is gay or not. The kid has pressure trying to live up to his big brother, so if one feels the need to take a jab(as many of you seem addicted to), you can over him dumping a drink on a Ravens fan(or applaud it). https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/12/buffalo-bills-josh-allen-2019-nfl-draft-tweets/?itm_source=parsely-api Bills QB Josh Allen discusses draft night tweets resurfacing (video) Nick Wojton July 12, 2022 6:55 am ET Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was selected No. 7 overall at the 2019 NFL draft. Unfortunately things leading up to that were nerve-wrecking for him because of social media. As the story went, some old tweets surfaced with some including racially-charged mentions. Allen went on to tell ESPN that they were lyrics from rap songs and other television shows from back in 2012 and 2013 when he was in high school. But they were still out there and were revealed just before that year’s draft kicked off. Any young man would be upset about that and Allen acknowledged that was the case for him during an appearance on the “Bussin With The Boys Podcast.” “I don’t think it was anything terribly bad, but there was a couple of things and it blew up on Twitter, and I just thought my life was tumbling in front of me,” Allen said. “I probably lost 10 pounds that day, from crying and throwing up.” For his full thoughts on the situation, see the attached video clip below: Footnote: 1) A documentary from ample footage Jim allowed Andy's ex-girlfriend to film during the making was released in 2017. You get to see him abuse Academy Award winning directory Milos Foreman(who though not overly prolific, also directed masterpieces like "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", and "Amadeus"). It's titled " Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton(the guy in my avatar)" https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/jim-carrey-stunning-audition-tape-for-man-on-the-moon/
  6. From what I've witnessed over the years on this board and even in real life, for some people, so is being an NFL fan. EDIT: @Meathead(PBUH) might have appreciated this thread, as proof of sophisticated Russian deceptive practices. Nevermind, I read that too quickly. The Russians were the ones being duped, but I suppose he could have taken joy in that, along with the unfortunate member who was boasting not terribly long ago in the Shoutbox about how poorly the Russian Ruble was doing. I hope his account never reanimates like some of those accused of being troll bots, but if it does, one might wonder if it is the Russians paying tribute to him for being so faithful and promoting their internet superiority. Quick note, India's leader not long ago drew surprising praise from the neighbor they had long been warring with over Kashmir(remember the infamous Ben and Jerry's commercial, that was almost as insensitive as the Chinese laundry commercial where the girl washes the black guy? For those who love to deny much of what I write, here is proof of the latter, as reported by the British media whom I slightly prefer to your media(minus their banning of the legendary George Galloway, whom I later saw with Governor Ventura on RT): https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/may/28/chinese-detergent-advert-black-man-washed-different-colour-video ). The US had United much of the Southern Hemisphere against the globalist war efforts, and seemingly was in line for the Nobel Peace prize. But that isn't how it works. That leader was quickly denounced by the apparent globalist "plan b" puppet, and was bounced for wishing to remain neutral. If you don't think the globalists who run DC(regardless of who the current puppet in chief is) are the reason America is hated instead of our "freedom"(fries), maybe some George Carlin can help. PS: it's the offseason, per Meat Doctrine(similar to Monroe Doctrine, which bought politicians have long abandoned), so lighten up Francis. Not many other members get this inspired during an afterthought. Does anyone on here still deny this? (It's about the length of an NFL commercial break, but unfortunately does not include the mention of the red, white, and blue object so many apparently enjoy receiving...not that there's anything wrong with that)
  7. I don't think either of these songs are actually on the list I made(at least the last one), but sticking with AIC here is a very different song from their catalog. Hopefully no explanation needed how it relates, but it also fits anyone who is on here a lot as "dos box" used to refer to micro**** computers, I assumed as a mockery. :) Being some ****tube videos/users have been banned, made private, etc, I may as well label for posterity. Alice In Chains: Man In The Box (takes on a whole new meaning if youve seen the EPIC film "The Prestige". Layne here reminds me of someone(who I found out is musically talented as well), and both remind me of happier times and more decent people. (i think I have to paste it and refresh it once I return it from the FOSS(Invidious) to the tracker-laden native bleeptube address. I'm guessing the autostuff is limited to the big tech oligarchy if board software is left at default settings? I know some board software like XenForo allow Vimeo and a slew of stuff, but I'll avoid the FOSS front-ends anyhow as they often are killed by limits on daily API use at present)
  8. I had over 100 songs on a list I was preparing to make last over time. The humor or whatever relation may not be as good now, and plus with the disturbing news I read when I went to a thread due to seeing the latest poster being a long lost legend, I am still processing how I feel, especially in relation to the gruesome details that are right out of a "theory" on this very topic. Anyhow, I'm sticking with the theme of the lockdown or the alleged reason for them(health), easily connected to the song, preferably the title(which some posters like downandout and spikedlemonade didn't seem to get, and/or just held no regard for staying on topic(and in d&o's case, was very uncreative when doing so, also in opposition to the theme). No need to move to nebulous/esoteric connections yet. This is tribute to those in nations in lockdown, and also in case the home nation of most Rangers enters it again for any reason that some may not foresee, such as riots for food shortages, etc This song works both for staying at home, and also was kind of my theme for not posting on the internet for so long, and my continued limited posting(preventing the low hanging fruit reply to the title). Read in the comments Layne Staley has been dead for 20 years now...I had no idea it had been that long! I found out when actually working with a security clearance in Waikiki Beach to help screen the future screeners(that's for you hipkat, for demanding I share more personal information, and I figured you'd prefer a regret) Not seeming to embed on it's own for me. Apparently I am out of practice lol (EDIT:I think I figured out why, mentioned in next post) https://youtube.com/watch?v=ODTv9Lt5WYs
  9. I jacked the title from a search list from one on the search list, when I realized it may make those not familiar more curious than including the player's name as I was about to. I suppose I can give a hint that he must have taken his "face of the organization" self-proclamation seriously? Anyhow, in a time when the world is perilously close to fully implementing the writings of dystopian authors as blueprints and making them look like prophets(as opposed to the truth of them being too optimistic, assuming society would install safeguards against such), it's refreshing to see something uplifting....including the song they chose, which I have always rather enjoyed. ****, I may have a show I actually feel like watching now. I haven't been known to read replies since returning, but let your fellow Rangers know your opinion on the performance. As a non-expert, I enjoyed it! (I don't recall if I'm supposed to do anything to get things to embed. I did already change it back to Twatter from the privacy-respecting/open source Nitter link I get from the LibRe-direct extension I use when clicking on social media crap II see in Bills articles) https://twitter.com/AGT/status/1536891393355894784#m https://twitter.com/AGT/status/1536891393355894784#m
  10. Thanks for posting this, @HipKat(congrats on your mod status too). I had read it at BR, but don't have an account there(refused to get one with their censorship, and one-sidedness on replies allowed about 1 certain Bills player), and wanted to post that this was a guy I'm rooting for. I'm not sure if anyone(including you) bothered to read this(and I wouldn't blame folks lol), but check out the parts I highlighted. To honor Jungle, I'll say this looks like a player who may at some point have a future if he can be "coached up". Plus, some folks may recall I like certain names(the new camp OL just reminded me of an old one I liked), and this guy's might not even need Daryl to call him by his twitter name. Heck, his work ethic seems so strong that he may not even have a stupid twitter handle!
  11. I wanted to post this even if folks see it after his special day. I imagine this guy holds a special place in the memories of many on here, like he does with me. Rather than posting in threads with people being bitter(plenty of time later, I suppose), it feels nice to remember the admonishment in @daryls61's sig and the great moments Bruce Smith contributed to Bills fans(though I had to ignore the propaganda Twatter makes sure to list on the side). Even if he had a statue those dishonest people in our society wanted to tear down like they do with other inspirational men(maybe someday a woman[or whatever the + stands for] will have the honor of being the first to be have a statue torn down), they couldn't take away the joy this fellow brought to my Sundays. Instead of the endless bickering about NE's goats, it feels nice to post about the Bills' GOAT. Say his name you sons of bitches! Say his name!!! Bruuuuuuuce!!! I'm not sure if the Bills will ever have a better SI cover, other than any cover declaring them Super Bowl champions.
  12. The good is that his spot isn't lost during the suspension, nor is he paid, so there's no reason to cut him before the season unless they find an upgrade. He's a special teams guy, but I'm not aware how well he plays. I guess he played about 2/3's of the kick snaps last year. It's a shame the establishment interferes with the NFL and forces the ban in the first place(same with cannabis), or else these issues would never exist and people could choose what works best with them. Of course that would be nice in real life too. I'm trying to remember, but I think it used to be that way in both scenarios mentioned(certainly was in the latter before Harry Ass-slingers career of banning things and making your choices for you...and adding to the national debt and caging the highest percentage AND total number of inhabitants of any government in the world, including India and Communist China™, who have populations of over 1 billion each. But like any racket, it makes a small percentage of people more wealthy and powerful, and it's arbitrary nature is one way it was part of "cancel culture" long before that term was ever coined). TL;DR: The NFL is programming your subconscious to devalue freedom, and support arbitrary losses of liberty, so long as your entertainment is not interrupted, as mentioned in the epic film, Gladiator. The NFL has played a significant role on the overthrow and occupation of this once great republic. Of course no talking head ever told you that before, so you may not be capable of even considering it seriously. The US has been at war on many fronts since before any of us were born into this life, and more folks are starting to recognize a greater number of them on their own which is encouraging. Is there enough time left on the clock though? With food shortages, hyperinflation, and a hacking false flag to shut down the internet being advertised well in advance, I'm hoping the Bills win a Super Bowl this season because not much is guaranteed anymore. And then there's also the issue of the magic protection against cardiac arrest that the gods of this world have granted these marketing tools. I'd imagine non-Americans who understand probably may have taken notice of this bizarre phenomenon before me, but if they have, I haven't read about it. But yeah, this guy is the "stupid" one that draws anger. The families of all those other athletes may disagree. "Americans won't believe anything until they see it on television." --Richard Nixon (This board is a library of support for that observation, evidence for aliens in the future to give our civilization an autopsy) "It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."--George Carlin
  13. Lit is mocking Belichick? Maybe I need to get drunk to figure out this place.....last night Daryls melted down worse than the Pats fans, and Sean was as cool as Clint Bleeping Eastwood. It's really making me consider Plato's statement that the only thing he could be sure of is his own existence. Heck, I can one up him after reading Sam Harris's(yes JC, he's a member) book on free will. Maybe the end isn't nigh, maybe I am already in purgatory for some past life karma. Maybe I used to be a member myself. Hell, wikipedia even listed Constantine's origin for all to see, which is not in line with their usual MO. If this season can outdo the last one, Daryl is going to have to say "buck;le up" a lot lol
  14. I just erased a post I spent(I don't want to say how long on) lashing out at chicken hawks, because the timing did not seem right. Can the cut and paste only pasted the photo links I used. It started off when I made an observation that I found humorous(many may not), about a NY Team having a mascot that to many cult members still represents a symbol of mass destruction. I was contemplating whether to post it, then I saw a post wit Josh Rosen in it, and to me it was a clear sign to post, much like the article @flan posted about Levi Wallace quickly getting a sign when he asked for one. I ranked 9/11 the 2nd greatest sacred/cash cow, and then said at least you can't be jailed for pointing out the ridiculous amount of holes conspiracy theorists and the ridiculous amount of coincidences that also require said folks to be an ultra coincidence theorist at the same time as believing and one of the most implausible conspiracy theories I've ever studied, and I've studied many of them. I think the families of the victims deserve a proper investigation. Building 7, the 3rd such building in the history of man to collapse from a fire, and it was not hit by a NY Jet. And I also asked why no so called patriots give 2 shits about the brutal attack on the USS Liberty. I also said I'd team up with anyone who wished to free minds from cults or any type of attachment, if they were willing to do so in a non-hateful manner, Awhile back I said I had returned for purposes of measure, and although it isn't what I meant, I recall being impressed with @212frawk's Captain Caveman shtick and the observations he made one arguably the biggest issue for many voters. Anyhow, I'll endorse anyone working to free people from abuse, as long as they aren't adding to the abuse of the poor SOBs. Jimi Hendrix's version of the great J-A songwriter Bob ~Dylan's classic "All Along THe Watchttower" has been my favorite song lately, and the line "let us not talk falsely now, for the hour is getting laaaaate" has been haunting me....reminding me of the end of Saving Private Ryan. I almost moved to Florida, but what I discovered (on top of reservations about Desantis I was willing to overlook due to the net positives h) was so insidious that if I hang around here, I will not let it stay hidden. Some haters may not like me saying this, but in a number of topics TWD is correct about things being the literal opposite of what you're told, but of course I am not sure if I've ever seen him mention the topics I'm talking about. Frawk, I'm willing to pretend to be a TDS victim for a time if you will bring Captain Caveman out of retirement and use your powers for good. Call me odd, but I see these frauds as potentially more harmful to whatever measure we have remaining of liberty than the openly flaming/subversive, being patriotic folk won't be lulled into a false sense of security by them. Seriously, would anyone else actually like to accomplish something of measure other than whatever feeling constantly insulting the other side of the same coin gives you? I'm kind of surprised that those who tend to come off as hateful and subversive haven't used street etimology more(if at all). There's a reason HCSM had his version of the money changers in the temple moment when he saw the media as promoting idolatry with their fellating of the genius of BB when he literally followed the only strategy his offense was capable of. For those like AB familiar with Constantine, you may wish to look up his origins and see if you can figure out what his objective was.. Anyhow, I've been nodding off, so if any sentences seem strange(er than you usually perceive them), that's like;y why. After free agency and 1 round of the draft, Bills still have the best odds to win the Superbowl. TB still at #2, despite the abrupt departure of Bruce Arians.
  15. This guy's an American for sure. Eiither doesn't learn from history(Jalen Ramsey), or is completely ignorant of it. Seems to have the opposite demeanor of GM Brandon Beane's pick. Someone has to come up with a wing joke for him, but for now I'll just stick with wondering if his mom was a fan of G-Love:
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