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  1. Rather than the dread the most vocal on here are giddy to declare, I am excited to see a hard worker like HC/DCSM get a chance to show the talking heads what he can do. LAC and NE took MIA to the wire. Are the Bills not substantially better than either of those teams? To me, even AJ epenesa seems improved, and wasn't he the guy who took away a chunk of Tua's season 2 seasons ago? I am not rooting for injury like theyve given him 2 seasons in a row, but more of the pressure the D brought that led to those injuries. The D seems far more dynamic than even last season's, so one would expect it will be likely, unless Miami's offensive line has improved a lot since then(and even if it has)? Seriously, I am excited for this chance. The players having to ask McDaniel not to kick that fg at the end really doesn't make me feel favorable toward the guy right now(though it does make me respect the players more). I'm excited to read the prediction thread, but barring something unusual, I suspect the Bills will both win and cover the spread. I'm really hoping the prophets of doom will convince bettors to listen to them, so that the Bills will have a smaller spread to cover. :)
  2. Can you imagine if these guys were fans of Denver, or Chicago right now? Or maybe of MIN, who is also 0-3 despite having the guy they go on and on about as a WR? lol Heck, they lucked out with CIN narrowly avoiding 0-3 and may not lose out on the chance to be fans of theirs later on in the season. Some of you may be familiar with some of the princesses from Long Island if exposed to them during college. Some of these entitled posts remind me of them. Maybe like on Seinfeld, we could practice part of Festivus with the airing of grievances, and compile a list of demands to mail OBD annually? :) Other than maybe a couple of the Super Bowl teams, this is seems to be the best Bills team ever. No?
  3. In "real" life, these subversive actors are known as agent provocateurs whose sole function is to create distress in society where it would not otherwise exist. I am openly not very fond of this subversion, and am not sure if I can turn a blind eye to it for long lengths of time, but I've improved at it somewhat. That KGB defector back in the day outlined how constant demoralization was one of the main weapons they used against the US. Apparently their efforts were not in vain and their internal versions are making sure your societies continue to get fed a large helping of it. Last season I was blown away to see Sean raging for more running, when it seemed it was not that long ago he sincerely wished he could BAN running entirely. It seems to me the content of the complaints is not really important, but more so the programming that subjects folks to being stuck in that state. I hypothesize the content is rather arbitrary in nature and if psychologists cared to help this society, they might conduct studies on the matter(assuming they're not working to help further its goals). Again, just the observations of one Bills fan who cares about the mental wellbeing on a societal level(noting the eager gllee some exhibit when they get to take on the "Agent Smith" role from The Matrix for a little while...and again, I do not think most do so with any conscious intent...which means your government is not the only thing occupied, and frankly the mind occupation seems far more terrifying to me). Go Bills(hard to sound enthusiastic after being faced with that, for me anyhow)
  4. Bills score 37, 38.....fan rages that they didn't get Sherfield more action and does Joe Namath-eaque rant that the organization should be burnt the the ground. Wash, rinse, repeat. ....I think I read somewhere the Bills ranked quite highly on something, scoring or differential. I suppose I could look it up. It might also be worth noting whether the entire media is lying about TEs taking longer to develop, or if this DET TE is not the most common and an outlier. If the latter, it seems like the subversives are extremely good at focusing on the exceptions to the rules and pretending they are common. Just my observation. Either very talented(I'm being sincere), or someone is feeding them this bullshit...and I'd like to find out who.
  5. The Fins have aDL who specializes in grabbing them(Josh's) in a pile up. Maybe y'all can write to OBD and demand just how many points you need to score to not have me want to break out the "are you not entertained?!!?" memes. :) I'm guessing if Denver hopefully never is in whatever state they were(that game was on them, witness the Fins other 2 games coming down to the wire as evidence) and BUF doesnt match those grotesque results vs them, I predict a few on here will be wanting badly to denounce the Bills even if they win convincingly this weekend. If the football gods had not decided to let that happen this week, there would be even less that the ultra-dedicated-extremists on here could rage about. Actually, my perspective has changed a bit and this is starting to amuse me. Really, I am too sober to try to make sense of this lol
  6. Maybe I will be inspired to post the study that just dropped about the latest death cult many of you joined. I know the ego won't let anyone admit it, but even if you silently left it and could keep the health you have, then my typing would not be in vain. Like MLK Jr, I can have a dream. PS Kudos to Brown for doing whatever he had to play well lately. He against Crosby, or Dion Dawkins last game....just EPIC stuff. Of course THEIR names seem to be almost completely neglected by the shiny object liking equivalent to high school girls on here. GB's GM got what he deserved last night, and Beane for the most part get's the success he deserves, IMO. Ok, Ive calmed down.....but ever since some on here repeated the propaganda by denial that propaganda was legalized on your TVs as I reported long ago, I have been more sensitive to seeing the never-ending campaigns of it on here. Occasionally, it seems warranted to say something. I don't think Sean consciously chooses to do such.....which I offer as a small bit of evidence of how powerful the mind control in your society is. I suppose you could just deny that, which could be seen as offering more evidence. What do I know though? Maybe thinking about that for 10 minutes every few years or so is a waste of time too. Maybe better if I start drinking more again and just keep quiet instead of trying to "make the talk" in your language as I think they said in Dances With Wolves lol.
  7. Meanwhile, the good fans of the Lions havenever once gotten to see their team even in a Super Bowl.... and have gone about 30 bleeping years since their team won a playoff game. "mUSt bE NIce"?? Or for non-major league "football" players the world over, who have begun dropping dead in the pitch. MBN for them too? You know you want to keep pushing me....especially during the game. I am asking kindly for a brief respite at the beginning of it, at least. Not much to ask. If you can develop acting skills enough to pass as a fan, who knows.....you may even qualify to lead corrupt regimes like the Ukraine or even US.
  8. stfu and gtfo. 37 and 38 points. GOAT TE Kelce? Please tell ius how much more production he added as a rookie than Dk2. Please!!! ;) Tony Gonzalez....HOFer....led the NFL in drops for how long?? Simple fact is they have played 3 (expletive) games. To the couple of constant whiners, can you wrap your miniscule minds around that simple fact? Do you want me to get into what KC did last offseason? The OPPOSITE of what you simple minded ****s whine incessantly about. Again, let me know if you can predict whether Dk2 will have #s comparable to Kelce's rookie season.....than go listen to taylor swift, because when I was a kid, "Swift" was the name used to describe people displaying the utter lack of logic a very tiny, but very vocal minority promote on here. "Fu***ck"..... I do your job better than you if I wanted to. Like i told the other one in the SB last night, you clowns missed the low hanging fruit for this game which would be Kaor Elam, who did the best vs Cheetah in all 3 games last season. Hey! Watch the PIT game the other night? See their #1 pick you losers? No? Because who was starting in front of him? Former Bill Levi Wallace? What round was he drafted in again? (big grin!) Oh, but HCMT is just dumb, right? Well oddly enough, the first player interviewed on field after the game was Levi Wallace. This isn't Bruce Lee as I can not keep a straight face in how pathetic some of the addictions on here have become. I truly hope the few who have the addiction tp spread hatred would be willing and/or able to tone it down just a bit and act like fans instead of adversaries for at least awhile. Too much to ask, to not act like a complete asshole for a short period til the Bills get rolling and the temptation won't be present? I;d ask @daryls61 to show up, but he also has a habit....of not showing up when it actually counts. Gentlemen, think of JFA17's helmet messages. Choose love, end hate. You'd think some of you would recognize the difference TCOTds had compared to this season. And in case anyne still is not aware, OCKD matched almost identically peak Daboll's season #s as a bleeping rookie, withpit Beasley, and with JFA17's arm injured about half the season..... so I hope the disinfo is given a rest this season. It's ok if you want to be miserable.... masochism s a REAL thing, and I will not donounce you for CHOOSING IT, but don't push your deviant behavior on me. Maybe even look up the definition of fan, and see if doing a non-stop Beavis and Butthead music video critique impression is typical for fans. The media has fucked your minds 8 ways til Tuesday and it's so illogical it's almost hard to believeit's so accepted....like all of the other your areas your society has degraded to a shithole....while you rage about what the OP used to call "rich ppl problems". Dear bleep, would your ancestors be prud of the 30 pieces of silver some of you choose to completely ignore things even remotely close to important, or that you have any ability to change? The only change you ****s influenced?!?!? GETTING AN INNOCENT MAN BANNED from the team, whiole both he and heis family were persecuated to tghe point of receiving DEATH THREATS, to holkd up your false narratives and perverse priorities. @daryls61 has let me down this season, letting you ethically repulsive asfaces off the hook so easily. You do not deserve a championship team. You wouldn't with even half this nonstop, systemic campaign of whining about anything you canb possibly find a contrived excuse to do it for. HFS America is exceptional in one area. Your founders would be sickened to the core if they could see this. Now listen to Travis Kelce so you can rejoin them sooner and receive an admonishment that may help you in your next lives if youre fortunate enough for reincarnation to happen. JFC!!! Meanwhile youi actually couldn't give 2 shits about the sweat of your brow funding the deaths of countless childen,particularly unde r2 regimes even more illegitimate than your own(which a simple info graphic could wake a decent % of up long enough to admit te denial just long enough before you fins some bizarrely miniscule false narrative to be what is oppressing you. Obama's Revering Wright(UNLIKE Nick Wright) was right! "Bless" would be the last thing any just diety would do to your society. Nobody need respond(I likely won't be back to look for replies), but maybe you could consider that for just the 5 seconds it takes to admit it? I really do not like to ask for much. And to repeat again....can you false prophets of doom tell me what your all seeing eye tells you about if Dk2 will be bale to have a rookie season as GOAT Kelce(despite the advantages Kelce has had in his carer? ....and now I can kind of see why Taylor Swift sells out stadiums and has thousands of fans outside the stadium, instead of acts like Zeppelin or even something like The Dead. Maybe putting a Swift CD on will help cheer you out of this dark depression. I re-assert that many of you were not beaten enough as kids, even if you try to claim otherwise Maybe Lit should just burn this center of propaganda to the ground, so it can no longer condition a handful of you to be the ultimate ingrate tile belt holders. Sean, feel free to let out one of your loud "f**uuckkss" on my behalf.!
  9. Week 4 DVOA matchup (semi-rare DVOA Super Bowl) Bills 1 vs Fins 2. Myself, I am more about team rankings, though I do appreciate the individual ones. Thanks
  10. Bring back Wood, Wang, and Levitre, as a unit. Loved seeing Shady riling the fans for (almost)ex-Hamster. His snow game heroics(along with that pass by emergency QB....EPIC) are some of the most memorable for me.....right up with some of my favorite non-Bills moments, such as Lamar Jackson flipping into the end zone at the end of the game vs KC. Beyond epic!!!! Go Bills.
  11. Unlike the constantly fearful on here, I was semi-ticked when HCSM prevented JFA17 of not only breaking the Bills regulation yardage record for a game, but also Drew's OT record last season. McDaniel even Let Tua finish a drive to open the 4th last week(and needed to be asked by the captains not to kick the fg at end vs a team that had something drastically wrong with them, maybe similar to CIN game last season). That said, Bledsoe and Travis Henryu provided some great memories, which I think included the MIA game I saw while living ion Oahu....the kind of game even @seandelevan seems to remember fondly. Holy sweet goodness, I do not recall many Bills games I found such pure joy watching!!!! Go Drew, go Bills PS maybe they can bring back REX RYAN as one of the legends? Results aside(I posted a 3-4 transition would set the team back), I found he and Rob to be likeable guys.
  12. I think during the game in shoubox, or maybe somewhere else recently, somebody was talking about JA17's genitals. Unsure why, but I reminded them Mia is the team were Josh was fondled in a pile. I think in their last game Josh was pushing him....clearly does not like Wilkins. lol
  13. Youldn't have been able to complain.....and if you tried, might have at least been grabbed by the scruff and had someone tell you how much you had to be grateful for! :P To be fair, you didnt seem to complain as much today. I think it might be the same reason you did not go: you've got old balls.
  14. (Hip, just read the first sentence. The rest, the best way to explain in your tongue is a bit of pulling an Allen) I suppose I coulddd have summarized my admonishment to @HipKat "if the Bills kick ass it will because they kick ass, and generally not solely because someone sucks and you can just expect it", but here or elsewhere I recently saw someone ripped for making a statement without even trying to offer evidence. and the reaction was predictably amusing. Before last season I said something along the lines that the only football team that could beat them on the field was themselves, and I saw others say it later, and saw someone say it again this year. I'm willing to be a bit humble and say my statementt and not limited to injury, did not address things I've not yet seen considered. But just because most are not aware of them, does not make them less real. Was the Wachowski brothers' sisters' greatest kraft in having the opposite outcome of Plato's allegory of the cave, and conditioning folks to think awareness/enlightenment is painful rather than pleasant? Similar to the chick (same last name as oligarch, coincidentally of course) Method Lady **** did naked in ice, with the very different frequency produced than the ॐ??? If so, a direct example of how Adam Yauch(MCA), despite also being part of the Big Club C*rlin rubbed in your face, was not of the same nature. Anyhow I seem to be getting some IRLfeedback and have struck my jpke about portugal. Wait....that chick in Ukraine they showed on the interview with the Colonel, that was a Wachowski???? I just saw it yesterday, fresh in my mind. Actually. the chick from Sean's show, big gloablist supporter of the meatgriinder for your brethren their. Even old New York was once New Amsterdam Why they changed it I can't say People just liked it better that way
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