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  1. Liberal Shithead Sean who wants to draft RB's thinks McDermott wants a running offense when it is the exact opposite. Support this claim with evidence Liberal Shithead Sean. Bills just threw the ball 46 times..
  2. I bet Fins +4.5 and teases them to +10 so I would still have won bet had Bills scored TD at end of FG.
  3. 496 yards of offense. It didn't work.
  4. That's because they had 3rd string center in and couldn't go under center. Coach Sal just talked about this on WGR and it was confirmed by Eric Wood and in an interview with Motor.
  5. Bates and Brown were bad today. Back up center cost us 3 points. Right side of OL is an issue.
  6. Bills run that same defense on 3rd and 15 or longer all the time. They just didn't have the talent at safety to execute it correctly. Liberal Shithead @seandelevan defense failed Bills and cost them game.
  7. Lol Liberal Shithead Sean doesn't realize we had 496 yards of offense and limited fins to 212. Total offensive domination. It was liberal shithead Sean's defense that lost us the game when his fa and low round draft pick safeties let Tua and Waddle get a first down on 3rd and 23
  8. BREAKING: Liberal Shithead Sean may finally be understanding how NFL works. Lets monitor this going forward.
  9. BREAKING: Liberal Shithead Sean who had previously said Dorsey would be a head coach next year walks his statement back.
  10. LOL - Liberal Shithead Sean thinks Head Coaches dont have OC and DC that call plays. Has no idea how NFL works.
  11. LOL - Liberal Shithead Sean thinks Allen ran for over 400 yards confirming he is a shithead.
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