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  1. Lol - Sean thinks a running game clock equates to real a tual time when it doesn't. The fact is a running play takes up less actual real time than a passing play so to rest the defense, you would be better passing than running. Those 3 running plays didn't take up as much real time as 3 passing plays so as usual-Sean is wrong and has no clue how modern NFL football is played.
  2. Yet, 2nd most successful coach in Bills history. Playoffs 4 out of 5 years and 3 division titles. No idea why you hate successs and winning. Also, 13 wins last season.
  3. Number 2 offense in NFL last year. Anything that takes the ball out of JA17's hands is a bad idea and will make the offense worse. What needs to happen is for JA17 to evolve and use some of the weapons he actually has instead of always looking downfield. He was exposed by Bungans and Fins who blitzed him and left hot route uncovered knowing JA17 would continue to look downfield.
  4. And yet every move Bills make says otherwise. Your the one making shit up.
  5. LOL - Sean thinks trading Jack Eichel was bad for Sabres. Has even less of a clue about NHL hockey than he does NFL Football.
  6. Wow - Whor coming to the defense of his lover @seandelevan
  7. LOL - Sean still thinks head coaches build teams. Has no clue the NFL GM's do that. Will Sean ever learn or is he just comfortable being wrong all the time?
  8. LOL - you constantly preach how the offense needs to be less Allen centric and praise RB signings. No idea why you want the offense to be worse. This is proof you have very limited knowledge of modern NFL football.
  9. LOL Whor, your only problem is not being educated in modern NFL football which I am working with you on and being an ableist which I would hope you have the moral compass to do on your own.
  10. LOL Whor, I am not concerned abut spelling on a message board. Why would anyone? Another very bad post Whor.
  11. This is fairly simple: 1. The Economy 2. Secure the Border 3.Crime/fund the police 4. Strong Military 5. Legalize Abortion
  12. Dead people are not a race Whor, They are just dead. You have now been raciest to deaf people and special needs people. It takes a special kind of ignorant to be that raciest.
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