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  1. Its almost like you see the offseason of Sean failing as I predicted. Just proves I was always right and it was never about Bills weapons as Sean has said Glad everyone sees he is wrong again.
  2. Hovland got a hole in one on the par 4. 1st hole is wild. It's like 16 at the Waste Management Open in Arizona.
  3. Bills will have to draft a WR early since Big Game Gabe probably wont return.
  4. Maybe Hip and IC are talking about the Country? It has been in the news recently.
  5. An ownership group is being formed to return the Range to it's prior greatness. Thats all I can say for now.
  6. What is pathetic is your lack of understanding of NFL football as you continue to prove with your posts. Your a dark cloud no go be miserable somewhere else.
  7. Interesting strategy Whor except that is his name, which is not a nick name. Try and keep up. I am also considering TB43.
  8. Better start at MLB - The Nard Dog or The Legend of Kiko Alonzo?
  9. Looks like Spiked may have been right about the Merger? We can't let the Range die. Attention @HipKat
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