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  1. I mean a guy/adult who has a quote from Star Wars should tell you all you need to know about his maturity.
  2. Look at Texans and Colts schedules. Insanely easy. Also Pats are getting a top 2 pick. Awful day.
  3. Could his contract get voided? That would be greatest news.
  4. We all knew after 13 seconds it was over.
  5. I love the Bills. Completely heartbroken about this season. So no not a fake account. Sorry I don’t want a pick in the late teens and possibly lose Allen to a bad injury to beat the Patriots. Not to mention we want the pats to win as many as possible. Our season ended with Pats loss and Denver.
  6. Not the only one saying it. Media too. Don’t be a homer and look at big picture.
  7. You wanna draft at 18-19? And possibly hurt the franchise QB to beat the Chargers and Pats? Sorry not onboard
  8. It’s gotta be close after the Kansas City loss. I mean they can’t risk a bad injury and more wear and tear on Allen. The guy maybe has 3 years left? Wasted and ruined enough of his time in Buffalo. Shut him the hell down.
  9. “Per PFF, there's 137 DT's who've played at least 20% of their team's snaps this season Jordan Phillips' overall grade this season (38.6) is 133rd of 137, fifth worst in NFL His tackling grade (25.4) is 135th, third-worst in the entire NFL. Tim Settle's actually DEAD LAST, wow” Is DT now the number 1 need in offseason for Bills?
  10. Anyone gonna go on record saying this team makes it??
  11. You can save this post. This Jets win today means nothing with upcoming schedule. If they beat Philly it’s still a long shot. Those loses watching those 3 teams play is not something you can overcome in the AFC this year.
  12. YIKES. WTF has happened here????? McDermott on why he think that's dissipated with Allen over the last few weeks: "Yeah, I have my own thoughts, but I won’t go there right now. But just overall, just where we’re trying to go, offensively, where we’re trying to go as a team, that’s really what I’m focused on...
  13. If we keep losing (again assuming Josh is here) they could get Coleman.
  14. Who would have ever thought there would be trade Josh Allen talk. Insane but likely now.
  15. Who cares at this point. Tank tank tank.
  16. Personally I think it’s over and you trade him this off season for possibly one of those QBs coming out. He’s beyond fixable. Bills played some of the worst defenses in NFL last few weeks and he was abysmal. I think it’s time the fan base accepts it and moves on. There are no signs of Allen coming back. Joe Brady is not coming in here and magically fixing Allen. No chance. Never gonna happen especially anytime soon. The Allen era is dead. I know they prob won’t trade Allen but man how can you not see the dude is done? His demeanor says it all, you don’t even have to see his god awful play.
  17. After seeing this season burn in flames and his brothers tweets, what % chance do you think Diggs is gone? Very similar to Lillard situation for Trail Blazers. Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. It’s only a matter of when does he make a trade request at this point. Blazers did all right things, said right things, and finally Lillard asked out after giving them 1-2 seasons to make change. Never did. Diggs is probably gone after 2024. That’s only cause of his contact this year.
  18. Rebuild see if someone will take Allen for a few firsts and start over.
  19. This guy calls me an idiot. Yeah let’s hire another defensive coach who destroyed a young QB and is past 70. Moron. I seriously hope this post was a joke.
  20. Has anyone noticed how every RB who leaves Buffalo thrives? Houston attacked Cincy with 30+ Singletary. Clearly Houston saw what McDermott and Dorsey didn’t. Zach Moss thriving in Indy. Anyone notice a pattern? Good backs and we have midget one hit and down… James Cook. This also proves how putrid this coaching staff is. You can add RB to list of draft needs next Spring. Cook ain’t it. So bad we had to bring in Fournette who was on his couch. Fucking embarrassing.
  21. Everyone is picking Denver. Line keeps falling. I don’t wanna even hear playoffs unless Bills beat Denver and Jets.
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