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  1. Man that CB group is fking terrifying vs good offensive teams. I don’t see how the Bills don’t make a move to upgrade. You can’t start those guys and get to SB.
  2. Idk but Elam not being ready has to be deflating to them. The idea a 6th pick is ahead of him with Dane Jackson as your number one CB has to be terrifying. No way you are an elite team with that as your CB situation. Didn’t love Wallace but man I think you had to resign him knowing white was out 2-3 months.
  3. But…… Rookies aren’t suppose to be good?! That’s the excuse on Elam.
  4. Arrogance with Bills fans lately is amusing. We forget Josh Allen doesn’t play defense. CB is a massive massive problem. It’s the elephant in room nobody wants to be honest about.
  5. One of the beat writers was at a wedding I was at this past weekend. Not gonna say who. He “says” that word around camp is that Elam isn’t anywhere near where the Bills had hoped in terms of starting week one or contributing. Obviously early but seems to match what others have been reporting. That’s a big problem if the best CB is Dane Jackson!!! Kupp is gonna have 200 yards opening night.
  6. My god is that the worst slate of Thanksgiving Day games of all time??
  7. These Athletic posts need to be copied and pasted. Not everyone has accounts.
  8. Bills did nothing for the future in the likelihood they lose 2 of the 4 BIG free agents. Knox, Poyer, Edmunds, Singletary I would think Singletary is easiest to replace and hopefully they keep Knox. Poyer is a 50/50 and Edmunds I would think is gone. Therefore I would imagine 1st round pick in 2023 is a replacement for one or more of above.
  9. Not to be a downer but has never held for a kicker before. That’s not ideal for a playoff team. That’s why he slipped I imagine.
  10. She’s back at it on Twitter this morning. 🤢
  11. Here’s latest form his wife and was just deleted ⬇️ “He is happy there but look at the pay rate for him and micah both. Insanely low based on their performance. Way below average. They have been settling for this team. Now both all pros they deserved to be paid their worth. Can't be the one taking team friendly deals over and over” Then she deleted it and posted this ⬇️ “I’m being nice. Biting my tongue for now*. Y’all know how hard that is for me. Lol.. just know we want to be there. Hope it all works out.“
  12. His wife is tweeting again. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  13. I think that’s the vet the bills are dangling to move up in draft.
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