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  1. We are staring at 2-2 with Pitt KC and GB looming. 3-4 is possible. Wow. Talk about coming down from a high after the first 2 wins.
  2. And every year the Bills find new ways to lose and rip our hearts out. Every fkin year. Although 13 secs was worst this felt awful today. This franchise will never get that parade.
  3. Should the Bills not make playoffs or lose in playoffs you really need to start asking this question. He’s 0-7 in close games and terrible with challenges. 13 seconds. Gave up the huge play to Waddle today in a massive spot. Idk I think he’s really really average.
  4. Morse out too. Just get back on the plane. Don’t risk more injuries and take loss.
  5. It’s just depressing. After the 13 secs last year and then losing our stud Safety…. I mean yeah everything is great.
  6. It’s not an injury. It’s a season ending injury to the QB of the defense. You think you just replace that??? not to mention the other 10,000 injuries?
  7. Everything is fine. Only lost the QB of the defense.
  8. With all these injuries and Hyde being out for the season or maybe career (that’s what is quietly being reported) I can’t see Bills winning any of the next few. At best they will be 3-3 after KC. If you look at Miami schedule…. They prob aren’t losing more than 5. At worst. Who knows how long some of our guys will be out, but we ain’t wining a SB without home field and especially Hyde. He was the QB of defense. It’s devastating. Only guy worse is losing obviously Allen/Diggs.
  9. Bills need to have and sustain long drives. Limit them on possessions. Hope you get 1 turnover and 1-2 stops. Best we can do I think.
  10. BUMP Jackson Hyde Phillips out. Poyer likely out too.
  11. One of these days people who post links will realize not all subscribe to the Athletic. Nor want to pay to read it. Therefore either copy and paste or don’t post it.
  12. Maybe our guys shouldn’t be playing in the 4th qtr when the opponent is down 30+. Start there.
  13. Poyer might play. Hyde is think is done for a while not just this week.
  14. Doesn’t look good for Hyde… perhaps season or career ending.
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