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  1. Oh here’s more on Elam from Joe B… “It’s probаbly а yeаr too eаrly to сonsider trаdinɡ а first-round piсk like Elаm, tһouɡһ tһere is аt leаst а leɡitimаte аrɡument for doinɡ it tһis summer rаtһer tһаn wаitinɡ until 2024,” Busсаɡliа wrote, аddinɡ tһаt “sometһinɡ is һoldinɡ tһe Bills bасk from Elаm beinɡ tһe loсked-in stаrter.”
  2. Elam in round 1 over Breece Hall was maybe one of the worst picks in history of Beane era if not the worst. Basham is right up there as well.
  3. Bills have ruined this so badly. Signed Von and drafted Elam. Both massive busts that will cost a SB. Hopkins over both.
  4. First yesterday Beane says Elam needs better practices and to build off that for game days. Basically he’s not improving but regressing which is a big problem for a first rounder. Not to mention they just signed that kid from Minnesota today who is a CB and started 10-11 games last year. Benford wanst converted to safety. Wonder when it’s official and we start hearing the word bust on Elam? And remember last summer word in camp was Elam looked awful. Looks like that news was on the money.
  5. Ed Oliver. Year 5. He could. Tremendous upside. Being pushed around by Bengals backups in a home playoff game!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha good lord.
  6. Only if we get Hopkins. Otherwise it’s worse then Von Miller signing.
  7. Problem is…. they have to free up more money number 1. And then they may have to convince Davis he’s the 3 going into a contract year. I mean that’s a lot of guys to throw to. I also think Bills players and fans want him more than front office. It’s insane they couldn’t even get a late round draft pick. Just saying I think it’s real 50/50
  8. You can already see it in the videos. Stands out amongst the other ones. It’s only OTAs but passes eye test. Reminds me of the LB on Kansas City. This is what you absolutely need on Bills…. A 3rd rounder to hit.
  9. I’ve been saying it since Cincy loss. That dude has one foot out the door. I’d say 90% last season in Buffalo. Will be more telling if they trade for Hopkins. Diggs has issues with Allen and Bills. Smoke there’s fire.
  10. Ok all negativity aside where does Cook get drafted (round) in 2023??
  11. I think our running backs are putrid. Singletary would be the best back and that’s not saying much. Where do you think he would have gone in 2023? No way ahead of Robinson/Gibbs. Maybe 3rd/4th rounder at best? Kid from UCLA was 100x better too. Thoughts on the dismal RB situation?
  12. The ravens thing is possible of course but that basically says they have to agree to a deal. Which is where everyone else is who wants him. Pac-Man Jones on Pat M show today said Bills or Chiefs by tonight tomorrow. Guy I know said Bills are trying for Hopkins as well. We will see.
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