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  1. 1) I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring in a vet to compete for a cb job. 2) Does the fact Beane hasn’t made any moves mean they think White will be ready for opening day? The clips I’ve seen of him working out have been promising. 3) It would be a huge help for the inexperienced db's if Poyer is back for week 1.
  2. I'll be patient with Elam's develop but it might be time to bring in some experienced competition at cb. Maybe their lack of moves at cb is a sign they are confident White will be ready week 1 but at this point it doesn't sound like we have someone to play cb2 opposite White to start the year.
  3. I have gotten really nice, expensive Bills gear as gifts over the years but on game day I always have the same Bills t-shirt I've been wearing for the past 20-some-years and the same Bills sweatshirt I've worn for over 30 years. I'll wear the new, nice stuff during the week when I get our of my work clothes.
  4. First if all......anything different from a 1 o'clock Sunday start sucks. I like my Bills in that time spot and it totally throws off my game day if it is any thing but 1 o'clock. I watch any 1 or 4 o'clock games at my mom and dad's. It's the house I grew up watching the Bills in. I've been watching there for 50 years and things don't feel right watching anywhere else. For prime time games I absolutely never watch at a bar.....I can't take the negative fans and there always seems to be a Dolphin fan behind me commenting about every play that doesn't go in our favor. I have tried going to friend's for prime time games but my wife has to really twist my arm for that to work, even if they are big Bills fans too. I mean.....what if I don't get a good seat or if someone thinks it's ok to talk over the game. I've tried but it just doesn't work. I don't drink during Bills games any more. I need to be focused. Even if I go to the game I'll only have a beer or 2 in the parking lot. My how times have changed.
  5. Big surprise…….when Sean looks back at the Kelly led Bills teams he brings up the 4 Super Bowl losses. That’s something I’d expect from a Jets fan. I have such great memories of those 90’s Bills teams. We all wish things could have turned out differently and they had won a few of the SB’s but I look back on those years fondly, not as a curse.
  6. Gilliam seems like a tough guy who can contribute in short yardage and on special teams but was it really necessary to give him this big of a deal? He was going to be a Restricted Free Agent, so he wasn’t going anywhere. I’m sure there is a reason for the extension that I don’t understand. With a tight cap coming up I don’t expect Beane is just throwing away money unnecessarily.
  7. I definitely like what I've seen and heard about Shakir. He reminds me a little of Robert Woods, also #10 with the Bills. He isn't the biggest guy but he's got pretty good speed and athletic ability. He doesn't seem flashy and like Woods the article mentions tye importance of blocking. I'll take a Robert Woods type of wr on my team any day.
  8. Once they learned how to properly use Klein and that he could not be left alone in coverage he was a solid player for our defense. He was definitely overpaid but I wouldn't have complained if he was brought back cheap.
  9. #5 and 9 for the Sabres sounds solid. This team is turning itself around.
  10. Lamar is next. His deal will be huge. Herbert, Burrows and Lawrence will blow up the league. Josh Allen was signed at the perfect time. His deal is a steal.
  11. I think the 5 year option is guaranteed money…..maybe they will trade Darnold but I doubt they cut him.
  12. I'll wait and see what type of shape he is in for camp. An off season of training can really transform a player.
  13. Make him play out the deal he signed, thank him for his service and let him sign somewhere else. First if all, I don't want to give someone his age a big extension. Secondly, giving Poyer an extension will result in Hyde wanting an extension. The cap is going to be tight in the near future and there are going to be tough decisions to make. Poyer has played great for Buffalo but I would rather spend money on a younger, up and coming player like Knox.
  14. Rousseau had flashes last year but there were games he was totally invisible. I expect a big step forward this year, especially after seeing pictures of him in camp. He’s obvious been working out hard.
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