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  1. Aaaah Drew Bledsoe. The dream that never was. I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when we landed him. I was in college and skipped a couple of classes just so I could be in the computer room refreshing the nfl page waiting for some news. When it finally became official I was beyond happy. I thought we were done. Playoffs pretty much guaranteed and possibly even bigger things. Then he started off like a mad man throwing lasers all over the field. That was short lived. Teams adjusted, people got hurt, our OL was a mess (as usual) and we remained in mediocrity. Gotta say. I still like Drew.
  2. I think this guarantees Hamlin will be active. But like you all have said before its Rapp who will get the start
  3. The Poyer news is also making me question my prediction. It can certainly be the difference between winning and losing.
  4. If there was a week for all that brilliance to shine its this one. McD better be coikin' some serious stuff
  5. Time for the fishies and their high powered offense. They've looked unstoppable, not gonna lie. But they've also faced some pretty bad teams. Best one they played was NE and in that game they looked more earthlike. Bills are the best D they will have faced so far. We need to get to Tua, FAST. As accurate as he is I still can't complete buy into him 100%. To me he's a one read guy that is being successful because McDaniels schemes that first read open. Anyone can flourish in that type of offense. If we can bring the heat, specially up the middle I like our odds. On offense we need to control the tempo. Keep their O on the bench for extended periods of time. Big game for our running attack. I also expect Josh to have a big game as he normally does vs them. Remember he's only lost to the fish twice. The Clay drop and the insane heat game last year where we were out about half our defense due to injury. Bills 28 Fish 23
  6. Sean buddy gotta tell you. This one's not your best work. Its been 3 games. Lions don't really have anyone at WR other than Amon Ra so it figures they would use Laporta more. We have the benefit of having another TE in Knox, plus Diggs and the other WR's. It'd be awesome to have Kincaid putting up Madden numbers out there for sure but as long as we win who gives a shit if he's part of the offense or not?
  7. Don't you just love how all they can do is call Milano a dirty player because he shoved Tua ?? All while gladly supporting and drooling over a POS actual dirty player like Wilkins.
  8. It looked bad when he poured the hot sauce on it. Then the blue cheese at the end made it even worse. That just does not look good. What's wrong with just having a regular drink with your damn wings??
  9. It was a very tough catch for sure.
  10. Epic performance from Bernard. Playmaker
  11. That was some throw. It will be forgotten because Knox couldn't come up with it. But damn what a throw.
  12. Defense. Everyone. What a performance. Lets get to the honorable mentions. DLine. Eveyone contributed. Floyd was a beast, same for Oliver. AJ with the pick six. Sacks and pressures galore. McD probably creamed his pants 154 times. Bernard. Some game for the newb. Pick, fumble recovered, sacks. Domination. Hyde. Glad to see him get a pick. Tre. See above Bass money. Automatic Diggs. Unfuckwithable McD. Its his D, when it shines we gotta give the man some love. That was impressive. I don't care if it was vs a lesser opponent. Goats Dorsey and the O. Don't let the score fool you. This game was still 16-0 in the 4th quarter. Offense was below average. Allen was meh, Gabe was again MIA (aside from the td grab), the run game was meh. Play calling was an issue, specially on 1st down. We let ourselves into many 2nd and 3rd and longs. That won't cut it vs the fish. Drops by Knox and Gabe. Refs. With the retirement of Jerome Boger, Land Clark is now in the worst ref in the game. He was in mid season form throwing a flag on a phantom "tripping" on Kincaid and then doubled up by calling forward progress on the Commanders on a play that could've been challenged as a fumble. The man was running sideways, they called forward progress.
  13. Is 34-17 a blowout? I expect it to be close and then near the end Allen puts an end to it decisively.
  14. Week 3, time to hit the road again and visit our first NFL foe this year. This might seem like a cake walk but I don't think it will. Former Skin's DLine is phenomenal and that QB of theirs is playing much better than anticipated. He's fearless and the team seems to rally around him. They also have a tremendous WR in McLaurin. Having said that. There's no reason for us not to win this game. Keep it simple. Take what they give us. Find a way to pressure Howell and things should take care of themselves. Bills 34 Coms 17
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