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  1. Like I wrote on the shoutbox. Hill and Waddle are each going to score on us at least once. on long balls. I've accepted it. The key will be keeping it at just that. One each. Nothing more. JA and the boys on O can certainly outscore a couple of long touchdowns.
  2. Zero info about Poyer out there. Not sure where you're getting that from.
  3. Game 1 vs the fish. Let me hear your thoughts. Normally I'd be so calm and ready for another beatdown. Remember Josh is one Charles Clay drop away from being undefeated vs these cats. He absolutely owns them. Having said that I am very concerned at the thought of trotting out there on sunday with 2 rookie corners and no Hyde. Waddle and Hill are fast as hell and I fear our noobs will be eating dust. Luckily their guy is Tua. Who despite having a monster game last week is nowhere near that good. If we are ever going to need a great game from the Dline its this Sunday. If they are not on their A game we will NOT win this game. Our offense should be clicking as usual. Josh Allen is a mad man on a revenge tour for the ages. Bills 34 Fish 27
  4. I wouldn't go that far. While yeah our secondary isn't exactly filled with 1st and 2nd round picks the DLine is. Miller, Oliver, Epenesa, Phillips, Rousseau, Boogie. Lawson didn't play week 1 but he's also 1st rounder.
  5. He actually is. Both our corners. Hyde probably wont play either. That's 3 starters out. This is concerning fellas. I'm not saying we can't win or anything like that. We own the fish. But it won't be a cakewalk as it usually is. They could even pull the upset. If our DLine has an off game we are toast.
  6. No Hyde, Poyer and Jackson vs Hill and Waddle is seriously concerning. Literally game changing.
  7. I think we have one. His name is Devin Singletary. Its just that our coaches seem to have some money on the amount of carries Zach Moss gets each week. That or Moss has naked pictures of them because no other explanation as to why he plays is feasible.
  8. Does it look like we need him ? I rest my case.
  9. Going to the game so whatever they sell at Gay Sharks Stadium
  10. Weird ideals. Kinda ignorant TBH. But the dude balled for us. Helped Allen grow into the beast he's today. Nothing but love for him. Good luck Mr. Beasley.
  11. Amen man. Why they bring in Moss when Singletary appears to start getting in the groove is beyond me. Moss blows.
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