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  1. McDermott should've been put on alert since 13 seconds. Last year's fiasco should've made his seat hotter too. But he appears to be made of Teflon to the Pegula's I get it. He broke the curse. We have been perennial contenders under his watch. But still. He could also be part of why we can't get over the final hump (in fact I think he is)
  2. Cowherd is a moron. One of the all time morons as a matter of fact. If we had signed 10 players on offense this offseason and one on defense he would still be saying these things. He's just another in a long list of "contrarians" or "controversialists" Having said that after years and years of focusing only on D and doing little for the O this off season we finally saw a bit of change. Will it be enough? I don't know. But at least they seemed to be trying something somewhat different. Besides we can't expect them not to sign any DLineman when most of the ones we had a year ago where on one year deals. I mean we do need them.
  3. As many of us pointed out back when this happened Mr. Frazier never "voluntarily" stepped back. He was fired. Bills for whatever reason didn't wanna say it in those words. Good riddance.
  4. This is a gamble IMO. Oliver has shown flashes. We all know that. But he has not found consistency. Is getting paid going to help that? ... who knows. Then again he didn't exactly break the bank. So if Oliver balls out this year we probably saved some dollars with the early deal. Guess it all depends on what Ed Oliver we get for 2023
  5. Is this 2022 all over again? We are signing Dlinemen to one year deals again. I get why. It just didn't really pan out last year. What do they say about doing the same thing and expecting different results? Anyway. If Floyd has some juice left in the tank this could be a great move for us.
  6. So I'm late to the party I see. Sorry fellas. I was in Brazil for 2 weeks for work and couldn't visit the Range at all. Honestly I wasn't aware of that rep thing. Thanks Spiked for bringing it to my attention. With all its faults and weirdos I do love this place.
  7. Yeah ok Leslie and hopefully I will have a chance to bang Ana de Armas and Scarlett Johansson back to back. Neither is happening friend.
  8. People need to let this go. It won't happen and DHop really isn't the same anymore.
  9. The Madden curse was very real for a while there. I don't think it has been for some time now. I would still prefer for this not to be true. You know. Just in case.
  10. With 3 Lol. All jokes aside I don't see the point in this one. Other than doing Von Miller a favor this seems like a camp body that won't make final roster. Whatever.
  11. What else is new. Bills on the road on primetime. Karen Rogers and the Jets about to find out.
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