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  1. I know right … where’s Rusty Jones when you need him
  2. The only people who say that are either idiots or people that benefit from controversy… no one else
  3. I wonder what he’s got left in the tank. Maybe Beez comes outta retirement. That would be helpful to Josh imo.
  4. I know he got hurt in the pocket but if he keeps running like he does he’ll eventually get hurt. Josh is an elite QB and imo it’s irresponsible for him to continue to run wild… In the playoffs or SB then sure but I see it as being reckless at this point.. run out of bounds and slide.
  5. One thing for certain is the dude needs to learn to slide or minimize designed running plays
  6. I don’t know anything about surgery but it seems obvious there’s a problem. I’d rather lose this season and have a healthy Josh than chance his longevity
  7. The Bills struggles look like KC early season last year. Everyone talking about PM losing his confidence , throwing uncharacteristic int’s, team turnovers and Andy Reid & Eric Bieniemys play calling all in question. They obviously pulled it together and I’m confident that the Bills will get back on track but at the end of the day we still have McDermott & Frazier leading the way.
  8. Bills bounce back 31-14….
  9. Then went 7-4 7-5 7-6 then we ran the table.
  10. We were 6-3 last year at week 10.
  11. Their schedule was much softer last year as well
  12. Before we made our late season run we were 7-6. We were 0-5 in one score games. Lost two in a row once.
  13. Everybody goes thru slumps. The Bills do it in a manner that if you saw it in a movie you’d say ‘ that shit could never happen ‘. I think Martin Scorsese is game planning for us. Let’s hope this weeks title is Best show in snow.
  14. In all fairness the SB talk started in Vegas as their favorites to win. Then the pundits followed and the Bills started the season blowing teams away. I was never convinced solely because I’ve been a fan for fifty years and have learned to be patient knowing very well it’s the good teams that get hot at the end of the season that have the best chance. SB talk early in the season ( to me ) is simply nonsensical. It provides entertainment, something to talk about.
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