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  1. I also said it was my “insinuation”, go look it up numbnuts! Meaning I didn’t need some website like the leftist propaganda outlets you rely on for the programming of your simple mind 👍....
  2. Hey simpleton, fuck off 👍! Died in his sleep of heart complications, in DR while shooting a movie. Travel + the industry he works in + if you want to work “get vaccinated”= very likely he had all his “vaccinations” and “boosters”! So take your simple stupid sheep bullshit elsewhere knucklehead.
  3. IN THE FACE! Not impossible to live after that at all, but the odds weren’t in her favor.
  4. The past 2.5+ years is all completely coincidental of course!? 🤣 anybody that thinks that is very, very simple. Not saying you are JAhall, I understand your sarcasm 👍.
  5. who are they going to sue? It really is sad that many people will have reactions to these “vaccines” and still continue to get them stacked in their body. Allergic reactions usually don’t get less severe with more and more exposure.
  6. That’s possible. But what she called “antibodies” was more like histamines (still an antibody but an allergic one) from an over worked immune system, and a reaction to that vaccine and the natural virus. Those vaccines are noted to cause confusion in the immune system and it’s sensory and reactionary functions.
  7. Like it or not Brady was a cheater (or very complicity involved in it with the team) to accomplish many of those accomplishments! FUCK TOM BRADY!
  8. What type of medication did you take (otc or pres.)? Those welts and itching sound like hives, from an allergic reaction to meds.!?
  9. These statistics aren’t going to go over well with the “take away the guns and force them to get every vaccination” lefties! Their trigger level may be at the “steady breathing” state at this point.
  10. You can use the ethanol containing fuels (E10, E15) just don’t allow them to sit in any part of the small engines fuel system once finished with the task it’s used for!
  11. Shit, you beat me to it! Those “Beto male” shirts are PRICELESS 🤣🤣
  12. Damn, that’s a shame! RIP Ray Liotta 😔
  13. Sounds like allergies to me 🤣! My Crapvid experience was before they even said it was here oct/nov 2019, tingle between nasal and throat, loss of taste and smell was a “light switch” next, followed by a 7-10 day facial migraine, worst sore throat I can remember, roller coaster of chills to overheating, worst body aches I’ve ever had (hands and knees were worst), and a bunch of coughing, then the green goo came out at the end. A week or so of fatigue after, and a month or so of a lingering dry cough. I Didn’t go to a DR. I treated with mucinex flu w(ACE), D, C, E, Pedialyte(Sp?), water, and not leaving my house for a week or so. Minimal to no stuffy head or runny nose at all, which I was surprised about. Almost exactly a year prior I got some type of flu, was a week worth of stuffed head, sneezing and completely blocked off nasal passages. So I was expecting that again 🤷‍♂️.
  14. He’s definitely a funny guy! I’m in the first 20% of the second 50% he spoke of, laughing my ass off, but I have a firearm (a legal one, that’s why it’s in the car) at the least in my vehicle 🤣👍
  15. I’ve heard the stories from some of my relatives, and they mostly made fun of it, like it was gonna help in a nuclear war! Funny how some of this stuff sticks in our heads, and the rest just gets blown away like dust.🤣
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