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  1. I had to breath into a paper bag, I was starting to hyper-ventilate 🤣... l’m relaxed, no worries 🍻.
  2. Not as good as Poy!! I hope his status has minimal effect on the outcome 🙏🤞
  3. Man, that really sucks! 11-0 vs. 1-3 with and without Poyer is such a depressing stat 😔🤦‍♂️!?
  4. Only mentally unstable people conclude “Republicans want this woman to die” out of this situation! Maybe she and the other workers should consider going on strike prior to the possible “shutdown”.
  5. “According to most Republicans”. How long after this statement did he “freeze up”?
  6. So, for all intents and purposes, your description for every other poster on this forum (excluding F8 of course) is exactly the same. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, YOU’RE THE PROBLEM?!
  7. I think, and I sure hope I’m right, the Bills are going to bring the Fish crashing down to earth this weekend!
  8. Nope, not at all, not one bit! If you could open your eyes, get out of the safety of your basement, and actually think like a semi normal human, you’d have a better understanding of reality.... Try it, it’s not that scary, just watch out for the beginning of the “trans genocide”, word is it’s starting really soon 🤷‍♂️.
  9. But what about “corporate greed”!? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Uhuh, sure it isn’t skippy🤦‍♂️! When this awful occurrence happened, it was front and center “a thing”. It’s still there, you’re just too stupid and ignorant to see it.
  11. You are such a moron 🤦‍♂️! You can’t even fathom how stupid ^^^^ this post is🤯...
  12. I get tired since I work, not that you would understand any of that! My point was it didn’t get placed in the continuous loop of “white people are racist” news, so it didn’t get much attention.
  13. I live in N.C. and it wasn’t too far from me that this happened (a couple of hours west of me), like I said, it didn’t get much attention. The dude was driven to it by the racist agenda that was being forced upon the people in 2020😔!!
  14. This was in 2020, and it was fucked up for sure. Didn’t make the “real news” headlines since it wasn’t very fitting of the narrative they wanted to push!
  15. Thanks professor obvious 🤔, most mentally retarded humans were born with their deficiency. And most of understand you are one of them 🤤. Some days I almost feel pity for you, most days it’s just a feeling of disgust!
  16. You’ve been defeated, embarrassed, exposed, OVER AND OVER kiddo! You’re simple, you understand it, you just don’t want to admit it 😔. You should, you may gain something by finally admitting it.
  17. You have NO arguments that are valid! Your “I’m for the working person” spiel, while NEVER having done any work (physically or mentally) arguments HAVE ZERO VALIDITY, SWEETIE! You’re what most of us call a “retard”, and we have sympathy for the parents of kids like you! Sorry, not sorry, it’s just the truth 😏.
  18. Please, you’re an uneducated little lad, you’ve been outmatched since your remedial self came back here! Get a job, get some life experience, actually do something worthwhile with your life, THEN come on back “SWEETIE”!!!
  19. You praise a “picketing president” while never having done any type of work 🤣! Have you ever created anything other than waste in your life? I haven’t my doubts. You’ve NEVER been in any of these situations, yet you praise it like you have some idea about what lead up to it 🤣🤦‍♂️🤤. Lazy, stupid people would praise this type of behavior, great job ICR 👍. You’re a good unproductive, uneducated bum, CONGRATS.
  20. So you’re admitting that your “crush” grows stronger and stronger by the day!? It’s cute (the queer queen you are), but, ultimately, it’s a “Stockholm syndrome” situation with your inexperienced, gullible self. 🤦‍♂️🤤
  21. This is complete bullshit, and most of us understand it! DON’T praise this nonsense (from either side) unless you want them to remove your ability to purchase a very capable, very EASY firearm (some of you folks NEED the “very easy” part , badly)! THESE ARE BAD LAWS, remove a citizens “right to defend” themselves due to the “government” having indicted them on some charge 🤤🤷‍♂️(Grand jury or not, it’s all coerced).
  22. D. Dawkins also has an (easily arguable) generational talent making him look good most of the time!!
  23. That storm is already past there! It got stuck right on top of us for a day and a half. Wasn’t a abad storm, just really came out of nowhere 🤯🤣🤦‍♂️.
  24. I’m sure some are hot AF! The transy was pretty obvious in the OP pic 🤔. https://www.panthers.com/cheerleaders/roster/
  25. Look at the difference in the muscle definition of all of the others (not the actual dude in the back left, that probably knows he’s a man) compared to the “guy” to the right of the blonde!!
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