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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/josh-allen-wearing-a-big-hat-just-screams-playoff-loss/ar-AA14PnCu
  2. That was a bullshit call! The ejection is RIDICULOUS. He moved his head and lead with his shoulder, and stopped a TD, isn’t that the point of football!? Players understand the ramifications to an extent of suiting up and playing it at that level.
  3. Of the Cheats and Bellicheat 😍👍!
  4. I thought the lefties would be happy about that! “Climate change” and the need to remove humans from this planet to correct that CYCLE!
  5. What did I say?! SpunkedAIDS is using this account now 🤤. Where is this “call out” topic you’re referring to?
  6. He’s only using the TT or possibly another account for now! It went from Low class shit pics to Dick pics🤦‍♂️👎!
  7. Just like most cultures have done at some point in the history of humanity! Norwegian Viking is in my blood, along with multiple other nationalities.
  8. Smacked me across the face and some other stuff I’m sure, but the smack was the !!!!!!. And she wasn’t a woman who abused the “momma smack”!!
  9. I called my Mother a Bitch ONCE when I was young, I never did it again! And I LOVE and RESPECT my Mother dearly for being there for me and teaching me these things like respect, personal responsibility, etc....
  10. Sounds very similar to another poster that recently threw a hissy fit when most of the board ignored he/she/it!? 🤔
  11. Lol, IC is continuing his crush and fantasies in the SB! With comments of you raping him!!
  12. You definitely continued conversations far longer than I ever would have! Maybe it’s fate, “just the two of you, you can make it if you try” 🤣🤣🤣
  13. But now, he/she is pushing it! Start your own dick pic thread if you’d like, but have some respect for straight men if you want respect for queer people! It’s a 2 way street kiddo 👍! (And I won’t make a joke out of that)
  14. Hate’s probably a bit strong of a term to describe it. I don’t know him/her whichever, I don’t hate them. More like disgusted with their lack of community respect, kind of like TT! SpunkedAIDS is bordering on the other though 🤣.
  15. Toofast80


    🤣🤣🤣 Good call. I wonder if Roller girl is in the sequel 🤔?
  16. Toofast80


    🤣 Or it finds the random dump of H in the forest!
  17. Toofast80


    I wonder if they cast Johnny Depp to be in the plane throwing the product out? The clothing seems like it fits to be in a parallel timeline with ‘Blow’ 🤣!
  18. Toofast80


    Packaging and all! I’d almost bet the bear has a heart attack in the end and that’s the only way it is stopped 🤣.
  19. Toofast80


    That looks surprisingly AMAZING 👍! “You’re safe up here, Bears can’t climb trees”🤣 At least it’s not a remake of some 70’s, 80’s or 90’s movie.
  20. Who is the BU LT? Botegger(sp?) or Brown swap sides? *NM it’s Quessenberry!
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