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  1. Can the sprinter catch a football, over the shoulder, running full speed in who knows what type of conditions!?
  2. If anything this is the Jags game last year, or even more so the Patriots & Mac Jones “3 pass wind game”!
  3. I understand. I was a huge proponent of extending Morse, many were not. They got him to aid in JAs progression, and he’s done that nicely. Not the strongest center, but rarely does he have miscues like the multiple ones today!
  4. Not just Oliver, Phillips as well! He’s just as big of a factor as Oliver is, those 2 alone are HUGE contributors to that DL performance.
  5. I thought Morse was gonna be a go. He’s JA17s guy, they definitely work well together.
  6. Lol, JA17 actually played in the game, Tua had a couple of series. He needed a fucking nap and a drink.
  7. The doom and gloom around here is unreal! 2 pt. Loss, away, in Miami Heat, with the replacements as players 🤷‍♂️.
  8. I love that! That’s a guy who GAF about the team and winning! Lots of pissed off Bills today. JA17 is a beast, even if he didn’t win today, that DT wanted minimal part of him.
  9. Well, JA17 is playing there at that time, he’s a mofoing monsoon usually 🤷‍♂️🐐!!!
  10. I loved Milanos smack down on Willis! That was needed 🤣👍
  11. I think the Bills will win tomorrow. I also think Hyde to IR and Poyer being banged up will cost them a game in W-L totals at some point this season.
  12. He did try, a little. He made suggestions that most decent people would abide by. But when you have garbage like the aforementioned type people, they don’t care about others and their things. ENTITLED POS, gonna troll!
  13. We could have lost the Patriots (regular season) game if MH wasn’t playing! Top 3 safety in the league, that’s a big loss.
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