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  1. The way you reacted to my post is the way you react to everything, you come at things in full retard mode. You will have to show me where dumb was said or implied. Do you know what Asperger syndrome is? Never go full retard!
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that someone with a severe case of aspergers can become an NFL head coach, but to call Mike McDaniel an offensive genius is a reach. When he could have simply run the ball more to beat the Bills in the second and third match ups last year and didn’t, he lost any shot at “genius” status.
  3. So what if JA has 40% of the rushing attempts inside the 5 yard line, but has more total carries inside the 5 yard line? Would that be better? % of carries inside the 5 is a stupid stat.
  4. Not even reading any other response. The fish have a QB made of glass, a star WR that says he will retire in a couple of years, a head coach that has won nothing and is infatuated with the passing game even if running is the better option, and a fan base full of old farts who always bring up a team from 1972. Let me get on that wagon. Lol.
  5. The Jets get picked over the Bills because, two of the Bills third string tackles won’t be playing. Lol, now I know where some of the dumb opinions on this site originate.
  6. Do you know something no one else does? How are you picking the Cardinals to make the playoffs? Their own players don’t even think they will win 5 games.
  7. NFL MVP - The QB with the most total TDs: Allen or Mahomes with around 45. NFL DPOY - The guy with the most sacks: TJ Watt, N Bosa, Garrett, or Reddick. NFL OPOY - The WR with the most receiving yards and the one who will hold the single season record: Hill, Kupp, Jefferson, Adams, or Diggs. Comeback Player - Damar Hamlin Bills - Breakout player - Groot: +12 sacks Best Rookie - Kincaid: 2nd on the team in receptions and TDs. Pro Bowlers - White, Hyde, Groot, Allen, Diggs, Morse, Dawkins, Oliver Divisions: NFCW - San Fran, Sea*, LAR, Ari NFCS - NO, Atl, Car, TB NFCN - Min, Chi*, Det, GB NFCE - Phi, Dal*, NYG, Wash AFCW - KC, LAC*, Den, LVR AFCS - Jax, Ten, Hou, Indy AFCN - Bal, Pit*, Cin, Cle AFCE - Buf, NYJ*, Mia, NE
  8. WHAT? I would never have guessed that you @seandelevanof all people on the Range would be so pessimistic about the Buffalo Bills. To use the words of @Victor7”I think we all expected this” from you.
  9. PRESEASON football is not real football. If you think the Bills Brass would put anything on tape for any team, especially the Jets, to glean from, you continue to show your lack of knowledge of the game.
  10. Some of my favorites calls were La La La La Fontaine goals and the May Day goal. You don’t realize how good guys like Jeanneret and Van Miller were until you listen to the crap we have now.
  11. If you a posting Nick Wrights opinion as the truth, you may want to rethink your life.
  12. IMO a lower division team would have to go undefeated to get in.
  13. 12, even better, although I wouldn’t want it much bigger. I don’t want this to turn into NCAA basketball tournaments size.
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