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  1. LMAO, are you fucking kidding me??? A total hit piece, you are only proving my point with this garbage.
  2. I don't typically photograph my dinner although I can tell you that I had the C3 combo and 2 Blue lights.
  3. Actually Im pretty sure he's aligned with the framers of our American constitution.
  4. I met Ted last summer in Texas. I bought the Danger Zone package meet and greet and was able to talk to him for a half hour about politics, guns and life. He couldn't have been nicer.
  5. why? Because he worked his ass off all of his life, became a successful musician that sold out arenas all over the world? Oh yeah, you HATE anybody who disagrees with your leftist ideology that has literally killed millions and creates nothing but misery all over the world.
  6. Your strap on has done more damage than my Glocks ever will.
  7. Just watch these loons on TYT push fake news. Curiously nothing about their boy Springsteen.
  8. I don't question or condemn either man, that was their decision. My point is the ridiculous double standard by the left-wing media and leftists alike. I've never seen or heard a Conservative go after Springsteen for his decision yet in every single leftist article covering Nugent he is referred to as a draft dodger. Even Piers Morgan attacked him with that on CNN during an interview.
  9. So let me get this straight, I propose 3 absolute undisputable FACTS about JA performance and his FACTUAL record. You lob a couple of childish insults because you are frustrated because you can't refute any of the FACTS and that makes ME a dummy in your mind?
  10. I'm rooting for this guy, I was shocked to see him watching a stressful playoff game in person that soon after the event though.
  11. These people are pure poison. Sooner or later this guy will be getting an award from the Bidens at the White house when they find out he and his 100 loons will vote democrat.
  12. Oh yes because you can't judge a player's performance unless you are a fan of the team they play for. Think like a teenager much?
  13. I do feel this way, What has Allen won? Did he not lead the league in turnovers? Did he not suck in the Bengal playoff game? Can you refute the facts or are you just into name calling?
  14. I watched a very well-done production of Springsteen on Broadway last night on Netflix. Bruce and 2 of his friends were drafted for Vietnam together and reported together, Bruce went on to explain that during the interviews all 3 men manufactured a plan to avoid getting sent to serve, he didn't explain further but all 3 were successful and were sent home. Ted Nugent has been maligned for years by the left for being a draft dodger because of a fake Rolling Stone article. Ted was enrolled at an Oakland area college at the time and received his deferment as a result. We all know the left will attempt to destroy every part of your life if you dare to think for yourself or sway from their evil agenda. Why the double standard here, both men obviously looked for a way out of service yet 1 has been ridiculed for years for his deferment yet Bruce is given a pass because he bows down to the leftist agenda. When will people wake up?
  15. What is your son doing since you are clearly busy AGAIN?
  16. So he wont be searching for a mail order bride from the jungle any time soon?
  17. Tucker is getting called out? Thats a laugh since all CNN and MSNBC do 24-7 is talk about skin color and attack white men.
  18. The guy is totally overrated, he has won nothing in this league and failed miserably in the Bengal playoff game not to mention leading the NFL in turnovers last season.
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