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  1. I love it! That means I pissed you off more than the rest. You're too easy!
  2. No, it's like you called my mom an anal whore, same thing. Don't you just love it when Spike plays the poor poor victim?
  3. Yeah, she must be a real prize to get involved with your ass. Every woman dreams of a mentally ill old bald fat moron.
  4. Just listen to these idiots, untreated mental illness
  5. As you can see ,I'm #1 on Spikes list! That means I really piss him off and I got under his skin. I've intellectually destroyed him so many times he is mush. I'm willing to share my technique if anybody wants to piss him off or scare him.
  6. Can't read a calendar stupid? You're early
  7. You're not doing shit asshole. You nearly melted when a telemarketer called you. Nobody cares about your wife from the carribean mail order mag.
  8. That monkey married him for her citizenship, the first wife cheated on him with a real man now she's gone
  9. I cant wait either , its fun watching that POS go off a deep end day after day. That sad part is I have a contract for 3 new derricks and Ill be too busy to see it until I'm done. My employees always check his asshloery during lunch, they think it's actually the site owner just trying to generate hits.
  10. LOL, like you know what real life is.You wake up at 3am and go to a computer to threaten and spam a Bills site until you go to bed.
  11. You're recreating history my friend. Dr. Fauci was not the end all of medical opinions. Plenty of respected doctors offered alternative treatments as time went on before the vaccine and some with success. I don't recall any rallies except toward the end when free thinking adults decided after being vaccinated that they were OK to be out in public. Trump was a huge proponent of re-opening schools and he turned out to be correct. The mental illness and suicides the schools are dealing with right now in teenagers because of the extended lockdowns is a large problem. The extended shutdowns were totally unnecessary and caused unreasonable hardship on business owners many who have lost everything. It's telling that you seem to give Biden a pass though, more died under his watch AFTER he was given a vaccine and had much more knowledge about the virus at that point.
  12. Mishandled? A novel virus with no vax available. He shut down travel and he was criticized for that. He was advising against crowds and the democrats responded by telling everybody to go to festivals. He relied on Dr. Fauci's expertise and fast tracked a vaccine that the democrats said they wouldn't take because they didn't trust Trump. The media and the democrats nitpicked and distorted everything Trump said to score political points and to just plain harass instead of putting away politics and work together. Finally, after having a vaccine and far more knowledge about the virus because of time, MORE people died under Biden and the democrats.
  13. After all the lying, cheating and lawbreaking Hillary did, it's odd that not 1 democrat ever thought to hold a hearing. It seems like this Trump stuff is purely political.
  14. I know what ya mean, it would be terrible to get back to an upward stock market, cheap gas, a secure border and an America first agenda. That would be just terrible.
  15. People will criticize but would sit down for a bowl when hungry and enjoy it.
  16. Stop spending money on defense? The Chinese and Russians would love that! Stand back and watch and do nothing as other countries massacre innocents? That worked out great in Nazi Germany huh? Government health care would work out just as well as government run schools or government run anything.
  17. By the way the interviewer here referred to Jesse as a Navy Seal, he was never a true Navy Seal. He did graduate UDT school but never completed the extra 26 weeks of training to become a Seal. The guy is not only an asshole for suing a widow of a true Navy Seal, but he apparently participates in stolen valor as well. After Vietnam the Navy merged UDTs with Seal teams on paper however Jesse never went through anything close to the training of today or since 1975.
  18. Is it not a comment from Jesse Ventura? How the hell does a comment about Jesse Ventura have nothing to do with anything about Jesse Ventura?
  19. The problem with NPR or any hyper partisan news outlet is that it's impossible to formulate an opinion after reading due to the fact of distortion, half-truths and outright lies (opinions).
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