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  1. Buffalo is not and will never be a glamour franchise. People across the country just aren't interested in Buffalo. Just imagine the NHL Winnipeg jets playing the Columbus Blue jacket's, are you investing 3 hours watching that?
  2. I confess that I am more of a hockey fan than football so here's my question. Why wouldn't an NFL team sign a guy that is an all-world sprinter to sit the bench the entire game until the 4th quarter when defenses are winded, run a few plays of long passes then bring in the rested and fresh sprinter that nobody could hope to cover for a deep pass. Catching a football unmolested is not difficult.
  3. If the Bills were 3-0 right now, people all over Buffalo would be saying that the Bills are the best team in the NFL......
  4. You are equating causing a panic to someone believing in a conspiracy theory? WOW.
  5. I see, so you are refusing to educate yourself on free speech laws and the first amendment. Well, you can always rely on saying FU and eat shit to anybody you disagree with.
  6. Just imagine him falling and breaking a hip, ending up in traction and wearing a diaper. How would you like to be the nurse to take care of that?
  7. LOL, you're such a simpleton, I would suggest that you research the first amendment. The freedom of speech isn't measured by how much pain speech may cause to other people. I don't support or agree with anything Alex Jones but who sits in judgement of what speech is acceptable or not? Every time I have dialogue with you, I end up feeling like I'm talking to a child.
  8. What the hell are you talking about? In 2022 the DOW rose to almost 37,000. 401Ks are down an average of 12%, Inflation is at a 40 year high with opportunity to grow due to this Administrations incompetence and all of the indices are down across the board. Due to inflation families are hurting and have moved to high interest credit cards to bridge the gap. A recession is on the way, and it doesn't help to "settle down".
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