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  1. its time to do something with guns? Cool, I think I'll take my Glock in and get some night sights installed
  2. Beto is the typical liberal, clueless and living in a fantasy world.
  3. Please clarify, Is it freedom that you don't like or is it peoples right to defend themselves? I would submit that any restaurant in Texas that would display a sign restricting firearms would be operated by a clueless individual. Thats akin to a restaurant operator in Buffalo banning anyone wearing Bills gear. If people actually knew in a state like NY where firearms must be concealed how many firearms are around them while they shop and dine they would be amazed.
  4. TAGE THOMPSON is just awesome BUT, he lacks toughness. Chain Tage up to a doghouse this summer, feed him sparsely and beat him with a rolled up newspaper daily. He'll be just fine come October.
  5. I don't know if you are this stupid or you are just resisting the information. Letting people get killed is NOT the strategy. Cops save lives every day. That's why YOU would call them this minute if you needed help. I would invite you to speak to a law enforcement SWAT team member about tactics and have a dialogue about any other questions you may have. I'd recommend you stay away from the childish and moronic leftist dogma you display here though. I would also refrain from offering advice as you are nothing but a do nothing-know nothing opinionated welfare guy.
  6. What an absolutely stupid comment. Do you really think they wouldn't have immediately entered if they knew the subjects exact location and if he wasn't using children as a shield? I get it, you hate cops. Every time I read one of your posts it reminds me of a drunken never accomplished anyting asshole on a barstool at 1 in the afternoon shooting his mouth off with his zipper undone.
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