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  1. You didn't violate anything Hip, either did I or anybody else on that list except for Spike of course. He's pretty much retaliating because we called him out. I say peace out for now Hip because I'm not one to put up with a tyrant here. I'm gone till hockey season and I'll see you then. Take care!
  2. Don't waste your time with this guy Hip, he just laughs, no clue.
  3. Dude, just transfer it over to a Roth IRA in the S&P, You'll get 10% growth every year and double your money every 10 years.
  4. Just because you're not sophisticated enough to understand the ramifications of ignoring threats and doxing don't criticize those who are. Your ignorance is astounding.
  5. 3% GROWTH SINCE 7-3-23 Rallying today!
  6. Hope you Rangers listened to me and invested in the S&P 500! The S&P is rallying today and is up 3% over the past 30 days!
  7. I would imagine that a competent moderator would have done his job over the past 2 years while shit pics, threats to murder, threats to dismember dead bodies to send parts to mothers, threats to slit throats, threats to blow up homes, threats to burn down homes and attempted doxing continued month after month. Several complaints were made yet it was always crickets from you and Lit. Please stop with the superior attitude when you should be offering an apology to the victims of the steady and almost daily harassment that you allowed to continue. No prudent ADULT would IGNORE and not address threats against his family, dwelling, or business.
  8. Exactly! This is like today's management style. ONE person is a problem so instead of dealing with that one individual the entire group gets threatened. Makes no sense.
  9. How the hell do you budget for a war the day after a surprise terror attack, Reagan was awesome and your comment about a bad economy and Trump is just embarrassingly dumb.
  10. Well,THAT I can understand. That is only one individual here that has a mental illness and was also banned from other sites for cause. Hopefully he is arrested, banned or just gone soon.
  11. Yep, Mikgaes is an asshole AND stupid. Oh, I just remembered who he's friends with LOL
  12. Have you ever considered siphoning gas out of the work truck then funneling the gas into your own pickup?
  13. You are a bit weak in the concept of investments aren't you. If he enjoys spending time in commiefornia then he has a home to relax in not to mention the property doubling in value when he decides to sell it.
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