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  1. Edmunds is the most over-rated MLB I ever remember the Bills ever having on their roster. Hope the door didn't hit him on the ass on his way outta town. Good fucking riddance. Chicago was the team that made the mistake. But good for the Bills dumping his ass.
  2. To pee in the bushes or on the sidewalk. He wants to see which I'll pick?
  3. So you know what God wants? Smacks as being the ultimate in arrogance.
  4. He's whatever you need him to be.
  5. Many things can be successfully anticipated by the culmination of a person's previous actions/decisions. That and God is all-knowing. Is that concept too hard for you?
  6. Hope not. He was terrible and was the guy that blew his assignment in the game that Allen hurt his elbow against the Jets.
  7. I've been listening to Joe Beningo on the radio since the 1990s. He's a true New Yorker and Jets to the bone. But one thing you need to know about him is he's overdramatic about it all. He's back on the air in a limited fashion. Heard him the other day, on air, saying the same stuff. What have the Jets done to make themselves and elite team? Nothing yet. Just signing Aaron Rodgers doesn't make them elite. Beningo is just like every other Jets fan down here, except he gets airtime on one of he biggest local sports radio stations in the country. He's not a smart guy, and has no insider info. He just speaks from his green heart. It was 5 years ago that Beningo was forced into an extended leave of absence after he sexually harassed an ad executive. https://nypost.com/2018/07/20/wfans-joe-benigno-takes-leave-of-absence-amid-sex-harass-suit/
  8. Which city deserves a team? Are you kidding? The last play-offs with all warm weather teams only. The NHL has over-diluted it's talent already. No more expansion.
  9. I suppose it beats you jammies from the gulag.
  10. Congratulations on recognizing the asshole that you are. Asshole.
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