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  1. Oh, so must be f8 and I have concluded our discussion to your satisfaction or else you wouldn’t have got in our way. I wanted to make sure f8 (and you) understood where I was going here and Arnold was the obvious choice to get there.
  2. Not necessarily. Forgive me, I haven’t put a lot of research in transitioning. If I spent years training and I looked like Arnold, then I decided I wanted to do hormone therapy, my strength wouldn’t drop overnight,right? I would maintain a strength advantage for a while. In fact, if continued to train as hard as the next woman wouldn’t I keep that advantage going forward since I started at a higher point?
  3. Oh. So you’re admitting in some sports it would matter? Well there you go
  4. Alright I’ll answer your question. Natural non- performance enhanced testosterone rates should not disqualify a biological man from competing with another biological man. Ok, your turn. Does being a biological male have any advantages against a biological female athletically?
  5. My response was intended as a cute way of saying any sport where a man has an advantage over a woman. I should have known that you would bring out a rare example of some woman having elevated testosterone and warp it into should people with high testosterone be disqualified? And the next step in our debate would be if so what’s the number? Anything to get us off the point. Which is, do biological men have an unfair advantage over women? Which up to now you refuse to answer
  6. You pick out a rare case where a female has elevated testosterone and compare it to biological males always having a higher level and you say see it’s apples to apples. So you believe men have no physical advantage in sports over women? Ok. Let’s look at the history of men’s track and weight lifting vs women’s for possible examples unfair advantages. Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but, there might be one or two historical example of biological men having an advantage over women.
  7. So you believe that a biological male and female are on a level playing field? Got it. OK, now IC can answer because he’s the one I was asking.
  8. Come on, man. You know that’s to hard for him to twist and spin
  9. Any sport where testosterone could give someone an unfair advantage
  10. I am curious about what IC thinks about biological men competing in women’s sports
  11. I find it hard to believe that could be enforced. I mean, states aren’t prisons. I’m moving from Texas to New York….. one week later, I didn’t like New York, I’m moving back.
  12. I know which party you think. This is the crazy thing about the two party system. Abortions and guns both take lives. Yet, if you belong to a political party you can be against both. That’s crazy from my point of view.
  13. Nice try at defection. To tell you the truth I could give a fuck about you. Go ahead be hateful and missable all your life. Your wife must love that. Oh right…. My bad
  14. I feel the same about gun control as I do abortion, I see both sides. I don’t own a gun, so I really don’t have a horse in this race. I think people should be able to own guns for hunting and personal protection. People shouldn’t own assault rifles. The line is somewhere in the middle. Where exactly, I don’t know. I agree we need to end these mass shootings. I wish I had the answer on how to fo that.
  15. Come on, this is crazy. You could put a gun in the hand of ever Republican and there is still zero chance of overthrowing the US government. The biggest military in the world vs a bunch of untrained rednecks with guns? And with the exception of a handful of extremists, everyone is aware of this. I said after 2020 there was a good chance the Republicans would never get back in power. All the Democrats had to do was make things better. They dropped the ball and that’s opened the door for Republicans in November.
  16. There is no difference, neither is true. Just two separate groups of people that let politics dominate their lives. It must really suck to let things you have little control over, effect you like you do.
  17. What is this? Like the 25th thread Hip has started about Trump going to jail? I said to him when he started one about a year ago, “Again?” And he said “this time it’s going to happen”
  18. There is zero chance Hillary or Hunter have anything to worry about in the American judicial system
  19. So the stock market since Biden took over is basically a wash. January 19 2021 the dow was 30,930. Right now it’s 30,811. You would have been better off investing in a coffee can buried in your backyard
  20. I didn’t like W. I didn’t think he was very bright. I always felt that he invaded Iraq, because he knew finding Bin Laden was going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So he went after a target that he knew where that target was and he might as well finish what his father started. Afghanistan turned into a nightmare. I’ve got to admit that megaphone speech at the WTC was pretty epic. I ran out and bought a flag.
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