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  1. Exactly, if Josh doesn’t turn the ball over, the Bills win. It’s that simple.
  2. I’ll believe it when I see it. Too many activists, with a “not so secret agenda” (their words, not mine) in high positions. They’re not going to just give up on those agendas like that. Iger knows his one time “family brand” is hemorrhaging money, he needs to try to say something to convince families to come back. But, the days of just entertaining people is so old fashioned and his company is full of people that would rather see it go down in flames before they’d give up on their agendas.
  3. That’s great news. I even found the link for IC. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/forum/7-carolina-panthers/
  4. With all the batshit crazy stuff he comes up with I believe you
  5. Honest question, if we found a job in a field that interested you, would you apply? Or do you despise work so much, you’ll refuse any offer?
  6. How is this a call thread? This is the most helpful thread I’ve seen in this section in a long time. It’s a lot better then talking about mythical genders and bogeyman fascists. Helping a member that seems completely incapable of finding useful employment a job is a public service. One that all of us need to get behind. You as a member of hard working America should know the importance of everyone carrying there share. America is like an engine, it runs at peek performance when all the small parts do there job. The IC cylinder has never fired. That makes all of us other parts have to work that much harder to keep the engine running. We can continue to ignore the problem until it becomes a major problem or we can fix it now and get America running at the peek performance it was designed to. Great thread, Gibby. This is a “call to duty” thread. Come on, Range! Do your civic duty and help find IC a job.
  7. Let them move in with all the dumbasses that want open borders
  8. Interesting. A woke company running from what they helped create.
  9. That’s good because he doesn’t pay anybody rent. If his mother gets any money for him to live in her basement… the government pays it.
  10. Once you start believing the hype you start to look for the highlight reel plays over the boring safe ones
  11. Josh is better then Tua. ( maybe not last night, but, most nights) Our TEs are better. Other then that,I’m not seeing a lot of areas that we’re heads and shoulders above them on paper. They are a very good team.
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