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  1. A christian church in Tennessee would likely have members with guns of their own. A christian school would be a much easier target for this coward.
  2. April Fools came early this year. He’s out of the league, the Bills could have him anytime they want
  3. It would be hard to come up with a draft I hate more. Beane drafts yet another Dlineman in the first and another in the third? Are you f-ing kidding me. In five drafts BB has drafted DL in the first or second round four times and they all have vastly underperformed. You got nothing out of any of them in either playoff game vs beat up offensive lines. Meanwhile, your $250 million QB is running for his life. This mock has to be a troll job.
  4. I think we’ve established that this team college scouting staff is not it’s strength
  5. Sean is talking about all these teams think they are getting DH. Did anyone else think it was strange that he highlights the Chiefs as one of the teams when the article is about how they are OUT of the Hopkins sweepstakes?
  6. He is a good GM when it comes to FAs and trades. His college scouting staff leaves a little to be desired, especially in the early rounds. He seems to be able to find day three steals. Other than Allen, name one day one or two pick that you would say was great value for where he was picked.
  7. IC doesn’t need an ass kicking. He needs to go outside that little bubble, we call his mother’s basement. Get a job, find out what it’s like to accomplish something. Join a gym, meet a girl. A real one, that doesn’t have a penis. Go watch John Wick and submerge yourself in toxic masculinity. Go to a bar that doesn’t have “rainbow safe space” on the door. Buy a gun. Wait a minute, skip that last one. You probably shouldn’t own a gun.
  8. So in other words, you’re happy sticking to your political bias talking points. Got it. As far as Trump? I think most of America wishes he just move on and go away. I know I am. As far as protests if he is indicted? It’s already been proven that the white middle class is no good at protesting. Things like jobs and families are a real hindrance. Leave the protesting to the whinny crybaby fags that are good at it.
  9. More reason for Beane to trade his high picks for proven talent like Hopkins. It’s the only way he gets value.
  10. Over/under how many times does Keanu say “whoa”? I say 5.
  11. Bates is back to playing the spot I wanted him playing last year. #1 bench warmer. Top guy off the bench. Now let’s draft a Tackle and move Spencer Brown to #2 bench warmer.
  12. He just signed with the Giants. I haven’t seen the terms yet
  13. That would be smart, but, there’s already another thread talking about how bad the Bills are at getting compensatory picks. To get one you need to sign less players then you sign and the Bills always want to sign some back-up that cancels a Gilmore/Edmunds 3rd rounder
  14. They have a webpage devoted to keeping track of potential compensatory picks. https://www.phillyvoice.com/eagles-2024-compensatory-draft-pick-tracker/
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