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  1. I know it’s early, but, after reading this I can’t help thinking about John McCargo and Kyle Williams. The first round pick is playing like a late round pick and the late round pick is playing like a first round pick.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/bernie-sanders-criticizes-inflation-reduction-145558588.html
  3. Looking forward to watching him in this offense. Beane has a knack for finding young talented WRs and DBs. OG and DEs? Not so much.
  4. I’ve said for years, actors and directors, that deal in fantasy for a living, have no concept of reality.
  5. I agree, I was very interested in supporting him when he was here and in his early days on WGR. Doesn’t change the fact he’s an attention whore.
  6. Sal is an attention whore. How many time do I look over into Range’s Twitter feed and and see Sal and his wife are here, Sal and his kid are doing this, this is what Sal is having for dinner, look at what Sal is doing every minute of his vacation, here’s Sal taking a shit. I don’t see anyone else in the Range’s Twitter feed doing this. I remember when Sal was a nobody here begging people to watch his podcast from his mother’s basement and making up bullshit stories about Bill Cowher coming to Buffalo.
  7. He was ok with giving illegals the right to vote for the mayor and every other local race in NYC (by far the largest city in the US) Whatever the liberals are pushing at the time, Frawk is right behind like a puppy dog.
  8. Yeah, don’t remember what I said then. Listen to what I say now. And people like Hip are like, OK.
  9. I think we need to keep this on the main page. It’s important to get this right, this time. After the last controversy.
  10. I fully support daryls run for moderator. I’d be fine with a golf forum for D to set up his Tiger shrine. How about a “nerd” forum for him to talk about playing his Atari and whatever is going on with his Space Wars shows/comics?
  11. And I might be…. In the near future. Little pig, little pig…. Let me in
  12. You look just like I imagined you to look from reading your posts….. Grumpy
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