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  1. This might be a game that I tape but do not watch, sigh
  2. I am always amazed that players can continue to play after they have one of their teammates get hurt like that.
  3. Hope its not a high ankle sprain....Just sat Gabe for Robert Woods... Yuck I am doomed....
  4. I like poyer, I even have his jersey. I would like to extend him a couple more years though.
  5. {response to Spike) No, But who knows how well White plays after injury. The Bills window is now. Last season experienced QBs gave the Bills fits. That is why the keep investing in a pass rush. I agree with your premise of improving the OLine through the early rounds of the draft is important. But the best Bills chance to win a superbowl is in the next 3-4 years IMO. We may be seeing it now with our two Safeties and Poyer not being extended when we probably have one of the best Safety combos in the league. I three years it could be our CBs. One point for not investing in a CB in the draft - There is only so much that a Elite CBs can do - Ramsey had a horrible game it seems and he is one of the best CBs out there. So maybe its not the best position to invest in, but I do think with needed to cover for White and have his replacement lined up.
  6. The Bills will lose some games and the hype will subside a bit. its a long season. I just love being able to listen to Sports media after a Bills win....
  7. There is Mr Odel Becham out there...
  8. The Buffalo Bills selected White in the first round (27th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. It can work. Also the two rookie CBs played about the same number of snaps. (apprx. 50%). And they did pretty well. So I would say neither was a waisted pick. I will agree that finding a 6th round CB that could effectively play 50 % of the snaps of the first game is impressive. I believe the two have different strengths and the decision could have been related to the defensive strategy,
  9. I am surprised at how young the Browns are - TV personnel are always sayin go how good te Browns roster is.
  10. Very good interview. Discussed a lot of interesting material and not a lot of boilerplate questions or answers. I do n't know if SIMS had queue cards for his questions, but he asked questions like he really researched what he was goin to talk about and what would be interesting and different
  11. Just start your own thread - don't keep highjacking the topics
  12. Or maybe we are like the Superbowl era Bills Who lost in the AFC championship game in 89 and then in the divisional round in 90... ... queue the "yeah but we lost in the Superbowl" comments from the glass is half full crowd....
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