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  1. Collinsworth is an idiot. He was saying that Allen was "starting" to figure things out as a qb more than once. He was talking about other players as if they were all-pros or something, especially Singletary.
  2. They may mean the same thing, but I don't think a corrective term is needed here. A firing is extreme.
  3. I'll watch it if I remember to catch a game. Training ground for the NFL.
  4. Pretty lame attempt at deflecting from the real stories going on right now.
  5. I hope you realize that every single team in the league would have dumped him after those allegations. No punter is worth the headaches this will bring. He's a freaking punter.
  6. I know right? But anyway... I'd say it's a pretty even red/blue mix, but look at that. The most violent city in America is in a red state. Go figure: https://worldpopulationreview.com/us-city-rankings/most-violent-cities-in-america
  7. If you take a look at statistics... Deep red = more blood. Funny how this is still a talking point. lol.
  8. Something doesn't add up. Didn't I see a tweet from Kern a couple days ago about wanting to play for the Bills? I'm thinking $ is the issue mostly.
  9. The liberal shitheads outnumber the trumptards. What happened to democracy?
  10. I'm so torn about this possibility. I think you keep your finger on the pulse of the current receiver room to see how he'd be accepted.
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