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  1. I'm so torn about this possibility. I think you keep your finger on the pulse of the current receiver room to see how he'd be accepted.
  2. Time will tell. We already know who the fools are on this forum. Go Bills!
  3. Theft recovery shouldn't be cheered?
  4. Oh I’m well aware. First time I streamed a game over the Internet was in 1998 (audio only) when Flutie ran the final play in against the undefeated Jags. I was getting emails about the play before I heard it lol.
  5. If I’m not at Jimmy’s tavern then I go pick up some beer then settle in the garage and try to find a reliable free stream usually. This year I’ll have the streaming Sunday ticket option thanks to my daughter being in college.
  6. I'm intrigued by this guy. A Washington fan buddy of mine wasn't happy when they let him leave.
  7. No Sanders to take looks away now. Barring a signing of OBJ then he's going to have a huge year.
  8. I'm suspicious. They don't even post the thread count.
  9. The delusion never ceases to amaze me.
  10. Donald Trump's America would be congratulating him.
  11. He had her whacked.
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