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  1. If he could treat his ex like his opposing linemen we could be an awesome in defense.
  2. Bills better get in. Can you imagine the playoffs with no Burrow or Allen but have dog shit QBs like Flacco, Russell Wilson, Pickett and MInshew.
  3. Make McD as DC and promote Brady as HC and call the offensive plays.
  4. I would love that to happen but McFuckFace is too arrogant, stupid and pigheaded to make those changes.
  5. Josh Allen tried to beat the Eagles, the fucking refs and McFuckFace. He almost won.
  6. Nate Hackett will be available after he gets fired from the Jets.
  7. Not the kind of bashing that Josh Allen is receiving right now. You can bash these past Super Bowl champuon QBs on their personal lives but they never got criticized on their career performances because they have a ring. If or when Josh Allen finally wins a Super Bowl, he will not get bashed and will get the special treatment like Mahomes.
  8. Win the fucking Super Bowl and all the Josh Allen bashing will stop.
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