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  1. @mixum When are you going to admit that next season is toast?
  2. They're going to draft more defensive lineman to help Frazier out.
  3. Fuck all of them. I'm just happy two out of the four asshole teams will lose.
  4. McDumbass and Frazier will never learn from their past mistakes. Expect 0 titles as long as these two stooges are coaching the team.
  5. McDermott reminds me of Doug Collins ex-coach of the Chicago Bulls. Nice guy and I'm sure his players liked him. His team is always good in the regular season but early exits in the NBA playoffs. He can't seem to beat the Pistons or Celtics in the playoffs even when he had the GOAT of all time Michael Jordan. After Doug Collins left the Bulls team, his assistant coach Phil Jackson took over. And guess what, Jordan won all those titles
  6. At least we had that stud Kelvin Benjamin.
  7. @seandelevanI was listening to WGR. I swear that some of the callers sounded like you.
  8. McDumbass coached scared again. Punting and kicking field goals. This bald headed moronic asshole is joke.
  9. When oline is shitty, the QB becomes shitty. INVEST ON THE OLINE NEXT YEAR! Allen's prime years are getting wasted!
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