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  1. Did Allen needed help against the Rams and Titans?
  2. Mcdumbass is 0-7 in close games. That says it all
  3. Benford, Elam, Hamlin, & Johnson. Sounds like a law firm.
  4. Time for Damar Hamlin to shine! I can see him pick off Tua Turntheballova two times tomorrow.
  5. Wouldn't it be just a kick in the nuts to us Bills fans if they go undefeated then lose in the Super Bowl?
  6. The Jets will overtake the Bills on the standings by week 10.
  7. Maybe it's that Buffalo wind that injured so many Bills players that night.
  8. Zack Moth should have been cut and elevated Blackshear. How many more times we see Zack "wasted play" Moth goes down after 1 yard rush?
  9. Daboll. 13 fucking seconds is all on McDumbass and his wimpy coaching decisions. He'll do his best to prevent this team from going to the super bowl. He did it the past two playoff games already vs. the Chiefs. More likely he'll do it again.
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