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  1. Crowder=Beasley's replacement...He's a good WR
  2. YES PLEASE!!!!! Just imagine....Diggs-OBJ & Davis...dont forget Knox & Crowder...holy shit....Chiefs can suck a big one!
  3. Beer consumption starts right at kickoff.....usually order in lunch as i dont walk away from the TV (unless i need a refill)...or if its a later PM game I order in dinner.
  4. Just saw an article posted which has a solid point on the contradiction of this situation or how the NFL hands out penalties.....Watson gets 6 games for sexual misconduct on 20+ women no doubt but a Falcons player gets a 1 year suspension for gambling infractions (and no the guy never threw games etc...he gambled $1500 worth).....Something wrong here with this??
  5. Off course just in time to be available when we play the browns.....big surprise here.....whatever...playing watson/brownies does not equal to an automatic loss.....
  6. I think OBJ and JA tandam would be awesome...but people will be asking how much would it cost? possible friction with Diggs etc etc.....
  7. Remember Nathan Peterman also was a top 10 QB in the pre season...lol....
  8. Question is....Is he any good?
  9. The difference last season was Josh & the offence V the chiefs & leslie frazier.....
  10. Thinking Seattle might be another option...they go from Russ to Drew Lock or Gino Smith..LOL...
  11. Dude looks like the great gazoo with that huge looking helmet on him...
  12. fUcK yOu sEaN fOR haTiNg jOsH aLLeN
  13. Dipshit is lucky to get Von Miller now....Will he fuck it up?? This guy should of been put out to pasture in no more than 13 SECONDS!!! Nuff said....
  14. Seen enough...guy stinks...dont waste a roster spot on him...
  15. No surprise at all.....Moss is as good as gone....this experiment did not work out at all.....
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