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  1. Number 1 offence v Number 2 defence.....Last team with the ball wins......Bills 28-Fish 28....OT Bills win 31-28.
  2. LOL....she looked kinda scared there...Ol 'Joe probably got on the horn and called the local high end escort to "help him out"
  3. Now this dipshit Turd-eau had publicly apologized...LOL...Keep those hits coming...
  4. LOL....Happy drunk Joe....He just wanted a touchy touchy feely feely....
  5. Cool...His handlers will wheel him there on the dolly......come on the big guy will have no idea why he is there...why they're making his stand there....He will mumble something incoherant and go for the nap....
  6. BALLS: Defence Defence Defence....Holy crap without a doubt their best showing all around since who knows when. Dallas Jests best defence in the league etc etc? Step aside. Defence gets an A++++ -Oliver! Fantastic over 2 games...man got paid...man is performing! Thumbs way up for the rest of the DL. -Offence: JA and balancing it out with the running game. GOATS: -Too many times getting to 3rd and long....Some repairs required there... -Offence playcalling: all in all good however some plays were just downright headscratching.....Dorsey needs to get better yet again....It was still 16 points when the 4th started...Not good enough especially v the Dolphins next week..this shit will not work....Also JUST STOP with the FG's in the oppponants own end with 4th and 1...MY GOD grow a pair please--DORSEY Dumbass you got a 6foot 5 inch 250 lb Quarterback who hits like a linebacker---ever heard of QB sneak geezuz....thats all...Great win....
  7. Edmunds is not football smart...im convinced...
  8. Bernard was awesome today.....The defence as a whole played lights out! I forgot how many QB sacks they got today + the 4 interceptions (i think)
  9. Monsoon weather i hear.....Bills 6 Redskins 3
  10. LOL....The way this place is after every game...swear to God we have heart bypasses on a weekly basis
  11. This dude looks like Mac Jones....Caught him before the bills game last season....lol
  12. BALLS: Everyone! Damn near perfect game! GOATS: nothing this time
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