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  1. Will say it again...DOrseys the fucking man!! Brady should take notes....Now thats how you destroy a fucking laptop!
  2. I actually laughed my ass off when i saw it live...just my reaction.....
  3. Really does it make you happy we lost a heart breaker? Or are you just happy that you were right that Miami would beat Buffalo? BTW your Tua threw for under 200 yards against JV Defence relax....pump the breaks on the FIsh
  4. I will add to this.....I dont agree with some of your takes but i agree......Miami even had some notable injuries on their line as well......WTF....should of feasted today..almost did though when Milano almost completely took out Tua...
  5. Yes agreed...some times i dont agree with sean but he's spot on this one....RB again in 3rd/4th rounds.....fix the Moss error please
  6. I agree try to pick up some defenders on free agency etc but yeah start drafting on offence.....OL yes.....would love to have a stud WR from the draft.....
  7. He has had that concussion history + getting abit long in the tooth as earlier mentioned.....
  8. Oh yeah i forgot about Hurricane Allen for a second there.....
  9. Ok now it just went from sorta doable to worse.....Now im worried shit! 2 new guys @ safety touching the field in real time.....Now im hoping a monsoon hits south beach between 1-4pm today...fuck!
  10. I think he joined that cult i heard of in Orchard Park
  11. Well im hearing Jaquan Jackson is ready to go?? Someone Poyer can educate/mentor on the field.......Im tellin ya all Bills will win this weekend...maybe by not 20-30 points but comfortably.....1st half will be competative but 2nd half will be disaster for the fish..IMO
  12. I know the history....I read all the time...really hard to avoid when it pops up all the time.....Yes they need to go away....It was like a tsunami with all this garbage....fucking idiots need to go...honestly the unfortunate memory i have when this idiot took a fucking shit and decided to share it...geezus....I dont engage because its a waste of my time but LIT as owner (i believe) needs to clean this shit up asap!
  13. What you talkin about Willis?? I was a little kid in the 80's....Loved Miami Vice & Magnum PI every week! TV hasnt been the same since...
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