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  1. To your eternal dismay, he is not.
  2. I OWN MIND PROPERTIES. Glad to clear that v up.
  3. Birch. I just filled my gas tank. Apologize NOW. YOU ACCOMPLISH NOTHING AND ONLY PROPAGATE MISERY.
  4. No. Bitch. You are a Marie Antoinette 'Liberal'.. You are Hitler. Any solutions to our problems: no b all you can do is Bitch. Bitch.
  5. Just. Shut. Up. Nice economy and you're bitching about a successful President being framed. Because you Fascists are so afraid that he'll win in 2024 and fix the economy, our foreign policy, out trade agreements,.... You cause nothing but misery and contribute nothing.
  6. We agree on something. When the Browns said, 'It was pivotal that we, along with Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski, meet with Deshaun to have a straightforward dialogue, discuss our priorities, and hear directly from him on how he wants to approach his career on and off the field. He was humble, sincere, and candid. In our conversations, Deshaun detailed his commitment to leading our team; he understands and embraces the hard work needed to build his name both in the community and on the field.” I determined that Deshaun Watson is guilty and he's probably a serial killer. When have the Browns gotten anything right?
  7. Excellent post: 1) Hillary's compromised server led to the death of assets (people). Benghazi, she got our Libyan ambassador killed. 2) Obama; failed socialist health care program that raised deductibles through the roof. 3) Hunter; crackhead son of the President that immediately has an affair with his brother's widow. 4) Buy Luxurious Mansions and destroy poor peoples' businesses and homes. 5) Antifa - True fascists beating up the elderly. 6) Biden's economy (and foreign and domestic policy) is a shit show.
  8. Release the leases and approve the pipeline. We are importing oil we could make here.
  9. Biden has suspended federal oil leases and canceled the pipeline. You can deny this. Governmental interference has caused the situation.
  10. Good point. Trump scammed no one. Even if he did, FanBack would be immune. I've only donated to b one campaign - Alan Keyes in 2000. I think it was $20. I got a signed picture saying 'Thanks FanBack, you're one in a million'. I saw the primary results; I truly was.
  11. And we are one of the major producers. We can affect the market; we have in rhe past. YOU'RE STUPID. JUST SHUT UP. YOU'RE NOT WELCOME ON THIS BOARD. I SPEAK FOR EVERYBODY.
  12. EVEN ASSUMING THAT YOUR ASSERTSTION IS TRUE: We are buying oil from overseas that we could easily produce. This wouldn't help? You're stupid; YOU won't even own what v your vote has done to this country. EVERYTHING IS IN THE COMPLETE SHITTER. YOUR WORLD VIEW HAS FAILED!! PROVIDE YOUR SOURCE. DO IT NOW!!
  13. Because we are not producing what we could. Asshole. You are stupid.
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