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  1. No I didn't. I posted the classical definition. I own your mind. Thanks for the shit economy you failure.
  2. You are a fascist. Read the definition. Break free of your Leftist Pamphlet- Derived Talking Points.
  3. Because every state that Hillary had recounted (to find out why her voter fraud didn't work) Donald Trump gained votes. The real question, 'Why were people so invested in this matter?' Answer: These were people who understood geopolitical matters; they knew what Biden's proposed policies would do to the United States. They were not ignorant authoritarian fascists. They were not like you.
  4. What are you gloating about? Your elected God-Government President Biden has destroyed the economy, ruined foreign policy, and made the United States a laughing stock. This is what you get when a President is too feeble to prevent 100% Democrat Party Policy. You're world view doesn't work. Loser.
  5. My God. Your reasoning and debate skills are lacking. How is you God- Government President Biden working out for you? That's what I thought. You've ruined enough. Loser
  6. I'm flagging this post for fascist content, subversive propaganda and disinformation.
  7. This past has been flagged for propaganda, disinformation and extreme fascist content.
  8. Well, not totally. This will embolden our school systems to push prepubescent hormone therapy. That's the only way that a person can have the full enjoyment of their preferred gender. This is just like when it was exposed that cow farts are worse then car emissions. The lefties wanted to shut down the beef and petroleum industries.
  9. They are truly fascists both in the properly-defined economic definition (socialism that recognizes limited private property rights) and the connotation (brutal, authoritarian) assumed by the uneducated. You can see how fascists, such as f8tslity, can easily dehumanize those with whom they disagree. These people are completely atrocity-capable.
  10. Start with changing the policies of the Democratic Party. True fascists are never liberators.
  11. Why make that public knowledge? I'm hurt.
  12. In okay with Billionaires and Bid business. Poor people can't pay v my rate.
  13. This. This is why we need the One True Aquarain, Donald Trump to fight the globalist power!!
  14. The Aquarian is right about everything. Especially when the ignorant cackle.
  15. No Government is your God. You're not the independent mind that you mistakenly think you are.
  16. Trump is not a Fascist. But you sir, you absolutely are. Fascistality.
  17. Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Biden had followed Trump's energy policies. Biden didn't need the stature or gravitas of our Greatest Living President. He only needed to follow his policies.
  18. There is no underlying doctrine quote in the posted article. It is essentially hear say. But, if you accept a fetus as intelligent life, how far does religious freedom go? Willing sacrifice of congregation members? Remember freedom of religion is guaranteed by the 1st Ammendment - the actionable part is 'CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW'
  19. Filled up my gas tank yesterday. Thank you. Jerk. Nice vote in Nov 2020. Better yourself as a citizen before commenting on this board.
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