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  1. You just need to show contrition for your horribly irresponsible vote in Nov 2020. Go. Sit. In the corner.
  2. Yes I did. I also warned everyone about Joe Biden. Perhaps some of you should have taken my Voter Coaching Services course.
  3. And that's the ticket. How can technology get 'there'.. Number one: Don't pass a bunch of BS regulations that make energy costs high and cut into manufacturing profits. Capitalism 101: Extra profits mean more R&D. THIS IS ALWAYS TRUE; ALTHOUGH THE TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTS AND FASCISTS ON THIS BOARD CANNOT GRASP THAT. 'DuH, cApItAliSM sUcKs.'
  4. Actually it's been 20 months - Nov 2020.
  5. You're just an idiot. fIrE McdeRmott. We could have Had MahOMes. ThOSe WerE mean tweets.
  6. Reminds me of the people defending our current administration. Nice job 8 months ago!!!
  7. If this doesn't chill you to the bone, nothing will: At the Major Economies Forum, the Biden administration said that the U.S. government will achieve this ambitious plan by imposing far-reaching regulations that will force car companies to sell more electric and other “green” vehicles. Some of these regulations have already been put in place. Biden is truly Hitler. The Biden administration is the greatest threat to liberty and economic determinism that the western world has ever seen. And now that EV cars will be mandated, where is the incentive to make them, you know, GOOD?
  8. Or, to quote your fascist forebears, - Scheiße essen mangia merda
  9. I even got in subversive support for binary gender identification.
  10. This above post has been flagged for Fascist Propaganda and Misleading Content. Any individual is free to read it; but that person never may get back the wasted moments of his/her life.
  11. So. I have 24 more 'Free Plays'. Let's go!!
  12. I only tell the truth. So I know you're not referring to me. However, some of those names (above crudely and unintelligent distorted) provide a great service in disproving the propaganda on this site. You're free to post and spread your Fascist lies on this site; you are not free to escape the consequences.
  13. Someone who has never served, never volunteered, never even voted responsibly is virtue signaling on a message board. And their uselessness does not bother them .
  14. This of course will conflict with the classically Fascist ways of F8talitydeconstructedswastika. I never rest in my fight for equality and freedom.
  15. State by State as the Founding Fathers intended. And regardless of the vote - NEVER ENFORCE A CONSCIENTIOUSLY OBJECTING MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL TO PROVIDE THESE SERVICES _ EXCEPT WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS PRESENT AND IT IS NECESSARY TO SAVE THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER. Of course, I am talking to an entitled, privileged Marie Antoinette liberal. 'Let them play Les Paul Customs'!!
  16. Way to generalize, Nazi. I think, given the chance, you would put all MAGAs (whatever a MAGA supposedly is) in jail. Hate? Much?
  17. Just when I thought you were a Football Idiot Savant, you establish yourself as a Renaissance Imbecile.
  18. You make ridiculous negative takes but cannot back them up with knowledge. How are we becoming a theocracy?
  19. Especially since f8talitydeconstructedswastika is a New Generation Fascist. Following in the footsteps of:
  20. Your word is not good; provide a link to the school's policy.
  21. You are the fascist; along with your left-leaning totalitarian cohorts. Angrybyrds put it very eloquently. Who do you want to oppress today?
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