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  1. They were? Now, how has it been debunked? Do you truly believe that? Jan 2021 - Jun 2022. We would have been 3/4 of the way there. The pipeline would be done. Fascists never own anything. Bitch.
  2. This post has been flagged for Fascist Propaganda.
  3. Yes, it did. Please PM me for voter coaching services.
  4. Canceling pipelines and preventing drilling on federal land. All wounds are self- inflicted
  5. Seems your misrepresenting the facts rather than debating me directly.
  6. No, you've seen already what unlimited federal control can do via gas prices. You assholes can pay $.50 a kW-H. But don't inflict your absolute stupidity on the rest of us.
  7. Actually, they're preventing executive overreach. But you like that authoritarian rule. Bowdoin to your Government God!! Stupid Fascists are the worst Fascists
  8. What is going well? Please tell me. Congrats back at you, you raging success!!
  9. Or, and I hope not, a stroke. They are devastating when they occur in people's 40s or 50s.
  10. Yeah. Because the incumbents are doing such a good job!!
  11. Did career White Supremacist Joe Biden say anything? No, sadly, he did not. Another reason to regret irresponsible voting last Nov 2020
  12. Remember, 'Government Nudging' is classic fascism. Foster is a truly evil Nazi bitch spouting Goebbels propaganda.
  13. I know what you are. And the minute that Pelosi, Biden and their ilk have extra-constitutional control, you would rat out fellow citizens as having dangerous conservative thoughts. You are a NAZI. Gas anybody lately, freak?
  14. How depraved do you have to be not to take a sawz-all and cut a few holes in the truck before you leave? What a horrific way to die.
  15. That works for you, but it doesn't work for most Americans. The battery alone is worth $10K. A used battery that maintains 65% - 80% of it's original range will still cost $6,500. Try finding a used EV below $12K. Therefore, there is not an EV used-car option for working families. That is just one reason why leftist government mandates are wrong. If the federal government removed the policies that are artificially inflating gas prices, the factories developing EVs would have the additional profit to invest in R&D. We could see legitimate EV or NG cars in the next two decades. If the federal government mandates that EVs be sold, the charging time will not decrease by one minute nor will the range increase by one mile. BOOK IT. These mandates will only enrich the crooked donors investing in EV cars and cause misery. You need to stop being the typical, selfish Marie Antoinette Liberal and consider others.
  16. I miss the Aquarian's eloquence. It's nice to see it in print. Nazi-Boy Seandelevan likes your post. When has he been right about anything. McDermott suck but bIDen gOOd.
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