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  1. That's why totalitarian states and gun control do not work. Totalitarian Governments are fantastic at protecting themselves from their own citizenry. They're not so good at protecting their citizens.
  2. There were also cases during the LA. riots; basically the police have a responsibility to the general public not to individuals. That's the reason that the 2nd Amendment was put into our constitution. Make Schumer's security detail abide by the same restrictions that he wants to put on the American citizen. Let's focus on thisincompetent, corrupt Presidential Administration and the 60 million living and 22 million dead TRUE AMERICAN LOSERS that voted for him.
  3. What a horrible, horrible, anti- human, authoritarian totalitarian socialist. Every decision for government and against the individual. A sociopath with a gavel.
  4. It's not often that the ignorant are imparted with such knowledge. Hopefully ICRockets and the cackling f8tality can learn from the above. And FanBack has been quoting FanBack for years.
  5. Nice opinion puff piece albeit poorly sourced. From the Economics Library: As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. The word derives from fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle of rods with a protruding ax Go to the source, evaluate arguments using logic and reason, and never blindly trust Subject Matter Expers'.
  6. Come on, this is ridiculous. It's like Shakespeare when men were the only ones who could act.
  7. Farrah Fallon who broke two women's skulls in MMA. They would be a concern.
  8. There's something about leftist ideology that can degenerate into frustrated violence and totalitarian societies.
  9. I had issues with the vaccine. The first shot gave me bad bloating. Down for a weekend. The second shot did nothing. The booster? At first I felt fine. 45 minutes later on my way to work I almost drove my car off the road (both alloy wheels dinged up). Sat at work for 2.5 hours until I felt well enough to drive home. Projectile sweating for 2 days. Felt awful. Covid? I might have had it in Dec 2019. Not a big deal. I only get sick every 10 years. But I'm very vulnerable to medication side effects.
  10. The above quote might be dismissed as 'ridiculous' and bigoted'; however, what if this is an identity disorder? It is not always sexually related. Bruce/Caitlin Jenner thinks he/she is a lesbian. We are still in the dark ages of psychiatry. This is not because there are not brilliant people in the field; this is because the human mind is so complex. 100 years from now people may look back on this age with horror.
  11. Buffalo is going 14 - 3. 14 Blowouts. 3 Shutouts Yeah, they'll win them all and lose the tie breaker to the Chargers. 21-0 Baby
  12. I've done it by 'accident' 10,000 times. No one else has the nuanced lingual palate to properly rate my prose.
  13. What a fantastic way to put an issue to b rest.
  14. I judicially rate my own posts at all times.
  15. They align with my views at times. I'm a Classical Civil Libertarian Man of the Mind. I defend my own beliefs.
  16. Although your assertion is wrong; that is not my party.
  17. Once again a low-grade (by willful choice, capable of better) mentality ascribes a philosophy onto someone then defeats that ascribed philosophy. I would never ban books or free speech. But read carefully the 1st amendment and what it really says. Not an interpretation. Not case law. Read the actual amendment.
  18. Poet. Bigoted autocorrect AI recognized me as a Member of the Free Thinking New Millenium Counter Culture and induced a spelling error.
  19. Bitch. Thread. Take everyone's gun away. Better take their vehicles also. These are not viable solutions.
  20. Never count anything out with Administration Shit Show in the White House. I hear that Biden is signing a proposal to rename it 'Inclusive Rainbow Manor.' You should see the renderings of the proposed Paint Job.
  21. One of these posters lacks the ability to think independently. See if you can spot this poster. He's deflecting from his guilt.
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