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  1. How about a high school field band? The kids would love that. Instead another artist lip synching.
  2. You're corrupt and have a problem with slanted, inaccurate commentary. I only tell the truth; I can do no else. The enlightened trust my research and appreciate the diligence and integrity. Therefore, provide the source(s) for this post.
  3. It was at the end. They went live to the booth after the loss. We were all laughing. If this happened during the game - that would be a problem. Afterwards; I WANT THAT T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!! RAISE A MILLION FOR OSHEI CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.
  4. Jason Whitlock had an interesting take - Andy Reid wanted to get rid of him years ago; the media was complicit in this for access; this included the 'racism' angle to shame people into hiring him. Now that they have failed to move him, they are writing him out of the script.
  5. You weren't prepared to cast a responsible vote in Nov 2020. I believe your negligence and malfeasance were of greater negative consequence.
  6. Bingo. McDermott doesn't get enough credit for innovation. We went to a nickel- base defense and picked an athletic QB before Mahomes blew up. He was on the cutting edge of the NFL. The vision is to pass and stop the pass. People who voted for Joe Biden don't have the foresight or intelligence to see that.
  7. I said to my fellow fans at the Bills backers bar- 'They're down to their 3rd center. There is no way the 3rd center can get enough snaps; mistakes will happen. ' This morning on WGR (why doesn't Android Auto still recognition Audacy?) Sal Capaccio confirmed this via Eric Wood; he added that they were limited to shotgun at the goal line because of this.
  8. Don't worry, Joe Biden's not our coach. This staff would never be so stupid as to follow up the cancellation of a pipeline (screwing over 10,000 pipefitters that were told to vote for Biden) with the suspension of viable federal gas-drilling leases and an attempt to change emission regulations on our power plants (make no mistake electric bills would have doubled, thank you Supreme Court). This staff are not as stupid as our Leftist presidential administration and the TRUE AMERICAN LOSERS WHO VOTED FOR JOE BIDEN. The coaching staff will learn from this game's mistakes. Do you feel better? I'm always glad to help.
  9. I know it's harder to take the losses because we have a demented evil Fascist in the White House. But the TRUE AMERICAN LOSERS WHO VOTED FOR HIM have only themselves to blame.
  10. Understand. Josh Allen can't be bargained with. Josh Allen can't be reasoned with. Josh Allen doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear. And Josh Allen absolutely will not not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.
  11. I hate Gloria Estefan. I hate Don Johnson. Hell, I even hate Phillip Michael Thomas. Go Bills!!
  12. Guys, it's a blow. But, if Buffalo didn't have a plan for both safety positions they would have paid Poyer immediately. I was thrilled in 2017 when we got Hyde. I thought he was a great player and Green Bay wasn't using him correctly. The last under- the- radar pickup before that, that intrigued me was Jim Schwartz. The subsequent under- the-radar pickup was Diggs. Only I knew. Just kidding. That secondary is the reason we snuck into the playoffs in 2017. If there is one position that the Buffalo Bills can coach up, its safety. And don't forget WhTF is our QB.
  13. Bills - 54 Porpoises - 5. Have faith. We have Josh Allen. They do not. I wish them luck with that.
  14. Where can you watch these via streaming? In the early 2000s I used to buy the Argonauts games for a couple of bucks a piece.
  15. I've fact-checked the linked article and found it be 100% factually accurate: Show Us the Way, Rich Liberals! - Ann Coulter https://anncoulter.com/2022/09/22/show-us-the-way-rich-liberals/
  16. Not in everything. But here you have a man making a stand against pedophilia while the dogs of corruption are trying to silence him. If one inaccurate report should doom a man, they why are CNN and MSNBC on the air? Those channels don't make any money and only simpletons watch them. I understand these simpletons' attraction to belief-congruent false narratives. Heck, I liked to read the Weekly World News and keep up on the exploits of Bat Boy. But, I understood these stories were not true.
  17. Why don't we start producing oil. That will stop it cold. If we never stopped producing, this wouldn't have happened.
  18. FanBack


    I'm the decorated expert on what is and what is not fascism. Don't post threads like this before at least completing level 3 of my Voter Coaching Services.
  19. The down side is that Josh will have to throw more TDs to keep everyone happy. He's on pade for 59.5; I'd like to see that number edge towards 70.
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