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  1. With the injuries we've suffered HTF are we 9-3? McDermott is an excellent coach. I asked a friend who is a Ravens fan if they had whiny fans that complained about Jon Harbaugh. She was like, 'Oh God yes. They think he's terrible and everything is Lamarr's fault.' I fell into that trap 1998 - 2000. I wasn't ultra- impressed with Wade Phillips and then I saw what bad coaching really looks like.
  2. FanBack won this thread. Please get the original poster counseling and medical attention. FanBack wants to keep his mind property healthy.
  3. I noticed Joe Biden didn't win Statesman of the Week. Dementia will do that.
  4. You need to get beat up for supporting genital mutilation of minors. Just saying jokingly, I don't support violence. I support your removal from society to prevent this.
  5. Ah, the Erudite Thread of Geniuses. She is not wrong. But, you Knee-Bent Worshippers of The Government prefer your representatives to be corrupt. Frawk dreams of the Pelosi Peg.
  6. Unfortunately, our President is still struggling with his dementia.
  7. Bigotry at its finest. All conservatives are this, all conservatives are that. You are capable of anything. Go report your fellow citizens to your God Government. And WTF do you know about Hendrix?
  8. Hello, Misogynist and Racist. It's curious that you do not mind convicted RACIST KATIE HOBBES yet want to jump on the Aquarian. You are disgusting.
  9. It was caused by our energy policies. Putin needs oil to go up over $100/bl to fund his war machine. I think you should own your vote for Biden. See the death you have caused the Ukraine and try .... please try to be better in the future. Murderer.
  10. You couldn't leave us guessing. Thank you for confirming that you are a moron. A pretentious one at that.
  11. I don't watch Fox News. No, I have a co-worker who trades in commodities and he filled me in on this months past. I started the conversation, 'the pipeline was a disastrous decision and a betrayal on union pipefitters, but it can't have made this much difference in gas prices.' That is when he explained to me the suspension of federal drilling leases and the repeal of the regulatory reforms.
  12. Actually, I had to get weekly rapid tests for business from Apr 2020 to Sep 2020. This was for interstate travel. I had one 3-hour wait for a test. All others were 15 - 45 minutes. The Aquarian had things under control. And how about his vaccine distribution. Thank you for reminding me of better times.
  13. Don't cancel the pipeline. Don't repeal Trump's regulatory reforms. Don't cancel all viable federal drilling leases. Don't be a fascist. Anything else, my geopolitically unaware child?
  14. Right you are. We had none. The United States had an economy that withstood a global pandemic and failed liberal shutdown policies. Thank you for reminding me of better times.
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