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  1. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/megyn-kelly-doesnt-hold-back-fbi-is-lying-its-all-bullshit/
  2. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/bryson-gray-song-about-fbi-raiding-trump/
  3. TDS (We know what that is and who has it) and BAS (Biden Affirmation Syndrome) - Anger- driven neuroses that warp the afflicteds' sense of reality.
  4. Despite this development I still believe Josh Allen will be our Week 1 starter.
  5. You mean Free Thinking Member of the New Millenium Counter Culture? Freedom for you is the freedom from those with whom you disagree. Your ignore list is a prime example of what you would do in power. Merrick Garland is the greatest threat to our civil rights in America. He has already demonstrated complete disregard for the 5th Amendment, bitter antipathy for the 2nd Amendment and a nihilistic world view since the nation narrowly escaped the tyranny of him as a seated Supreme Court Justice!!
  6. Bitch. You need to denounce Merrick Garland. Do it now!! Or you are a member of the Shit Brindle Shirt Brigade.
  7. I was parodying a Shiva post, which was slightly sarcastic. But no it's not an ego thing, it's a megalomaniacal thing. I'm no better than anyone else, I'm just uniquely qualified to rule the world.
  8. He is so going to win. Then the Supreme Court will reinterpret the 22nd amendment (after all, his selections ARE supposedly crooked). Jan 2025 through January 2033. And God Bless those who kept out Merrick Garland. Biggest prick Nazi since John Brenner.
  9. I stand against any kind of prejudice. I am not that which you called me. Your statement insults an entire class of people; it doesn't affect me.
  10. No. True. Learn your history. I've addressed this. Read my previous posts on this subject. Then read them again for a better understanding. After which you may approach me with a more informed take.
  11. I respect my own opinion. I also enjoy my own prose. It's an Alpha Male thing. You wouldn't understand.
  12. Well that comment (YOUR country) is the ultimate generalization. Fascism is a subset of socialism. It's all leftist. I wish you were higher- minded and would avoid rash, sweeping generalizations. That's the thinking that killed 100M people in the 20th century.
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