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  1. Great minds, like me, do not watch the news. We read it.
  2. So. You don't like my post. The blade of my truth uncomfortably cuts through the mendacity of the intellectually disingenuous. However, my Civil Rights History puts the lie to your unfounded accusations. It took decades to develop the freedom- fighting techniques I adroitly apply to this board.
  3. The cold, hard reasoning of Nazi Germany. Collectivists and Fascists always try to paint groups of people with a broad brush.
  4. What a sick thought. I prefer to look at the positive. They could have defended the children. Leftism Fascism kills; even without guns, the Modern Democrat would find a way.
  5. The only question: Was this person emboldened by the Leftist, Fascist Hatred of the Democratic Party or her own Identity Disorder, which has been misdiagnosed as her 'true self'.
  6. Bin Laden died from Marfan syndrome. His whereabouts were known by the US intelligence agencies for quite some time. However, a raid in Northern Pakistan would destabilize an Islamic government with nuclear weapons capability. The DOD kept tabs on the situation and was ready to take advantage of his death by natural causes. He had been gravely ill since 2005. Make no mistake, George W Bush was prepared to deceive the world in the same way. Only the Aquarian would have told the truth as President. Trust one who knows. Trust FanBack.
  7. This is sad. Lamar deserves a good contract, yet he has no idea what he is worth nor has he the representation to negotiate it. It reminds me of short- sighted, greedy and cheap friends who did not do their research and know a good value. These types always lose out.
  8. Please stick to Geopolitics. However, you have inspired me to start 'A Sports Knowledge Coaching Services program!! PM me for a deep discount.
  9. Yes. This regime is the best at keeping their intentions hidden. It's impressive.
  10. I hate when racism is bandied about to make a (i(n) ntellectually suspicious)) point. Hipkat, I invite you and Tanya Taters to attend my 'Civil Rights and Tolerance' Seminar. PM me for a Groupon that includes the exclusive sessions of up to 7 people.
  11. When an ambassador is killed, it's sort of a big thing. Especially when the Secretary of State is criminally negligent. Thank God that the Aquarian cleaned up her horrific foreign policy mistakes. Defending Hillary and persecuting Trump is the 'Free Barabbas' moment of this millenium.
  12. If you travel overseas, tip in $2 bills. It's a riot.
  13. MK Ultra which struck me as the most ignorant impossible conspiracy theory - turned out to be true!! But, in general, my quote about conspiracies is 'Never assume deception and subterfuge by a coordinated Cabal in lieu of sloth and stupidity by an inefficient bureaucracy.' - FanBack
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