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  1. Amazing athlete. But I'm more old school; to me, Takeru Kobayashi is the greatest athlete to walk the earth. He was just so dominant in his era
  2. Joe Biden's Progressove-Apparatchik manipulated inflation is killing the Dollar Tree.
  3. This thread should be locked. This is a Politics Forum, not a Political Partisanship Forum. It is for free unbiased discourse concerning issues outside of football or trivial matters. See my posts for proper content
  4. Yes, they were liberal conspiracy theories that I credited as failed policies, philosophies and programs..
  5. Fascist tactics never change. 1979 - 1980 - 'We hope Reagan wins the nomination. Bush is an actual threat to Carter.' Cut to Democrat ass whipping in 1980 and 1984 courtesy of Ronald Reagan. Are you going to call yourself a centrist next? You Fascists have to keep renaming your failed policies, philosophies and programs. Global Warming becomes Climate Change. Fascism becomes Social Justice. Communism becomes Democratic Socialism.
  6. Well, this Supreme Court seems intent on curtailing federal overreach and rescinding rulings that the court never had the authority to make. They saved the country from an electricity crisis. Those fascists in the EPA would have put the final nail in the Coffin of our economy. Clarence Thomas is an Iconoclastic Titan.
  7. Once again a leftist misusing the word Fascism in the most ironic of ways; calling someone else Fascist whilst subscribing to the philosophy of fascism. Fascism gives the Hollywood elite the freedom from the guilt of their wealth via its 'thin veneer of capitalism.' I have not yet read the 200+ page Supreme Court Opinion, so I won't comment in detail. At first glance it seems that this Supreme Court pulled back a decision that it legally never had the right to make. I will read it tomorrow or Monday.
  8. They were? Now, how has it been debunked? Do you truly believe that? Jan 2021 - Jun 2022. We would have been 3/4 of the way there. The pipeline would be done. Fascists never own anything. Bitch.
  9. Yes, it did. Please PM me for voter coaching services.
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