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  1. Shiva and Hero do this over and over .. they are the only ones who have the true sources. Lol they know the most all snuggled up at their homes rooting on Putin as he kills woman and children. It's fucking pathetic....
  2. How many of these mass shootings happen in Europe, Canada, Japan? Proof is most guns need to go. Buh bye....
  3. Ever watch the show Cops you racist dumb ass? All colors and creeds do the same thing. You chose to pick out one black person. Why? That's right you are an evil racist piece of shit. You use the Bible as a weapon against people who don't look like you.
  4. You responded to me Lol oh ok .... I hear you are quite hefty. Why attack others?
  5. So that's your wife. She has a real hunger for life. That's cool as you are a fat ass to. It's like two hump back sperm whales banging.
  6. I wear it with a badge of honor. Of course extremist racists don't want me. I call all you out.
  7. Still here.... Not going anywhere. You should leave for violating the Range policies. Racism is your charge. Leave now!
  8. Toofast can't hang onto a relationship because of this. He is too extreme from taking womens rights away to crazy conspiracy theories. His spends all day on the Range spewing this crap out. He destroyed his family business to top it all off. Look at Philly same pattern. His wife has had it with him and his extremist bullshit.
  9. 3-2-1 method! IMHO the best way to cook ribs. Ever try apple jelly on pork?
  10. For someone who has a family you sure spend a lot of time on Bills Football Website spewing one crazy conspiracy theory after another. Just sad and you are going to lose your family over it.
  11. Using the bible as a weapon is what you do. A true anti-christ. Spend more time learning from people who aren't like you instead of spewing hate.
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