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  1. Categorically untrue of the left, and blatantly true of the right. Take Ron DeSantis' "Stop WOKE Act" in Florida for example. The bill makes it illegal for teachers to discuss the belief that there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them. Whether you agree with the premise that there are systemic injustices that need to be addressed is immaterial to this debate. The fact of the matter is that the Florida legislation squelches the ability to have the conversation in the first place. If you actually supported free speech, you would vehemently oppose this legislation.
  2. She is, it's just a question of what she was victim to: harassment or assault. The original narrative for decades was that Biden sexually harassed her, and that seems pretty indisputable from what I've seen. The question is whether the new story is credible, and I don't think there's evidence to support it. That doesn't mean it isn't true, it just means the allegation is not actionable. Considering Reade's propensity to praise Putin, I think it's obvious why Gibby is convinced she's telling the truth.
  3. Not even coincidental, it's downright kismet. Trump assassinated an Iranian general, a clear act of war. It's only by the grace of Allah it didn't actually start one.
  4. What I'm referring to at the end of Mrs. Doubtfire is drag for entertainment. Just like Drag Queen Story Hour is drag for entertainment. (Technically both fall more into 'edutainment' but you know what I mean) If Mrs. Doubtfire's TV show at the end of the movie is okay, then DQSH is too. If DQSH is bad, then Mrs. Doubtfire is a movie that has a pro-grooming message.
  5. Yep. Fascists are extremely bigoted, but they're also not very bright so they're prone to motivated reasoning. If a minority's behavior benefits them, they're more than happy to weaponize it.
  6. All of what you're describing is drag. It doesn't have to be queer to be drag. The definition from Oxford: clothing more conventionally worn by the opposite sex, especially women's clothes worn by a man.
  7. The explanation is pretty simple: queerness is not intrinsically left-wing. OPENLY queer people tend to be, because the right is so ardently anti-LGBT, but queerness itself is not. Also, there's a LOT of fetishization of the groups conservatives oppress. Republicans watch a ton of trans and interracial porn, for example.
  8. Because there's no new information. The Biden campaign got dick pics removed. That isn't news.
  9. LMAO nice crossing out of the word "not" "Ah ha, but what if the message being presented was THE EXACT OPPOSITE? Bet you don't think that's okay anymore, huh HYPOCRITE??"
  10. It was drag. You know, the thing this thread is about? At the end of the film Mrs. Doubtfire gets a children's TV show. If drag is inappropriate around kids, then you should be condemning the movie for being pro-grooming.
  11. To demonstrate a long-running systemic issue. Not to accuse someone of a specific act.
  12. Completely neutral because it takes a brain-diseased shithead to blame every single follower of a world religion for the actions of a dozen people.
  13. Leftists are incredibly concerned about the HATE speech that Twitter is currently unleashing. Insane leaps in slur usage, in antisemitism, in transphobia, and in neo-Nazi accounts getting unbanned. Just seems kinda weird how the editor in chief of The Daily Stormer, an explicitly neo-Nazi website can get unbanned while neither of my 2 accounts have been. Almost like "amnesty" was pretty fucking selective eh?
  14. Kinda weird you keep trying to get Lit to ban Spiked for it then
  15. How much death and destruction is that?
  16. So you just completely lack the intellect to talk about global politics in ANY detail, huh
  17. Cool, I don't care. What was your rationale for opposing the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?
  18. I'm having a hard time understanding what the point of these sorts of "look at the bad thing Zelensky is doing" threads ultimately IS, though. Because it seems to me that the only reason to believe "Zelensky is bad" is an argument worth making is if you want to curry favor for a regime-change war. But surely you can't believe that would be a worthy endeavor, right? That was why you opposed the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya...wasn't it? I would just hate to see you betraying your deep and very authentic principles by arguing "_____ is a bad guy, we have to depose him for the sake of democracy."
  19. Me reading most of that blurb: "That sounds bad, I hope Russia and shiva will provide a criticism that isn't guaranteed to make it even worse!" Russia: Nope. Don't like that. Don't like that one bit.
  20. I don't know why you would feel self-righteous when you seem completely unwilling to grasp what I'm trying to tell you: my life is in danger from these people. This thread is a perfect illustration of what sort of bullshit idiot right-wingers on this message board will believe if their social media faves feed it to them. There was zero government involvement in the suppression of the laptop story. Philly believes something that his PUPPETMASTERS have told him the Twitter Files prove indisputably, but the actual primary source doesn't come anywhere close to supporting that takeaway. Matt Taibbi in fact says the exact opposite in plain language. He believes this so strongly that he said The People need to start killing Democrats. Over a fantasy. You seem to have this naive faith in them that surely they'll figure out they're wrong about gay and trans people before they get to the "rustle up them pitchforks, fellas, we need to eliminate these faggots from society ourselves" stage. I don't know how many more examples you need of entire countries getting to that point via precisely the type of irrational propaganda from mass media these posters consume before you abandon this wishful thinking. The people these posters worship have been talking to Nazis all week. Last week they were saying "well what do you expect to happen when you have grooming events" in response to a targeted attack against the queer community in Colorado Springs. If you believe that kid-friendly drag events are "grooming" anybody then the message Philly's puppetmasters are giving him is identical to the conclusion he's come to himself on the Twitter Files: "people need to take this into their own hands if things don't change". He's wrong when he believes the government made Twitter suppress the NY Post article, but he nevertheless is willing to murder people over it. Everybody on this message board is wrong if they believe queerness and transness are corrupting influences that need to be kept away from children, and it seems quite clear from the response my poll has received that this is a universally agreed-upon sentiment from the right (including HipKat) on this board. How can you possibly not see the depths that these VILE bigots are willing to go to for what they believe, no matter how empirically false? I've explained the connections to historical hate movements. The first Nazi book-burning at the Sex Institute (alongside the lynching of the first ever trans woman to successfully undergo male-to-female sex reassignment surgery) demonstrates that far-right hate movements historically target the LGBT community. The RTLM radio station in Rwanda demonstrates the rapid pace at which dehumanizing language can condition an audience to want to commit mass violence against a designated Other, and/or pacify potential protest campaigns against said violence. You can't keep denying what you see clear as day right in front of you, jc. Do these posters RIGHT NOW TODAY IN THIS EXACT MOMENT want me dead? I don't know. Perhaps a couple do. Maybe they're all still in denial. It's not something either of us can say for certain either way. But WILL these posters want me dead in the future? Unreservedly: yes. There is nothing they cannot be convinced of if the right people tell them they ought to be, and "the right people" are hellbent on a strategy of inciting stochastic terrorism against the LGBT community. If you see the response to Club Q, if you see the normalization of Nazis and Nazi rhetoric, if you see the reaction they've had to the Twitter Files, if you know the history of anti-LGBT hate in the Weimar Republic, if you know the history of the Rwandan genocide, if you grasp the interconnectivity of all of these things, you know that is indisputable. I understand you don't like hearing it, but I need you to understand that I'm right nonetheless. Nothing will stop the media figures who want people like me dead from continuing to do to us what RTLM did to the Tutsis. Nothing will convince these posters they can't take those people seriously. This cannot end without them wanting bloodshed. Knowing this, how could I NOT believe it is morally preferable if that blood is their own?
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