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  1. You might be the only person on the planet who is less aware of his comic ineptitude than Elon Musk.
  2. You're being hysterical. There's no reason to pull this whiny bitch "you look those brave patriots in the eye young man and you tell them about all the poop in your mouth" routine. Tonya is wrong on the facts, bar none. Her position is indefensible. Stop getting triggered and engage in a manner that forces her to try to defend the indefensible.
  3. Not for him. LIB insists that if people are respectful toward him he will be respectful toward them. Since no gay or trans people have been disrespectful to LIB, he should be respectful toward them. Right? If he's living according to his stated values?
  4. Yes. No. They have allies in the US government, which is disproportionately populated by evangelical Christians. They see Israel as the key to the Rapture.
  5. And yet f8 is trying his best to be patient with you and your struggles
  6. "lol you said you wanted to debate but when i refused repeatedly you took no for an answer because you're....*checks notes*.....triggered, yeah, that's it"
  7. Good observation, f8 and I do both have difficulty talking to people who lie and make false accusations
  8. Yeah we can tell, good job having as few systemic barriers to your success as possible you worked very hard to get that privilege You can't go longer than 12 hours on this website without insulting gay and trans people for absolutely zero reason.
  9. Wow that's a lot more than 14 words but the message remains identical
  10. This is precisely what he wants. He wants as many people as possible to just decide the truth is intrinsically unknowable because it makes it harder to challenge and protest against fascist behavior. "Oh you can't prove I want to genocide Ukrainians, you can't prove I've kidnapped children, you can't prove my referendums were illegitimate, you can't prove we massacred people in Bucha" He wants the Christian Nationalist government in Russia to have absolute impunity to act as cravenly as possible.
  11. lmao it's legislation it is literally inherently politicized. You're so fucking stupid.
  12. Of course Mark Warner would submit this. One of the most conservative Dems in the Senate.
  13. The argument Maher is making is one of "social contagion". The idea he's promoting is that if we stop marginalizing trans people, if they're broadly accepted by society, then more and more people will want to be trans until everyone identifies as trans. But we've seen the trend he's presently observing before with left-handedness. Southpaws used to be forced to suppress their natural left-hand dominance in school. When that was no longer the case, left-handedness skyrocketed. But that upward trend ended at a certain point because only some people ARE ACTUALLY left-handed. When we were free to be ourselves, there was what seemed like a sharp and rapid rise in lefthandedism but in the end that just turned out to be social course-correction. It makes perfect sense that we'd see a similar sharp and rapid rise among Millennials and Gen Z in terms of LGBTQ identification. We're generally more progressive, more diverse, more accepting of our peers than past generations. There's no evidence that this is cause for alarm, and rather clear evidence that it's just what happens when you let people be who they are.
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