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  1. Literally any sociological phenomenon you believe is true.
  2. It's not a ruse. If it were a ruse I wouldn't be openly telling people the purpose of the question.
  3. I specifically said non-offending pedophiles. The demographic you're describing is child molesters. I believe child molestation is one of only a few crimes for which I'd ever entertain a life sentence with no possibility of parole.
  4. Of course it is. Did it truly not occur to you that I asked the question because I know the answer, and the answer helps me prove my point?
  5. If this were true you'd be able to prove it with peer-reviewed research.
  6. It rules that you're too stupid to understand it's bad to celebrate the fact that you're a Nazi.
  7. I understand what you're saying. You're saying being fired is bad. Why? What happens to people who don't have jobs? Why is that bad?
  8. Do you truly not understand the concept of asking a question you know the answer to because the answer helps you make the point you want to make in a way the other person can no longer pretend not to understand because they've already demonstrated that they do?
  9. Why? What happens when you lose your job that's comparably life-threatening to being shot in the head?
  10. If they didn't get vaccinated, they were demonstrably not forced to get vaccinated. They had a choice- vax or lose your job. They chose to lose their jobs.
  11. No. It isn't. For damn good reason. Because if you made the attraction a crime on its own pedophiles would have absolutely zero ability to seek therapy to help them fight the attraction. When that is taken completely off the table, pedophiles have no recourse but to self-therapize- something that in any other context with any other affliction we'd recognize as an exercise in futility for most people who try it. So what happens? They get no help, which makes them more likely to sexually abuse children at some point in the future. That's what you're advocating for. MORE CHILDREN BEING RAPED. I am advocating for a world where we do what seems to be working in Germany and instead encourage non-offending pedophiles to seek therapy to help them, if not stop being pedophiles, at least remain non-offending ones. Because my priority is less children being raped. Yours is virtue-signaling. That virtue-signal gets kids hurt. Because you're fucking retarded.
  12. What else is there to see? If pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs are coming back to the States, that just makes Big Pharma more powerful because it elevates their value to the US labor market.
  13. This board has some really bad and anti-intellectual habits in this regard. There's a lot of lazy ad hominems flung around that get tolerated because they're seen as "being ironic" or shit posting or whatever, but they're being used to avoid having to treat the person behind the other keyboard as a full human. If mick says something they don't like, say something about food stamps. If you say something they don't like, say something about Dairy Queen. If f8 says something they don't like, say something about demons. If I say something they don't like, call me gay and/or trans for some reason? If Spiked says something you don't like, post monkey pics. You guys have so much disdain for your fellow man. It's making you miserable. I think deep down you know a better way is possible. Most of these clowns don't. I think you do. I think you're being held back by prejudices you're afraid to let go of, because you know that if you've been wrong then you've made some bad decisions in the past. And I'm guessing you're the type of man who would feel bad about that, feel some considerable deal of shame. I believe I've said this before, but it bears repeating: the Left is not asking you to live your life with that shame and a sense of guilt informing your social interactions. The Left doesn't need you to feel guilty about having been wrong. A lot of people have been wrong. Once you're right, you're right. You're Left. If there's real atonement you feel you owe someone, we have some ideas on what that could look like.
  14. Sure, but I don't deliberately take you out of context. The things I say about you are demonstrably true.
  15. We don't need to use tortured analogies. Let's just speak plainly.
  16. Bump for @Herodotus Please explain what I've said here that you have a problem with, and also which part of this is me saying I've molested children.
  17. Bump the thread so we can have a real conversation. I don't recommend refusing to engage.
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