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  1. Oh my gosh you mean the thing that happens when you get super congested was accompanised by other symptoms of respiratory illness? That's unheard of!
  2. "I could toooooooooooootally prove I'm not full of shit, but I won't" Mmhmm, I bet
  3. Anosmia happens all the time, you fucking idiot. It's not unique to COVID.
  4. lmao no you fucking don't you liar
  5. So you hate The Rock? You think The Rock shouldn't be allowed near kids because of his mastectomy?
  6. Of course it doesn't change that fact. That fact is a FEATURE of hormone replacement, not a bug.
  7. That doesn't make your point at all. The only physically permanent trait is breasts, and they can be removed via cosmetic surgery.
  8. The contradiction is the point. The whole purpose of GOP fearmongering and accusations is to condition their base to believe that in order to compete on an equal playing field, they HAVE TO do what they're accusing their political opponents of doing.
  9. Can you show me an example?
  10. What does the outlet's bias matter when the core points- Donald Trump had dinner with Nick Fuentes, Nick Fuentes is a neo-Nazi- are indisputable?
  11. You realize that if a trans woman goes on HRT she WANTS to stop looking masculine, right? That's kinda one of the big selling points!
  12. It's a shame you didn't make it to "gaining or losing weight" then because that sure as shit fucking does.
  13. https://transcare.ucsf.edu/article/information-estrogen-hormone-therapy According to this, it sounds like most of the effects ARE reversible. Fertility could be a concern (though for some if you stop taking them for a few months you'll be fine) and you can't ungrow your breasts (mastectomies are always an option there, however) but it sounds like other than that a lot of the physiognomy or whatever will change back over time with the balance of estradiol and testosterone flipped back in T's favor.
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