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  1. Then the fact that I'm an asshole is not a valid response to arguments I make. It's just deflection.
  2. And you'd have to stop believing the things you believe, right?
  3. Imagine you actually did believe it. Would the fact that you think I'm an unemployed asshole with mental issues who lives in his mom's basement still matter to you?
  4. Ok, then I'm an asshole with mental issues who agrees with you about everything. Does the fact that I'm an asshole with mental issues still matter to you, or is it fine now?
  5. I left because a racist who loves to say the N-word was rewarded by being made a mod and I was gone for months.
  6. Turns out when you virtue-signal for good things it motivates demon clowns to expose themselves:
  7. I didn't ask anything about believing me. "He's unemployed and lives in his mom's basement" is YOUR creation. Are those things still important to you if I agree with you about everything, or are they only relevant if I don't?
  8. I'm hearing there's a new skyscraper we can house some more migrants in.
  9. "This doesn't make sense inside my worldview, therefore conspiracy"
  10. Bad news Rich, I decided I actually agree with you about everything. You gonna change your entire worldview now, or is your belief that I'm unemployed and living in my mom's basement no longer a relevant part of the equation?
  11. Yeah, like I said, you're full of shit like any other MAGA clown.
  12. In other words, the second he's found guilty you will say our justice system is biased and partisan.
  13. I'm not crying, I'm pointing out that if you're going to say "eat shit and die" all the time you should have higher standards for what makes someone deserve to be responded to that way than them insulting you. It would only be hypocritical if that were the same standard I use for telling people to kill themselves. Since that isn't my standard- rather, my standard is "continuing to exist as a person who believes what you believe will negatively affect the world"- I'm not being hypocritical in the slightest.
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