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  1. These comments from Q cultists are indistinguishable from the way conservatives here talk about the world..
  2. Interesting! I never would have pegged you as an EDM guy.
  3. I think this record is going to stand for a while
  4. Very funny interview with Bryson DeChambeau on CNN earlier where he basically apologizes for 9/11 on behalf of the Saudis lol
  5. Florida could not find A SINGLE RESIDENT OF THE ENTIRE STATE that regretted transitioning.
  6. Montana passed an anti-drag law, banning drag in public entirely, about a month ago. Last week it was used to keep a trans woman- not a drag queen, just a trans woman- from doing a perfectly normal book reading at a library. Not a drag queen, not a book reading for kids, just a trans woman doing a book reading for adults. Not allowed because of a drag ban. You get to be left alone as soon as trans people are left alone. Until then, go fuck yourself.
  7. You guys are dumber than dogshit but there's no way you were dumb enough to believe the merger talk for this long
  8. You are. You are siding with the people who are making LGBTQ+ people a problem. YOU are choosing to let them divide us. If you truly cared more about de-polarization you would tell the people refusing to accept the recognition of basic human rights to fuck off.
  9. So you didn't read the twitter thread, is what you're saying.
  10. No it isn't. Genocide is GROUP extermination. The draft did not target a group that the state wished to exterminate. Now, one could USE a draft in such a way. Say Russia institutes a draft that is only mandatory for Chechens. You could argue they're using that draft as a means to deliberately cull the herd. But just on its own, a draft is not genocidal.
  11. No it isn't. Things can be bad without being genocide.
  12. I actually think it's very important to pick a side re: genocide
  13. lol your argument that you're not aping Nazi rhetoric is just "the Nazis didn't say LGT#NDHGBBQ"?
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